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Of Course

Of course Boq didn't really love her. Nessa had just fallen for fake love again.

Often Nessa wondered if her father's love for her was ever real. Perhaps he just wanted to show Elphaba how much he despised her by adoring Nessa as a comparison.

And Elphaba only felt sorry for her sister. Of course she did. Nessa could never walk; she always needed to be taken care of. Elphaba was her sister-she felt like she had to love Nessa.

Nessa shouldn't have been surprised that Boq didn't really love her either. No one else did, so why would he?

But Nessa wanted so much to have someone's genuine love that she convinced herself that Boq really did love her.

How stupid she had been.

Of course Boq didn't really love Nessa.

No one had ever really loved her.

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