Jacob Black

It was 6 in the morning; I just couldn't sleep so I just laid on my bed, daydreaming. In another hour or so, I would be heading towards the Cullen's house. I have been going there for few past years so the vampires have gotten used to me. Yeah, I know; I gained a sudden respect to them, not because I have too…. Okay, maybe that's the reason.

After the whole drama with the Volturi-vampire clan (whatever) happened, things have been going well; A bit boring but well. I put my hands behind my head as I felt the morning wind from the half-opened window, brush against my bare chest. I quite enjoyed going to the Cullen's place, that I know pretty much know all of their names. Pixie Alice is quite entertaining; nice but annoying. She's been hanging out with me when Nessie was conceived.

A smile grew on my face as I thought about Nessie. Oh Nessie…My Nessie. I don't mean it as in she belonged to me; like she was my possession or something; It's just that I care about her a lot, I feel like I was destined to protect her; I love her.

BUT! I'm not in love with her; that's something Bella took a while to understand. I don't think she still was able to grasp the point of her 'so-called' best friend imprinted on her child. I mean it isn't that bad; I scratched my head… Okay maybe it is a bit weird but it doesn't mean anything romantic; that's just disgusting. It's not like I love Nessie, the way I loved Bella.

Bella. Nowadays, we aren't as close friends as we were before; when she would come over to my house and hang out in my garage. I loved watching her try to help or when she used to laugh at my jokes and when she smiled to avoid embarrassing herself about her clumsiness; she had the most beautiful smile and laugh. Even though she hasn't changed much appearance wise except her eyes change color, she's even paler, she has a 'shield power' and she's a vampire. But still, we do speak and hang out but….nothing great.

Sam was getting pretty okay with the fact of me, having a separate pack even though he did try several ways to get us back and I had to do a lot of talking; the treaty is still there so Sam's pack takes care of La Push while I look after the Cullens but still protect La Push.

Ring! My alarm rang. I leaned over and hit the off button. I got up and stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes. When my eyes were finally open, I could see what a mess my room was. Books everywhere, clothes flung about, small oil stains on the floor…I don't want to talk about it. I avoid the obstacles as I walked towards the window; I pulled it fully up and glanced at the beach. The water sparkled as it crashed against shore. I brought my head inside and lifted a shirt with my foot and wore it; Billy has been nagging me to clean up my room…oh well. I searched for my sneakers and then ran downstairs. Billy was sitting in the kitchen, preparing food.

"Hey dad. I'm leaving to the Cullens. Don't wait up" I said as I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door.

"Jacob wait! What about breakfast?" Billy asked before I went out. I rubbed my head.

"Hmm…No thanks, Dad. There's probably some food at the Cullens" I answered and went through the door way, closing the door behind me. I got into the Rabbit and backed out of my garage and headed down road. Okay, I did feel pretty bad leaving Billy like that but…I don't know. Maybe this imprinting hasn't been the best on some people but it's not like I can control it; He should know.

Thump! I heard. It was as if someone hit my car cause it came from outside. I pulled the car to a stop and opened the passenger seat door. There was Seth, beaming like he always did, with his hands in his pockets.

"Hey Jake! Heading towards Cullens?" Seth asked.

"As usual. Haven't seen you in a while though" I answered. He smiled and put his hands behind his head.

"Well been out for a while. Mind if we come with you?" Seth asked, my 'permission'; I smiled.

"We?" I asked. He gestured behind him and then I saw Leah, flipping her hair from her face as she walked towards us. She looked the same except her hair had grown longer and she seemed to be in a happy mood; something new.

"Hey Jake. Give us a ride?" Leah asked when she reached the car. She put her hands in her shorts' pockets.

"Well, Seth is always willing to come to their house but why do you want to come, Leah?" I wondered. Leah still wasn't that comfortable with the Cullens; she would come, rarely but she would just sit there, quietly.

She smiled. "Well, I have to keep an eye on Seth" she gestured at him as he rolled his eyes. "…and also I have nothing else better to do so why not hang out with the pack?" she shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay, but why come to the Cullen's place? You're still not to fully fond of them" I said. It's true.

"Well, the Cullens are sometimes entertaining, they have food and with enemies like them, who needs friends?" Leah exclaimed. I let out a small chuckle.

"Fine, but no funny stuff" I let them in. Leah got into the front passenger seat while Seth sat at the back and I started the engine and headed down the road again. Leah placed her feet against the dashboard and turned on the radio. I looked at her and then where her feet were. Okay, I know it's a car but still, treat it with some respect.

"I can't wait to see everyone" Seth began to speak. "I bet Nessie has grown. You know, she's pretty strong for a 4 years old!" Seth exclaimed.

"Ha-ha…she has grown, stronger and smarter" I laughed and glanced at Leah, snapping her fingers to the music, with her feet still on the dashboard.

"Leah, would you take your feet off the dashboard now?" I asked her in a formal tone.

"Why?" she looked at me.

"Because it's my car and the Alpha says so." A smile came on my face. I saw her roll her eyes and then grin. After a minute, from the corner of my eye, I saw her drop her legs, cross her arms against her body and snuggle against the seat, closing her eyes; Ah, the power of the Alpha.

On our way there, Leah had dozed off and the whole time, all I could hear was Seth, talking about the Cullens and Nessie: it was a bit annoying but I just smiled and tried to tune it out. I then saw Leah's head, slowly slipping off her seat so I assisted her and slowly pushed her head against the window, to lean.

When we reached Cullen's residence's grounds, I could see from the window, all the Cullens except Dr. Cullen, outside and they looked like they were cheering. I saw Emmet and Bella having another arm wrestling match on a huge rock while the others cheered; I guess Emmett was changeling Bella's strength since she's not a newborn vampire anymore. I smiled when I saw Bella trying to put her full strength on her arm. Then I spotted Nessie, standing in front of Blondie (I like to annoy her by calling her that), clapping. She looked so cute (child cute, that is); I couldn't believe she was only 4. She looked 10 years old and she was starting to look like her mother; the same eyes, smile, cheeks but she had her dad's brains, I should say so.

I came to a stop in front of their house and continued to see the fight; then suddenly, out of nowhere, Bella flips Emmett about 2 feet away from her and the rock breaks into half.

"Woah! Did you see that?" Seth screamed. That was impressive; I nodded.

"Leah, wake up, wake up! You missed it" Seth yelled as he shook Leah's shoulders.

"Leave me alone, you pipsqueak!" Leah yelled. She groaned and slowly opened her eyes; her eyelashes fluttered.

"We're here. Had a good sleep?" I asked her. She looked at me with her sleepy eyes and sat up straight.

"Would have been better if you'd let me keep my feet up" Leah said as she rubbed her eyes.

I put my hand on her shoulder. "Happy to be of service" I smiled. She let out a sarcastic laugh and got out of the car; so did I.

"Leah! You missed it! Bella and Emmett were arm wrestling and Bella flipped Emmet!" Seth exclaimed.

"Wow. Bummer for me" Leah rolled her eyes. I shot her a 'be nice' look and Leah threw her hands in the air and stretched.

"Don't worry, baby. Maybe next time" I heard Rosalie (yes, I called her Rosalie) comforting Emmett. We started to walk towards them.

"Aw…did we miss a fight?" I yelled and they turned around. Nessie was beaming in Bella's arms as she yelled "Jake!"

I opened my arms wide and took a few steps forward. Nessie wiggled herself down from her mom's grasp and ran towards me, which looked like she was skipping. I knelt down as she crashed into me and hugged my neck (she wasn't a toddler anymore, physically but she was just below Bella's height which was short). I got up and carried her in my arms.

"How's my girl?" I asked her.

"Fine" she answered and laughed.

When I glanced at Bella, she didn't seem too thrilled to see me; I don't know why. If it weren't for Nessie trying to come to me, I don't think Bella would have let her. I decided to say 'hello' to her. I let Nessie down and walked towards Bella.

"Hey Bella, how've you been?" I asked. Her cold, pale face turned to me.

"Hey Jacob, Fine I guess" she said in a boring tone.

"Good" I smiled. I decided to show her I'm still her friend by giving her a hug. She didn't reply too well to that.

"Jake…let go before I rip your arms" Bella snarled.

"Woah! What's with the mean attitude?" I questioned.

"Nothing…it's just that you stink" she exclaimed.

I let her go but held on to her shoulders. "Well, you don't smell like a bed of roses either, Bella and you don't see my complaining." I started to get annoyed and let her go. If she won't tell me what's wrong, then there's no use helping her.

Alice took us in for food; the food display was huge. Esme sure does know what we like. Me and Seth pigged out as the other Cullens sat in the living room; Esme cleaned up the dishes and Leah sat next to me and sneered "Pig" as she picked up a piece of bacon with her fork.

"Chill Lee, here have some whipped cream." I sprayed some on my finger and put it on her nose. She glared at me but I couldn't help laughing.

"Very funny" she sneered and wiped the whipped cream off.

After we stuffed ourselves, we headed for the living room where the Cullens were; I sat right in the middle of the sofa while Seth sat to the right of me and Leah sat at the edge of the left corner of the sofa. I placed Nessie on my lap and teased her, playfully (she was really light and plus, she was still technically 4 years old). Seth and I talked and talked and then, Alice decided to join in while the others sat back and tried to listen. Nessie rocked back and forth on my lap and it felt comforting; I heard her yawn. So cute.

The next thing I knew was that Bella's arms were around Nessie and were slowly lifting her up; and like a reflex action, I grabbed Bella's wrist and she glared at me.

"What you're doing?" I asked in a curious tone.

"I have the right to take my child" She snarled. Everyone went silent and looked at us; even Leah, who was looking away, trying not to be part of the conversations, head snapped around and looked at Bella.

"Where?" I wondered. Suddenly after a second of silence, Bella grabbed Nessie quickly and stepped away. Her eyes darkened as she brought Nessie closer to her, wrapping her arms around her, protectively; I got up and looked at Bella in a bizarre way. Nessie stood, stuck onto to her mother, almost afraid.

"Bella, what was that all about?" I asked. Everything was tense; all I could hear was Bella's low snarl.

"She is my child; you have no right to tell me what to do with her! If I want to put her to bed, I can put her to bed" she yelled. That's all? That's why she took Nessie?

"Oh, that was it? You could have told me" I explained. She slowly loosened her grip around Nessie and gave her hand to Rosalie; Nessie looked a bit worried.

"Tell you? I don't need to ask you permission to take my own child!" Bella yelled. I felt Leah and Seth get up and stand behind me, looking as confused as I was.

"Bella, calm down" Edward said in a calm tone.

"What's wrong with this leech?" Leah whispered, but I didn't answer. I just looked at Bella's dark eyes.

"You always are with her; everyday. But she's my child. I have to be with her; I love her and I care about her too, you know" Bella started to shout. What? What is all this rubbish she's talking about?

"Bella, I know you're the mother and you love her but there are others who love her too. Can't you share?" I asked trying to keep a calm tone. Her eyes grew wide which looked really weird.

"Share? She's not a possession that you can borrow or lend or share!" She yelled taking a step forward. This almost feels like déjà vu but why is she acting like this?

"Bella, you know I didn't mean it that way" I said clearly. She just stood there, snarling for a reason that I didn't understand.

"Oh so now, it's my fault?" she said. I saw Rosalie take Nessie away; I wanted to stay with her but I knew I couldn't leave.

"Jacob, I can't do this. I thought I was okay with the imprinting thing but I'm not" Bella said in a husky tone. After this long, she still can't accept it? Why not?

"What?" I asked. Edward walked towards her but she stuck her hand out to stop him.

"I don't want you to see her anymore. I want you to forget this imprint" she hissed. I thought she understood my situation!

"What? You know I can't do that. You know that imprinting is something I can't control" I was getting a bit annoyed. I heard a small snarl from behind me.

"Well, start trying!" She snarled. Okay, this was getting ridiculous.

"Bella, you know how ridiculous you being? You know what it's like for me and yet you're making it worse!" I started to yell back. I couldn't hold it; why wouldn't she understand?

"Just thinking of you being in love with my daughter, makes me sick! Just stay away from her" Bella shouts back. It was like a shouting contest as our shouts started to get louder.

"I'm not in love with Nessie! I care about her and I want to protect!" I tried to convince her.

"She needs me too" I exclaimed.

"She doesn't need you! We are here to protect her… run away and forget her while you still can!" Bella growled. God! She's so stubborn.

"Stop being paranoid, Bella! I'm not going to leave!" I said. She lowered her eyes at me and stiffened.

"Then I'll just have to make" She said under her breathe.

Out of nowhere, I see her running towards me, reaching for my throat again; I didn't have time to defend myself. Then suddenly I feel a gust of wind, and a grunt and my eyes flew open to see… Bella on the ground in her hunting crouch position and she looked like she'd lost her balance and then in front of me, I saw long black hair flying like crazy as she unclenched and clenched her fists; Leah.

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