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Summary: (side-story) Classes in Tokyo U are never boring, considering how Sakura has at least one Akatsuki member in all her classes. Is it too late to transfer?

Classes with Akatsuki

Sakura Haruno slumped with relief at finally taking a class away from any of the members of the Akatsuki. Considering how she never had any interest in the infamous basketball team, Sakura was amazed at the number of times she met at least one member in her classes.

In her government class, Pein was the Teacher's Assistant. Upon seeing her, Pein immediately took action and forced her to a seat in the front – even though she had already planned to sit in the front – and sat with her the entire time. When the professor wasn't looking, she scrawled him a note.

Are you interested in politics?


What for?

World Domination.

Sakura decided to end the conversation at that.

Pein was satisfied at sitting next to his Sakura-chan.

She took Calculus 3 and Higher Level Math with Itachi Uchiha. And to her utter amazement, she found out that when he was 13, he solved the infamous 'juggling problem' where he gained a Nobel Prize along with a LOT of money. And during the celebration, he promptly broke off with his family with a "Screw you, I can take care of myself now." She asked him why he took the classes and his reply: "My math skills are far beyond this level but something about school regulations and 'required credit' so now I have to take these classes to graduate." Itachi promptly then nuzzled her, "Of course, it seems that Kami really does love me since I share these classes with you."

Her pharmaceutical class was shared with Sasori – she asked him why he was interested in medicine when he was already a puppet-maker and his answer was a chuckle along with a reply that it wasn't really the 'medicine' part that he was interested in. The sly look on his face made Sakura instantly worried. Her suspicion promptly increased when she later realized that he also took Organic Chemistry – a class that she would take next year. Of course, her suspicion melted to dread when he practically purred at that knowledge and said, "Maybe I should be the Teacher's Assistant next year." Luckily, Sakura was too innocent to notice the bliss look on his face as he started daydreaming while she continued to take notes. If she could read minds, she would have been horrified at Sasori's overactive imagination that bordered along the lines of: "Professor Sasori… We shouldn't be doing this in the classroom…" "Nonsense Sakura-chan… I have a lot to teach you…" Who knew that Sasori was a pervert at heart?

Economics was with Kakuzu, one of the strangest people she knew. Luckily for her, he didn't seem that interested in her and occasionally talked to her about Akatsuki funds and that she'd better not spend it all. All the other people in the class, including the teacher, feared him. Some owed him money – the poor souls – and some were just downright terrified of him, which wasn't surprising. Sakura heard rumors on him, the worse one being that he sold off organs (Sakura didn't know what to believe about that) and probably the most true being that those who couldn't pay back their debts were his slaves until they worked of their debt… which had interest compounded daily. Note to self: DON'T borrow money from Kakuzu.

She took art class with Deidara, and – luckily – Konan was the teacher's assistant. Since it was one of those "required" classes, there were two groups of people, the "artists" and the "I just need to pass this stupid class." Sakura happened to be in the middle: she enjoyed art but wasn't going to take it as a career. And since there was apparently an all out war between the two groups where Deidara was the bomber for the "artists" group. Sakura escaped the battles as she folded origami with Konan in a corner (the neutral zone) while ignoring the chaos between the two groups and the random explosions – courtesy of Deidara. Lack of control in that class was because the professor was hospitalized and was off for at least a month so Konan was "teaching" in his stead, or basically ignoring everyone. Deidara would occasionally go visit Sakura but if he got too touchy-feely, Konan would practically beat him off with a stick, something Sakura was grateful for. Little did she know that Konan was rooting for Pein and didn't want Deidara anywhere near Sakura.

Literature was with Hidan. For a person who manages to add in at least one curse word into every sentence, Hidan was actually quite eloquent at reading out loud, be it Haiku or Shakespeare. Surprisingly enough, Sakura managed to get "eloquent" in the same sentence as "Hidan." To her embarrassment, Sakura wasn't that great at literature and Hidan was willing to help as long as she kept it a secret about his skill at that class. Sakura had no idea why he thought that it was unmanly to be good at literature but she kept silent anyways considering how Hidan was practically the epitome of manliness, or so he liked to think. It didn't hurt that Jashin-sama also liked Sakura, according to Hidan.

Sakura was happily taking notes for her Biology Honors class. It was quiet, no one was hugging her, no one was bothering her, and it just felt too good to be true.

"Sorry we're late professor – Stupid Dumbass saw a fucking bird along the way and had to chase it."

"Look Zetsu! Tobi sees Sakura-chan! Hi Sakura-chan!"

'I knew it was too good to be true' Sakura internally cried as she was instantly hugged by Tobi.

Turns out that Tobi was a student and Zetsu was the Teacher's Assistant for her Biology class.

Sakura wondered if it was too late to transfer.

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Oh yah, I know that Sakura probably has way too many classes for a normal student, but I thought, it's Sakura! She's an overachiever and since she has to graduate in 3 years, she's taking all the required classes the first year and then start taking the specialized classes the next two years.

The "juggling problem"? I just totally made that up

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