Characters: Matthias Neumann, Baumann, and Liebgott
Rating: T
Warnings/Spoilers: character death
Author's Note: This is a drabble set written for BoB100. Thank you talliw for help with the German!
Summary: Baumann is used to fending for himself but after taking Neumann under his wing he finds renewed hope for survival. This is put in jeopardy when tragedy strikes and the Allied soldiers close in on the pair.

#109: First Time - Nicht Noch Einmal
Matthias tripped, then disappeared out of sight. The Waffen-SS guns died away as Baumann ran deeper into the forest. He found his young German companion and exclaimed, "Matthias! Raus!"

But the hole in the helmet and the blood trickling down Matthias's cheek told Baumann that his friend wasn't getting up. Baumann removed his helmet and let it fall to the snow-covered ground. Touching Matthias's cheeks, Baumann whispered, "Ich bin hier, mein Bruder."

Collapsing against Matthias, Baumann wept over his dear friend. For the first time he burned under agonizing loss. No more could he rely on Matthias's hope for life. ~

#101: Memories - Ich Kann Nicht
If only he hadn't listened to Matthias. Baumann found himself unable to stem the flow of memories running rampant in his mind. Vividly he recalled Matthias pleading to save the American prisoners from the murderous Waffen-SS. And like a fool, Baumann had agreed. Few of the Americans survived the slaughter, and the ones who survived, disappeared.

"Mein Bruder, es tut mir so leid," Baumann whispered as he slipped Matthias's helmet off. He placed his hand over the head-wound, wishing by some miracle that he could bring his friend back to life. At that moment, a bullet ripped into his chest. ~

#69: Broken - Der Gnadenlose Tod
Pain drove away Baumann's guilt as he held his deceased brother. All this fighting amounted to nothing. It seemed fitting that he would die, broken and alone in this snowy hell-hole. Pressing his forehead to Matthias's, Baumann wept and waited for the Americans to arrive.

He didn't know that the soldier who stalked closer was called Leibgott nor did he know that it was he who had shot him. Baumann leaned against the tree, pulling Matthias protectively against him. Already life had begun to part from the German, but even in his dying moment he would not abandon his brother. ~

#125: Black and White - Endlose
Life versus death, the Allies against the Nazis. Were all Germans condemned to death for the actions of the murderous Third Reich? Baumann could only theorize as he held Matthias close. The American stepped in front of him and was soon flanked by his comrades.

"Nazis," was all Liebgott said as he glared accusingly at Baumann.

"Nein," Baumann whispered. "Er ist kein Nazi."

Liebgott shook his head. War was black and white. There was only the good guys and the bad guys. He inquired, "What about you? Are you a Nazi?"

As Baumann's life parted, he replied firmly, "Nein, nieā€¦" ~