"Sex should be until you have found with the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with," proclaimed Mark/Mike, "You should have a very special and unbreakable bond between that person and yourself. Because there is always the chance you could get pregnant."

"How would you know? I bet you are just a silly little virgin," teased Stan.

"Really? At my old school I dated the prettiest girl who was friends with everyone, had no enemies, even teachers loved her. One lapse in judgment at a party led to the biggest surprises of my life. We knew we still had a risk even though we were protected. But three weeks later a little plus sign changed everything," stated Mark/Mike gazing off into space.

A silence filled the high school health classroom. The looks on the teens' faces ranged from disbelief to downright shock.

"Lies! All Lies! Can you really believe this guy? He shows up unannounced one day and things he can dictate the way we live our lives? Whose with me?!" shouted Stan, while all the boys cheered him on.

Outside the classroom door, little pitter patters of small feet rang through the quiet hallway. Soon afterward the heavy wooden door opened and the small face of a blonde haired brown eyed girl was shown. Her eyes scanned the classroom looking for her special person.

"Daddy!" she screamed as she sprinted towards Mark/Mike, "Daddy, daddy, daddy! I missed you so very much!"

"Princess!" Mark/Mike said as he bent down and picked her up hugging her tightly like she would disappear, "What are you doing here? Are you allowed to be here? And I only saw you two days ago."

"Mommy said we could come visit because there was nothing to do today, and we are allowed because mommy was able to talk to the pretty lady in the office, but I was too excited to see you so I ran really fast. Zoom!" she said in her cute toddler talk as she made a zoom movement with her hand.

"Really hunny? Well, where is everyone else?" Mark/Mike asked.

He was interrupted but the door opening again and two more little people peeked their heads in. A boy and a girl from the looks of it.

"Daddy!" They both screamed in unison as the ran towards him and each one hugged one of his legs.

"Hey buddy, sweetheart," he greeted them.

Putting one of his daughters down and picking up the other up.

"Hey daddy," she said quietly after looking around and seeing all the people staring.

"Awww, it's ok sweetie." He softly said to her.

"Everyone I would like to introduce you to my kids," he said told the class in a louder tone, "This is Sasha," he said to the little girl wearing all pink and purple, her eyes were a chocolate brown and she had long wavy blonde hair with brown undertones. Her skin was a darker shade than her father's but still had that glow that many women craved.

"This is Isabella" Mark/Mike said as he pointed to the girl in his arms. She was the complete opposite from her sister. Her long brunette straight hair ran down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were uncovered and they were a bright blue, just like her father's. The young girl's complexion was fairly lighter than her sibling and father, along too were the rosy cheeks showing how shy she was.

"And lastly this young handsome boy is Tyler." The young boy had curly dirty blonde hair that was a mix of his two sisters. He brilliant blue eyes shined bright when his dad said that he was handsome. Letting lose his charming smile he made all the females in the room let out an involuntary coo.

"So think the next time you even have that urge to sleep with someone. It changed my life dramatically, my girlfriend had to drop out of school and take online classes, her Stanford scholarship and dream put on hold, I had to move here to be closer to my job and both of our families had to deal with teenage parents with triplets."