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The Manly Man Journal of Joe Lucas – Part Ten.


August 22nd, Saturday.

Bedroom, Lucas Residence, 5.50pm.


The sky is blue, the grass is green and I'm in love. Seriously, I feel like Thumper in spring time. All twitterpatted. :D

You want to know why?

I'll tell you why.

I have a girlfriend. (Yes, I know. Finally. By the way, I can see you rolling your eyes okay? Nothing escapes the great Joe Lucas. Nothing.)

Anyhow, do you know who she is?

(Of course you don't, or maybe you would have if you were sentient but since you are not, I'll fill you up. Sometimes I wonder though. You feel dreadfully real in my head. Anyhow, back to bizness.)

Macy Misa. (Yeah. Girl of my dreams. Love of my life. Aint life grand?)

If I had known getting Stella and Nick together would have gotten me and Macy together, I would have done it much sooner.

But maybe, it wouldn't have turned the way it did then yesterday night. So in turn, I guess I should be thankful for yesterday night and not rushing it.

Because good things will come when they come.

And I just need to state this one time. Yesterday I danced to a Frank Sinatra song. With Macy in my arms.

It was heaven.

Like it validated my entire existence and purpose on this earth as a teenage rock star.

I got my happy ending.

Oh yeah, Nick and Stella got their happy ending too but hello, my journal and there for more blabbing about my happy ending. Okay?

Which I cannot seem to do enough of actually. I guess I owe partial thanks to Kevin and Frankie for sort of pointing me in the right direction. Also, I guess I owe you plenty thanks because being the non-responsive sound piece of a sometimes angsty, whiny, insecure AND horny teenage rock star can not be nice right?

So thanks MMJ, for helping me through these difficult few weeks. And even though this was a manly man journal, I know I filled you with a lot of un-manly stuff but it was terrifically nice to unburden myself somewhere because people always think that the handsome middle one doesn't have any problems. But that truth of the matter is that I do. And not everybody can always appreciate what it's like for a privileged teenage boy to feel like the whole world is ending. (It sounds like I'm whining but sometimes, it really does feel like no one will ever understand.)

You sort of kept my sanity intact because after writing in you, I could also read over the shit that I had done and not feel all that bad about it or look at things in a different light. And more often than not, putting my feelings down was helpful. It eased my heart and my mind and it didn't make everything feel so horrible.

So I guess this is good bye MMJ.

Someday I'll read over all of this and laugh and some days I'll return because I'll feel like you are the only one who understands.

(You were a totally awesome non-responsive friend and I am totally not crying un-manly tears now. For real. And these water blotches are not because I am crying. It's cause I spilt water on you and stuff. Accidentally.)

Now, off I go to begin my new relationship with Macy.

Wish me luck MMJ.


Notes to self.

Buy Macy a gift and flowers, just cause. (Well because I love her. :D: D :D)

Give Stella a gift and congratulate her cause she's my best friend and I'm happy that she's so happy.

Give Frankie a month's supply of Oreos cause I think I DO owe him big. (Sigh, I'm going to be one very poor rock star soon.)

Get Kevin a sewing machine; you know to get him started and all on his fashion career. (Which I don't think will ever happen because we are JONAS and duh, we're like never breaking up. So maybe Kevin can do his fashion label on the side. Like Diddy. Or Fiddy.)

P.S - Okay, I have discovered I cant just leave you yet. Besides you love me. You really really love me. I know it. I can feel it in my bones. Okay, I'll stop with the stupidity. Anyhow, seeing as I can't give you up just as yet, I'll come in occasionally and write occasionally okay?)

P.P.S – I love you. I love Macy too but I just wanted to say I love you too.

P.P.P.S – Gosh, I am much too sappy for a teenage rock star with a girlfriend. Wait, maybe I'm just the newest version of the metrosexual man because I am so in touch with my feelings. Yeah, that must be it.

Aren't I awesome?

Okay. Goodbye for real now.

Bye. :)


I had no idea how to end this. I sort of vaguely knew but in the end, as you can see, it didn't play out very well. However dragging out the story out would have only killed me and you readers all the more. So it ends here.

Thank you all for your lovely reviews and favourites, they are much appreciated and they made writing this all the more fun. :)

Thanks guys. –HUGS –