Title: It's not Love, just my Mother Instinct
Category: AU, comedy, some romance, dramaaa~
Rating: M
Characters: Hungary, Belgium (as 'Marie'), Poland, Germany, Turkey, mentions of Austria, Prussia, France
Pairing: TurkeyxHungary mainly, some GermanyxBelgium, mentions of AusHun, PrusHun, FranBel and some PolLiet
Warning:some bad language, mentions of sexuality (A LOT), sex, my misusage of the English, German and Turkish languages, fluffy ending


'Ellie, wake up… wake up.'

That's right… was she dreaming…? So all of this was a dream… that he and Sadiq broke up, that Marie left that message… all of it, a dream…?

As she opened her eyes, the strong smell of antiseptics made her came to. Now she clearly remembered everything: how she rushed to Marie's apartment and found her there unconsciously lying on her bed, a small, empty bottle of sleeping pills in her hand. As she recalled how nerve-racking those few minutes were until the ambulance arrived, she felt her stomach twist. No wonder she'd fallen asleep: this was way more than she could endure.

'The nurse said we could go see her now' Feliks quietly said – he had been holding Eliza all this time, now he gently squeezed her upper arm and helped her stand up.

As they stepped into the small room, only the beeping of some machine was heard. Marie was lying in the bed, paler than the white sheets that covered her. Under her eyes there were black and greenish dark circles, and she looked extremely worn out – but she was alive.

'Ellie… Feliks…' she opened her eyes a bit but her voice was hoarse and feeble, they could barely hear her.

'Why did you do this?' Eliza asked almost crying while sitting down on her bed and taking her hand 'You're so stupid, Mar-mar…'

'I just… wanted… to sleep' she breathed 'Forever…'

'Stupid' Eliza bowed down her head, tears already flowing down her cheeks 'You're such an idiot…'

Feliks put his hands on Elizaveta's shoulders and gently asked the blonde woman: 'What happened, Marie?'

'I…' she took a deep breath and could continue only very slowly 'Francis… wanted to… talk to me… and…' here she broke off, apparently she wasn't far from crying either 'Ludwig… he's so wonderful… I… realized… how horrible I am… I was afraid… afraid I'd hurt him… Hurt Ludwig… I didn't… want… want to do that' then she broke off and couldn't continue anymore, these few sentences tired her out completely.

'Sweetheart…' Feliks said, and sat down next to Eliza, and took both of their hands 'Never… never EVER do that again. We love you so very much…'

'Yeah' Eliza interrupted sniffling and rubbing her eyes.

'… and I'm sure Ludwig will forgive you' he continued 'You did something stupid but… you really do love him, don't you?'

'I… love him so much I never want to hurt him' she muttered feebly in reply. Eliza looked away. Never want to hurt him… huh? She thought. After long days of suffering she became to realize she felt the very same thing as her friend.

'Please… promise us never to do anything like that again' Feliks bent down and kissed her forehead 'You two are the coolest and loveliest girls I know… I never want to loose such friends.'

'Everything… seemed… so complicated' Marie sighed 'But now… now it's so different…'


All three of them looked at the door, where Ludwig stood, rather disheveled and panting – though looking elegant and dignified, like he always did 'Marie…'

'We'll be going now' Eliza quickly stood up and grabbed Feliks' arm, pulling him out of the hospital room and closed the door behind themselves 'Let's hope they can settle this, and… wha- what are you doing, Feliks?!' she hissed at him because he was already leaning against the door 'You should be ashamed, eavesdropping on them like that!'

'Shhh!' he hushed her down 'Don't tell me you're not curious… come on!'

Elizaveta sighed, then she too leaned against the door, and trying to figure out the voices from inside.

'I came the minute I heard…' this was Ludwig's voice, so full of concern, so flustered.

'Ludwig… sit down.'

'Why did you do this, mein Schatz…? (my treasure)' Ellie could imagine how they were holding hands right now.

'I did… something… awful… no, actually… I… I was afraid… I'd… make you unhappy' she mumbled 'Listen to me… Ludwig… dear, dear Ludwig… I'm… I'm really awful. There… was this man I was in love with, but… he… and you… you are so very… very different.'

'Don't overdo yourself.'

'No, I… want to… tell you…' now she raised her voice but it sounded like she really needed to gather all her strength to do so 'I… slept with him… back, a few weeks ago.'

That painful silence reminded Eliza of her last conversation with Sadiq.

'I… guess… I still loved him… back then… and… now, now he wanted to talk to me, but…I… could only think of you. I… told him, I had you and… and that we were happy… together. Then he said… we… you and me, could… never be happy… if I stay the way I am.'

Another long pause came and Ellie and Feliks looked at each other worried. Francis had a point there, but they wanted Marie to be finally happy… they wished they could help their friend somehow.

'Do you… love me?' Ludwig asked in a heartbreaking tone.

'I… did this… because I didn't want to… hurt you… because I love you over everything else… even more than my own life' here she couldn't take it anymore and started crying.

'Schätzchen' Ludwig gently whispered, and some other German words Eliza couldn't really catch – though they were words of love, so she wasn't worried at all anymore.

'I think we heard enough' she breathed, and, grabbing her blonde friend's arm once more, pulled him to one of the benches. They waited for about another half an hour until Ludwig finally came out, a worn but happy smile on his face.

'She's asleep now' he said relieved 'Thank you… just… thank you for saving her' and he suddenly hugged Eliza 'She's… really important to me' he added, looking away with a slight blush on his pale cheeks.

'So you made up?' Feliks asked with a cheeky grin, and the German nodded in reply.

'I'll go buy some food… can I get something for you?' he then asked.

'L-Ludwig' Eliza suddenly spoke up, and the blonde man raised his eyebrows when he saw her determined expression 'I have a favor to ask.'


'Well, this is it' she murmured, standing before the old apartment block. It must've been at least a hundred years old, but Budapest was full of these – flats here were relatively cheap to rent or buy, so she wasn't even surprised that a foreigner would choose to live in such a house. Elizaveta stuffed the small scrap of paper with Sadiq's address into her pocket, and stepped into the old building. There was no elevator and she had to climb so many stairs, she was panting when she finally reached his apartment's door. There she took a deep breath and knocked. No response came.

After knocking again, she spoke up: 'I know you're mad at me, but please… let me in' and she leaned against the door 'I… really… really… love you, and…'

'Lady, who are you talking to?'

Eliza jumped and glared at the little girl standing next to her.

'Uncle Aladdin's not home' the red haired little girl, about eight years old, told her. She was holding a beautiful white cat with an enormous and unbelievably fluffy tail.

'A-aladdin?' Ellie asked confused. Maybe this was the wrong place…? Or did she miss that this place is actually Disneyland or something…?

'The uncle from… uhm… Arabia… or India?' she looked at the older woman confused.

'Turkey' she corrected her, crouching down 'Does he have tanned skin and… a little curlie?' she asked, making a curling movement with her finger.

'Yes, that's him! He always tells me all kindsa tales, he's really nice' she grinned adorably.

'Where is he now?'

'Down doing the shopping I think. Though he's been gone for some time now, he should be back real soon… hey lady!'

'Y-yes?' Eliza asked surprised as the girl pushed the cat towards her.

'You're gonna wait for the uncle, right? Could you hold Sultan till he comes back? I have to go so I can't take care of him anymore.'

Ellie was so surprised she just took the cat from the kid.

'He's a really nice kitty' the girl remarked 'Please take good care of him! Bye-bye, lady!' and she dashed off just as quickly as she showed up.

'Wha-wait- uh!' Eliza wanted to run after her, but the cat sunk his claws into her arm, trying to tell her how he didn't like her quick motion 'You beast!' she complained angrily, but the cat looked at her with those innocent and wonderful eyes – one yellow and the other blue -, and it was impossible to remain angry at him 'You're just like your owner' Ellie smiled, gently caressing the beautiful animal 'So beautiful and passionate…'


She spun around only to find an utterly surprised Sadiq behind her. He was holding two huge plastic bags – full of vegetables and other food, apparently.

'What… are you doing here…?' he asked still not being able to overcome his surprise.

'Y-your cat!' she quickly held up the animal, blushing beet red 'I was… waiting for you to…'

'Sultan…? Why is he with… you…?' he uttered the last word rather coldly, and stepped back.

'Well I… actually, I… came to… apologize' she admitted, embracing the cat once again, and forcing herself to look at him.

'So you think that's it…?' he grumbled kind of annoyed 'You thought that'd be enough…?'

'N-no!' she stepped a bit closer to him, and he, thank god, didn't back off now 'I… want to tell you… so much more… How I love you… adore you… how I… never ever felt like this…' here she looked away, and felt her face burn with passion and embarrassment.

'You used me. Lied to me' though his words were harsh, she could feel deep sadness in his tone 'I thought you were special… I'd have done anything for you-'

'I could start lamenting how alone I was and that I didn't trust men at all' she suddenly interrupted 'Or how I didn't dare tell you the truth because men run away the instant they hear the word "baby"… But… I love you even know' they looked directly at each other and she felt her whole body tingle 'I love you so much you wouldn't even believe it, so much it actually hurts, but… I can't force you to forgive me. Or to… to acknowledge my… rather, our child' here he looked more flustered than ever, but she continued 'I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, want you… need you' her last words were mere whispers 'But… this really sounds stupid now that I said them…' she bowed her head, waiting for his response.

After this, some silence came – of course, it was not easy to reply to all that she had said, but then he finally said:

'I… Eliza, I don't…'

'Whaaaaat? If you won't forgive her after that, then I'll double your rent, Mr. Adnan!'

Both of them looked at the swirl stairs a few meters away – at least a dozen people were glaring at the two of them. The elderly woman who spoke up was apparently Sadiq's landlady, though there were younger people there as well, most of them smiling.

'N-no, I-I…' Eliza saw Sadiq blush this red for the very first time 'I didn't want to reject her…' he explained looking first at his neighbours, then at Eliza 'I… didn't' he mumbled, fixing his gaze on her. As his green pair of eyes met hers, she felt like melting and flying above the clouds at the same time 'I love you… I love you exactly the same way, Eliza…'

She didn't remember which of them moved first or how the cat jumped out of her arms, but in the next moment they were already in a tight embrace kissing like their life depended on it – and the people applauded them in the background.

'I want to have a family with you' he whispered passionately 'You can't believe how much I've thought about it in the past days… and how I got to love the thought of it.'

'Y-you're not joking, right?' she asked, staring unbelievingly at him 'Or… saying this to get me into your bed…?'

'Damn right I wanna get you into my bed. Every' here he kissed her after every single word until she started giggling 'every, every single night for the rest of my life. Maybe in the morning too. And sometimes in the afternoon. At least till the little prince is born, after that we really need another one, don't we? So we'll have to do it even more often~'

She embraced him tightly, smiling, though tears in her eyes. He was a goof sometimes, a playboy, a sex-machine, but charming, reliable and… and she simply loved him with all her heart. Happiness filling her very soul, she muttered:

'Annyira örülök, hogy vagy nekem, te hülye.' (I'm so glad you're here for me, stupid).



Wow, finished already? :D Thank you for all who have read and enjoyed it!