It was a very boring day at the Cullen house, Bella was over and there was nothing to do……..

"So Bella, what do you want to do?" Alice asked, she was so bored she was playing with her purse.

"Alice what are you doing?" Bella asked looking at her strangely.

"I'm reading the labels." Alice said her head half in her purse.

"Why?" Bella asked confused.

"Because I'm just that bored, I need something to do or I'm going to go insane!!!!" She screamed throwing her purse in the air.

"I know what we can do!!" Emmett said coming into the room.

"Hey, who threw this?" Edward said coming in behind Emmett with Alice's purse. Everyone just started laughing.

"Oh Edward would you shut up!!! Can't you see I'm in the middle of saying something?" Emmett said throwing the purse at him again.

"Hey, that hurt, Alice what the heck do you keep in this thing?" Edward asked.

"Nothing really, just eye shadow, a mirror, lip gloss, a hair brush, eye liner, hair clips, a bow, lipstick, a comb, a pen, paper-"

"Alice, it doesn't really matter!!!! I need to get back to what I was saying" Emmett said stopping Alice in mid sentence.

"Ok fine….get on with whatever it was you were going to tell us." Alice said taking her purse back from Edward.

"Let's all play truth or dare!!!!!!!!" Emmett screamed and everyone came running in.

"No, no, no way!!!! Not after what happened last time!!!" Esme said as she took off her oven mitts."

"Esme, why do you have oven mitts on?" Bella asked.

"Yah Esme, what were you doing?" Jasper asked coming behind her.

"Gosh!!! Can't a mother cook for her children?!?!?!" Esme screamed throwing the oven mitts in the air.

"Gosh, must everything fall on me!!!!!" Edward screamed to the world taking the oven mitts off his head.

"Oh Edward, for the last time will you shut up!!! It's time to play truth or dare!!!!" Emmett yelled so loud Charlie could probably hear from the police station.

"Emmett I already said no!!!! Do you have no memory of what happened last time you made everyone play truth or dare?" Esme asked.

"Oh Esme, I promise we won't break the kitchen again." Emmett pleated.

"How do you break a whole kitchen?" Bella asked Edward very confused, at this point of knowing the Cullen's for almost two years you think she would just go along with it and not ask questions.

"Umm…you don't want to know." Edward whispered back.

"Please Esme, please, please, please!!!!" Emmett begged getting on his hands and knees. "Come on, you know how much fun you had last time."

"Alright…but if were going to do this were going outside this time….way off in the woods and I'm not talking about anywhere near the garden." Esme said setting strict rules this time.

"Oh alright fine, come on everybody lets go." Emmett said skipping outside like a silly little girl. "This is gonna be so much fun, so much fun, so much fun, this is gonna be so much fun oh yes, oh yes it is!!!" Emmett sang.

"Emmett did you just change the words to marry had a little lamb?" Rosalie asked.


"I kinda like it." Alice said singing and skipping along. "This is gonna be so much fun, so much fun, so much fun." They both sang.

"Alice, Emmett could you please shut up!!!!!" Edward yelled.

"Hey, now you sound like me." Emmett yelled.

"I do not."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't!!!!" Edward yelled.

"Oh will you guys shut up I want to start!!!!" Esme yelled.

"Wow Esme, I thought you didn't want to play." Bella said.

"Well…they got me started now so please will you two just shut up so we can start already?" Esme pleated.

"Sure, ok Esme you can go first." Emmett said. You could see the excitement building in his face.

"Alright………um….oh I know-" Before she could finish Jacob and Seth came out of the woods.

"Hey guys, whatcha doing?" Seth asked coming over.

"We were just about to play truth or dare, you want to join us?" Esme asked.

"Sure." Jake and Seth said sitting down.

"Great, this will be more fun now." Esme said with an evil smile. Bella could tell it was directed at her, she just had no idea what Esme was going to say.

"Ok Bella, truth or dare?" Esme asked still smiling evilly, that smile scared the whole family.

"Ummmm……gosh this is hard…… truth….no dare….i don't know!!!!" Bella said very afraid of what was to come.

"Well you said dare first so……..bum, bum, bum!!!"

"Esme please just hurry up!!!" Bella said, she just really wanted to get this over with…whatever it was.

"Ok fine gosh pushy…as I was saying Bella I dare you to show Edward how much you really love him."

"Esme, you know she can't, I don't want to kill her, I have limits." Edward yelled.

"I wasn't finished, I want you to show how much you love Edward…..with Jacob." Esme said while laughing evilly. Everyone in the yard looked a mixture of worry and wonder. Was she actually going to do it?

"Wait, I'm confused? You want me to kiss Jacob?" Bella asked. She knew what she had to do but she just couldn't believe it.

"Um well actually I was thinking about more then kissing…." Esme said still smiling.

"Well how far do you want me to go?" Bella asked.

"As far as Jacob wants to go" Esme said looking at Jacob. Jacob was smiling, not an evil smile but a very horny one; you could see him spacing out. Everyone knew what he was thinking about, especially Edward.

"Stop shouting your little fantasies at me, Jacob your such a pervert!!' Edward yelled.

"You don't have to look threw my thoughts, go search someone else's mind would you!!!" Jacob yelled back.

"Bella, would you get on with it already?" Esme asked.

"I guess-" Bella started.

"Wait, everyone stop, I have to catch everything from this night on video camera!!" Alice said running inside to get the camera. Two seconds later she was back. Ok guys, you can start now. Alice said pointing the camera at Jacob and Bella.

'Oh my God, I can't believe I have to do this.' Bella thought as she walked over to Jacob who was still smiling his horny smile.

"Jacob stand up." Bella said.

"Why?" he asked confused.

"Because, if I have to do this I'm not going to lay on top of you!" Bella yelled.

"Wait Bella, would you normally lay on top of Edward?" Esme asked.

"Oh Esme you do not know how much I hate you right now." Bella said threw her teeth.

"Ok Jacob, lay down on the ground." Esme said laughing, you could hear Alice giggling behind the camera as well. Emmett and Jasper were staring at each other in amazement while Edward was covering his eyes and rocking back and forth on the ground saying, "la, la, la, this is not happening, it's all just a horrible dream."

"Oh silly Edward, vampires can't sleep, this is really happening" Emmett said trying to be reassuring, he thought he was helping.

"Now come on Edward, your going to want to see this, get your hands out of your face." Emmett said trying to prey Edward's fingers away from his eyes.

"No, I don't want to look!!!" He yelled pushing Emmett away so hard he smashed into a tree.

"It's ok Emmett, I'm going to get it on tape, he can just see it later." Alice said pushing the zoom button on the camera.

"Bella, are you going to do this or what?" Esme asked.

"Do what? I am not going to do it with Jacob you can just forget it!!!!" Bella yelled, she was getting really paranoid.

"Gosh Bella, just get it over with already would you?" Esme yelled.

"Alright fine" Bella said slowly leaning over Jacob.

"No, no, get on top of him, or do you want him on top of you?" Esme said, she was acting really horny and out of character at this point, guess she was just really getting into the game. Who knew she enjoyed the pain of others so much?

"Come on Bella, you can do it." Esme said laughing.

"Not funny Esme." Bella said nowstraddling Jacob.

"All the way down Bella, come on, and don't forget to use your tong...oh and-"

"Esme, don't say it!!!" Edward mumbled threw his teeth. He was going insane.



"Fine…." Esme said upset but still kind of satisfied on how this was turning out.

Bella was down on top of Jacob but they really weren't doing much, just making out….well they were trying but Esme kept yelling, "Jacob, take off your pants!!!!!"

"What is wrong with you?" Carlisle asked desperately trying to shut her up. Before Esme could answer Jacob and Bella went rolling down the big hill…guess they were really getting into this.

"Edward still had his eyes closed but you could see him peak every couple of seconds to see what was going on…if anything was going on. Everyone was really surprised Edward hadn't stopped this yet, I mean they had been on top of each other for almost five minutes now. But who was counting…..Esme.

Edward wasn't the only one freaking out though, Jasper was curled up in a betel position mumbling, "Too much emotion!!!" Esme actually got four people with one dare, she was on an evil roll today.

When everyone figured they weren't coming back they all ran down the hill to see what was going on.

"Oh my God, I told you, I told she would." Esme whispered when she saw Bella starting to unzip Jacob's pants.

"Ok, that is enough!!!!!" Jasper said braking them up, I can't take all this freaking lust anymore, can we please just more onto the next dare?" Jasper asked very upset, he was getting a head ach from all this emotion.

"Ok." Jacob said.

"Yah, fine, sure, good idea." Bella said slowly lifting herself off of Jacob.

When she got back up the hill she went to sit next to Edward. "Bella, did you lose your virginity?" Edward asked.

"No, of course not, I would never go that far, I didn't even like it." Bella said trying to convince him.

"Oh really?" He asked sarcastically.

"Really." She answered doing her best to lie but Edward of course, could see right threw her.

"Oh yah, then why did you start taking off his pants?" Edward asked.

"I did not…." Bella answered.

"I saw you Bella…well I didn't see you but I could see what Jacob saw, what he was thinking, if Jasper didn't break it up…"

"Edward, it was just a dare, gosh I had some fun get over it, if you could give me what I wanted I wouldn't have to go to other people!!"

"Could you guys stop fighting, we need to get back to the game." Emmett yelled.

"Alright fine, Edward truth or dare?"

Authors note: Um ok so that was chapter 1 tell me what you think, I know this first chapter is kind of un original but I really wanted to have a Jacob Bella dare……