May 2006

Casey and Madeleine have met when they both started to work for Sebastian Stark about a year ago. They soon started an affair. Casey soon noticed that he and Madeleine had sex very often sometimes twice a day. He started to wonder why Madeleine wanted sex so often. He then did a little searching on the internet and he found out that she could either be a sex addict or that she is trying to cop and hide things from her past through sex. In his mind she was not a sex addict but she is trying to hide and cop with things from her past trough sex. He loved Madeleine and he knew that she loved him, too. But she never wanted an official relationship. Now he started to think it had something to do with her past. One day after work they were at his place and she was already getting undressed when he thought it would be a good moment to talk to her.

"Madeleine get dressed again. I need to talk to you." "Fine! You are breaking up right?" She asked under tears and then he noticed that their was fear in her eyes. She had put her jacket back on. So he went over to where she stood and wrapped one arm around her and said "Madeleine I´m not breaking up with you but I need to talk to you." They sit down on the couch. "Madeleine what happened in your past what you are not telling me? Talk to me?" "There is nothing Casey really." "Madeleine quit it. Do not lie to me. Someone hurt you right?" She looked at him with fear and pain. "Madeleine some one abused you in your childhood and in your later relationship too, right?" Madeleine was stunned. How did he know all this. It was true but how did he know all this. "How do you know?" "I did a little searching on the internet and came up with this solution." "Fine you are right. It is all true. Now you know the truth can we please get back to the real purpose of my visit?" "Madeleine who hurt you? Please talk to me I want to help you." She wanted to get up put he was still holding her what forced her to keep sitting down. Then suddenly she had tears falling from her eyes and moments later she was sobbing into Casey´s chest. He was just holding her. After a few minutes her tears subsided and then she looked at him and saw so much love, passion and heart in his eyes.

She looked at her lap and started to talk. "When I was 8, my brother was 6 and my sister was 3, my father came into my room one evening. He got in bed with me and held me down while he was thrusting into me. I let out a scream but he held a hand infront of my mouth. After that it happened three to four times a week until a left after university when I was 23. He also beat me. When I left I took my sister with me so he could not hurt her. My brother went to be a Marine. I asked my sister if she wanted to move in with me so she could be closer to her college and she said yes without knowing the real reason for my question. My father also raped my mother. But my mother and I kept it from Alexander and Josephine. They never knew. We always kept it from them. After Josephine and I had moved out I started to work as a DDA in Domestic Violence and I earened enough so that I could set up an account for me and her for our future but she had to work a little to be able to pay the monthly costs.

After three years she had finished college and moved in with a friend from college to be near the hospital where she started to work as a nurse and where she still works. My boyfriend moven in with me. We had dated for two years. Shortly after he moved in he started to show his real beat my daily and raped at least once a day. He brought me to work and picked me up every day. He was jealous about every male near me. When we went out to run errands or to visit friends he made sure I would stay close to him. He took away most of my money. I do not no how but he did not notice that I put a certain amount on my account and on Josephine account every month. He controled me and made sure I did what he wanted. I had to eat what he wanted, to wear what he wanted and aside from 8-10 hours work a day I had to cook, clean the appartment and be nicht to him. He lost his jobt about four months after he moved in with me. But still he did not think it was nesscesary to help instead he watched TV every day and consumed bear more then anything else.

After three years in Domestic Violence I transferred to narcotics and now after the abuse over the last 18 years I started to show sysmptoms. My colleagues asked if I was abused but I always denied and made up storys why I was tired. I lived with him four three years until the police came to my appartment and arrested him. I was 27 and had lived in my appartment in Los Angeles for five years. Three years with Josephine and one year with Michael. Out of those I had worked three years in Domestic Violence and one in Narcotics. They arrested Michael because he had buyed a gun illegally and then he robbed a gas station. After he had the money he killed the cashier so he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. I have not seen him since. It was a one-room appartment with kitchen and bathroom and only cost 700 hundert a month. So I could put 1500 on each of our accounts every month and so I had four hundred left for the month and Josephine earned eight hundred so we some how came trough pretty well. A week after Michaels arrest Alexander died in Combat in Afghanistan where the stationed him after the attacks in 2001. He was on his second round to Afghanistan. He was in Afghanistan for 18 months. He should have come home a week later. He was burried in Arlington alongside his four comrads

I stopped putting money on Josephines account when I asked for a leave of absence three weeks after Michael was arrested. I had put money on our accounts for five years and two months. So Josephine and I both had 75,000 thousand dollars each plus benefits which put it up to 77,000 thousand dollars each. With that money I gave my appartment to Josephine who wanted to live alone so she could be alone with her very handsome and loving byfriend and I set off. I traveled aound the world for 35 months.

I traveled through Canada and America for 4 months. Then I traveled through all middle- and southamerican countrys along the panamericana and other roads for 6 months. After that I traveled through Australia, Neuseeland and the Islands for 4 months and worked a little during my stay in Australia and Neuseeland for total 6,000 Dollars. Then I flew to Asia and traveled through every Country in Asia for 7 months. Then I traveled to Europe and visited and traveled through all Country and visited the bautiful Islands in the medeteranian see and west of Africa for 4 months. Then my last stop was Africa. And I made around trip through every Country for 10 months. I can say I saw every Counry of the planet but I needed the trip to try to forget what had happened to my in one year and I really enjoyed the trip. So I traveled around the world in 35 months. After that I moved back in with my sister and we still live together but now in a two bedroom appartment and took classes again after she had moved out and while I was away and she has studied at med school for four years and is now working as a doctor in the hospital. She kept working as a nurse while she studied. She started to work there one year ago. A month after I returned from my world trip I started to work for the DA´s office again and started to work for Stark just like you. And I admit that I use sex to cover my fear of being abused again. And I leave after because I am afraid of haveing a relationship again." Casey looked at Madeleine surprised at what her life was like and what she had done and how she had lived her life feeling responsible and protecting her brother and her sister. She did not shed a tear after the tears she had shed earlier and just looked at him.

"Madeleine honey I love you with all my heart and would never hurt you. You have to believe that sweetheart. You gotta have to trust me."

"Casey I do trust you but I am still afraid."

" How about this. You and I make dinner in my kitchen and just enjoy ourselfs and we will see what you say tomorrow OK?"


The next morning when Madeleine got up Casey was already in the kitchen making breakfast when Madeleine entered. "Oh my God Casey I am sorry sit down I will do that." "Madeleine I will do it there are men who know that women and men are equal and who believe that men can do housework too. Relax I got it." "Sorry it is just … old habbits die hard I guess." " It is Ok honey. Just remenber we are equal and you are alowed to do all the things I do and the other way around. You understand?" "Yes. Thank you Honey."

Over the next few weeks it took Casey a lot of time to assure Madeleine to move in with him and that he would not hurt her and that they were equal. Eventually she moved in with him and her sisters boyfriend moved in with her sister. Madeleine even started to give housework chores to Casey and sometimes just sat infront the TV or was just reading a book on the couch while Casey was doing things in the house and she started to feel that the way she was living her life now was the way it should be. Two equal people who work and rest while the other rest and works or the do household chores together or they rest together. They do what they like and Madeleine is not forced to do anything. If she does not want to do anything Casey does the things and he reads every wish from her eyes and pampers her a lot. She thinks she is ther happiest woman on earth in her present life and relationship.