This is probably, the smallest bit in the history of fanfiction...I should have put it into the last chapter, but hey, I didn't think of that. No worries though, I need to tell you some stuff as well.

First off, this part is finished. The whole thing is gonna be in two, possibly three parts. Hiding in the Shadows is part no. 1, as you know. The next part, will be the seventh year, and it will be called, In Hiding. Watch this space, you could say, because I will be posting it soon. =)

Thanks for all your support for this story, and I hope you keep on reading all the way to the end! Thanks, guys =)

Cassy had to admit, the train home was a depressing journey. For Harry – it would be. His godfather had just died, and he would obviously be blaming himself for this. He always did. It was just in his nature. And his mood seemed to reflect onto everyone else. They were all sad to see Sirius go, but it was hardest for Harry. They got to Glasgow Central, the journey passing slowly, and Cassy said goodbye to her friends, who still had a long stretch ahead of them, and headed off with her parents. It had been a good year, full of ups and downs, but, she supposed, they could never get through a peaceful year at Hogwarts. That was just the way they rolled.