Chapter Two

The Cat in the Hat was very pleased with his job. He got to travel all around the world and help children with extraordinary imaginations reach their full potential. The Things decided that this was an acceptable job for them, too. So, they were three good friends, seeing the sights, and unleashing Thinks on the world. They chose someone with potential; someone who had big plans. They took their time choosing.

"So, either Mushalli Mukkuk, or Jojo Mayor, you two." Thing One looked at Thing Two and made his decision. They each pointed to the picture of the child they wanted. Thing One wanted Mushalli and Thing Two wanted Jojo. They looked at each other, and narrowed their eyes to slits. Then they took off through the house, racing to see whose decision they went with. Thing Two slid into their office a few minutes later, with Thing One coming in second. "All right, you two. Off to Who!"


The train ride was great fun in the Cat's opinion, but it was chaos to the conductor and passengers. The first part, the Things went in to the dining car. There, they cooked all kinds of dishes for the people. When they got bored, they stopped and moved on. However, when the chef came to make lunch, he found full bellies and a very messy kitchen.

After cooking, they decided to clean themselves up. So they headed to the bathroom. Thing Two had the idea of a water fight to get clean. The Cat pulled out his soakamatron and attached it to the faucet. Instantly, they were soaking, and there was water flying everywhere! The trio splashed and frolicked until they were clean. The Cat folded up the soakamatron and they dried themselves off. Then they headed to the passenger cars to see if they could make any friends.

There were a few children in the passenger car, but it was mostly adults going to work. So, they decided to spruce up their commute. The Cat pulled out a Sloofa Horn and started playing.

Now, the special thing about a Sloofa Horn is that it makes people want to dance. All the children in the boxcar got up and started to dance. This made the Cat very happy. However, the adults just stared off into space. You see, their imaginations had been repressed for far too long, and they simply saw nothing. The four children followed the Things into the second passenger car, which was quite empty. There they played, and had lots of fun until they came to Who. There, they said goodbye, and disembarked. The trio decided to stay for the night in the Who Hotel, where they would plan out their strategy.


Now, it so happens that Who was not really on the train stop. The Cat had to use a bit of magic and cleverness to get them there. You see, train service does not extend to dust specks, and that was where Who was. One of the reasons that they selected Jojo was that his hometown was in trouble. He also had a very, very promising mind that could help to save his tiny world.

After four pots of coffee, they decided on a plan. Thing One ran around posting papers on the walls, its electric blue hair all askew. The Cat read off the items. "Okay, Jojo likes picking up things. He also likes stripes. So, I leave my hat somewhere he'll find it, and he picks it up, thereby getting sucked into our world."

Thing Two vigorously nodded its approval.

"Wonderful! Since we have a big day tomorrow, let's see if we can get some sleep. Despite the coffee."