Febuary 2009

Madeleine had recovered from the resurfacing pictures after their ruined weekend. It had taken Casey a lot of time and a lot of conversations with Madeleine to get her to be the old one again. He hoped that the dramas were over now and that they could love their normal life again.

The kids were with their sitter during the day when Casey and Madeleine were working. Madeleine came into their office with a letter. "Casey!" He looked up from his paperwork. She sat down on the edge of his desk. "I got a letter from Josephine." "What dows it say?" "She and Matthew are going to marry in July." "That is good." "Are you sure Casey?" "Yes. They have been together for six years and have been living together for almost three years." "I know." "It will be alright." "I have to tell her about dad and my former boyfriend. Could you call her?" "Sure."

Around noon Josephine arrived and she, Casey and Madeleine went to the conference room. "I know that you will probably hate me after I tell you this about dad and my former boyfriend." "What?" "Mom and I his ti from you and Benedict. Dad beat mom and me up every day. My former boyfriend, who lived with us, went even further Josephine." Casey was holding her hand as she was tryingto control the tears. "He raped you?" "A lot. Yes." Josephine swallowed and then looked at Madeleine. "Why did you never tell me? Why did you never tell me about dad?" "I wanted to protect you. I was ashamed that I fell in love with an abusive man. I could hardly talk to Casey. It took me days to tell him the whole story." "I am sorry Madeleine." Josephine got up and walked around the table to give Madeleine a hug.

After MadeleineĀ“s sister had left Casey noticed that she was more relaxed. "I am glad that I finally told her." "Good. I am proud of you." "Thank you." He pulled her into a hug and kissed her temple.