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Demon's Dream

Ikkaku sighed as he watched everyone at the Club, of all the demons, vampires and half breeds in the place not one of them caught his eye, when the music switched to something more fast paced he heard a familiar laugh. He froze and searched for the person he knew belonged to that voice, the vampire that had been in his every waking thought since this morning.

"Let's get out of here, Ikkaku obviously isn't even paying attention to what's going on, there's no point in us being here." Grimmjow sighed sitting down at the bar, Ichigo taking the stool that was on the other side of the distracted demon.

"What'sa matter Ikkaku?" They all jumped as Urahara appeared out of nowhere behind the bar. "You don't seem like yourself, gotta girl on your mind?" The half breed grinned lecherously.


"Liar!" Urahara shouted teasingly.

"It's not a girl okay..."

"Then it's a guy?" Urahara asked in all seriousness.

"Yea..." Ikkaku reluctantly admitted.

"So... Who is he?"

"I don't know..." Ikkaku sighed and hung his head.

"That's so sad... You don't even know what the man of your dreams looks like!" Urahara put a hand to his temple in mock shame.

"I know what he looks like okay! I know what he sounds like! I just don't know his name..."

"How do you know all this?" Grimmjow asked curiously.

"Careful Grimm, curiosity killed the cat." Ichigo smiled at the growl he got.

"It was a dream..."

"So he really was your dream guy, you had dreamed him up!" Urahara seemed pleased with the revelation.

"It was soo much more than that Urahara, it was far to real... Besides I probably wouldn't be able to dream up someone as beautiful as him."


Yumichika continued watching the demon from across the room, he was listening to Nnoitra who was talking to Gin, he had actually listened to one of Gin's jokes and laughed just as the song changed. He saw the look that had entered the demon's eyes at hearing his voice, it was pleasing to see the reaction, seeing the confusion in the demon he wanted to just go over and tell him it wasn't just a dream. Returning his attention to the two older vampires with him, Yumichika was surprised to see them staring at him as he watched the demon.

"What?" He asked immediately irritated.

"He's pretty good looking." Gin said making a point to look directly at the demon Yumichika had been staring at. "Who is he?"

"I don't know his name, it was his dream I was in just before dawn this morning." Yumichika explained, bowing his head to hide the blush.

"You don't know his name?" Gin nearly shouted in horror.

"No, will you keep it down!" Yumichika said waving a hand.

"That just won't do at all!" Gin stood up and was halfway across the room before Yumichika could stop him, he watched in horror as Gin approached the demon with his usual smile in place, he looked the predator he was.


"Hey handsome!" Gin pretty much threw himself onto the demon's lap, startling the three of them, he saw Urahara raise a brow before shrugging and moving away. "I have a friend who's been staring at you like you were a piece of meat, though I can see why now..." Gin trailed off as he ran his hands all over the demon's body, the demon grabbed wandering hands and began pushing the vampire away from him. "Anyway, he's just dying to know your name." Gin stopped then started laughing. "That was a pun darling, he's a vampire."

"I'm not laughing." Ikkaku said irritated with the vampire on his lap, he heard grimmjow growl but shook his head.

"No sense of humor, anyway, would you be so kind as to tell me your name?" Gin asked.

"No I'm not kind therefore I won't tell you my name."

"I'll leave you alone if you tell me your name." Gin promised, Ikkaku looked torn between wanting the vampire off his lap and wanting to keep his privacy.

"Madarame... Madarame Ikkaku." He said sullenly, then nearly lept with joy as the vampire got off his lap and moved towards the door where two other vampires were waiting for him.


"Madarame Ikkaku is the name of the man you were drooling over." Gin said nodding to the smaller vampire.

"I was not drooling!" Yumichika denied.

"Sure you weren't." Gin smiled and continued walking not paying any mind to the younger vampire, they arrived at the vampire manor in a few moments using their vampiric speed. Yumichika went to his newly given room and lay down on the bed, he smiled as he thought about the demon. He slept a human sleep, waking up nearly two hours later, yawning he let his mind wander. Without thinking about it he began dream jumping, immediately finding Ikkaku's dream.

"I told you we'd meet again." Yumichika said laughing.

"Is there anyway you could give some kind of warning when you enter my dreams?" Ikkaku asked irritated.

"Not that I know of, but I'm new to entering people's dreams so there might be." Yumichika put a hand to his chin in a thoughtful manner, fully aware of the demon's eyes raking his body.

"So you're not the only one who can do this?"

"No, the vampire lord can and from what I hear there are a few others that can too, it's a rare talent among the vampires."

"Will you tell me your name?"

"Why do you want to know my name?"

"Because I want to know what to call you when we talk."

"That's understandable, but I'm not ready for you to know my name just yet."

"Then give me a name, anything to call you, I just can't stand not being able to call you something."

"You can call me whatever you want." Yumichika smiled as he watched the demon think it over.

"Then I'll call you... Ruri'iro." Yumichika tested the name in his mind and smiled nodding.

"I like that and what do I call you?" Yumichika asked still smiling.

"Same offer is given to you."

"Hozukimaru." Yumichika nodded. "Yes, that suits you well, what does Ruri'iro mean?"

"Azure. It's an ancient demon language, it means azure." Blinking in confusion Yumichika tilted his head curiously.

"Your eyes, they're azure." Ikkaku smiled.

"I see..."

"What does Hozukimaru mean?"

"It's vamprye for Demon Light."


"Yes, a language not many know about." Yumichika frowned for a moment. "I was lucky I have someone who's like a brother to me, he taught me vamprye."

"I have two that are like that, one's older the other is younger. The older taught me the language of my ancestors." Ikkaku sat down and looked up at the vampire who was leaning against that same pillar. "Come and sit down, it's not like I'm going to bite or anything."

"I know." Yumichika moved forward and sat down next to the demon. "Hozukimaru?"


"Nothing." Yumichika couldn't ask anything of the demon without giving something to himself.

"Is the dream sun like the real sun?"

"No, I've been in some people's dreams where it's daylight all day." Smiling Ikkaku closed his eyes and thought about the wysteria gardens outside demon manor, when he opened his eyes they were surrounded by the blossoms, he heard the vampire gasp and smiled.

"Well? This is the gardens outside of my home, it's most beautiful in the summer, just after sun sets and before the moon rises." Ikkaku explained and their surroundings changed to the scene he had just described.

"It's beautiful." Yumichika murmured, looking at the flowers.

"Ruri'iro, who are you? I don't mean your name but who are you?" The vampire and demon looked at each other for a moment.

"I'm no one important, they probably wouldn't even notice if I was gone."

"I would if you were to completely disappear and I didn't ever get to meet when I was awake, I would miss this, what we have right now."

"I would too." Yumichika took a chance and leaned against the demon. "Hozukimaru... We'll meet... Not here in the dream world, but in the waking world."

"When? Tonight, there is going to be a meeting at the demon manor and if you're who I think you are then we'll meet."Pulling himself from the dreams of the demon Yumichika smiled and hoped, while he fell into the sleep of vampires.


Ikkaku sat bolt up right, there was no way he could meet his vampire tonight, he didn't even know what to say to him in the dreams when he felt he was invincible. It was going to be a hard night ahead of him, he growled at the knocking on his door.

"Lord Madarame! Please wake up!" Keigo's voice came through the door. "Lord Jeagerjaques has been hurt!" Ikkaku threw himself out of bed not even bothering to change from his bed clothes, to worried about the health of his friend. They flew through the halls towards the infirmary, where the demon lay on the bed, claw marks beginning from his shoulder down to the opposite hip. Ichigo and Ikkaku stayed in the infirmary with Grimmjow until his wounds had healed, it took most of the day but he was well enough to leave and go about semi-normal daily activity.

"The meeting's almost over by now..." Ikkaku muttered looking at his companions.

"Yea, we should at least go and speak with the others, even if we don't know what happened in the meeting." Ichigo said leading them towards the meeting hall, they all separated and began speaking with the vampires and demons that had come to the meeting. "Hey Ikkaku, doesn't this suck?" Ichigo asked as the three of them gathered near a wall and as though they were all being controlled by the same person they leaned against the wall.

"Yea, lame." Grimmjow agreed putting his hand to his side rubbing where the cuts had been deepest.

"Hozukimaru?" Ikkaku froze and looked up at the man who said it, he saw Ichigo and Grimmjow looking at him from the corner of his eye.

"Ruri'iro?" The vampire smiled and nodded.

"Azure? What the hell's going on?" Grimmjow asked.

"Ayasegawa Yumichika." The vampire said bowing.

"Madarame Ikkaku."

"I knew it." Yumichika smiled and looked at the other demons.

"Prince Ichigo." Ichigo smiled and bowed his head in respect.

"Lord Jeagerjaques, call me Grimmjow. So how do you know each other?" He asked immediately suspicious.

"We haven't met, I know him because Gin," He paused and pointed at the vampire talking animatedly with a demon, he saw the involuntary shudder from Ikkaku. "Told me about him."

"I see, so what was up with the Hozukimaru/Ruri'iro thing?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Yumichika said, Grimmjow turned to Ikkaku who just shrugged.

"Fine whatever!" Growling Grimmjow moved away from the wall.

"Forgive him, he's short tempered." Ichigo said with an apologetic smile, with that he left too.

"You're even more beautiful than in the dream world." Ikkaku smiled at the faint color that stained the vampire's cheeks. "I didn't think vampires could blush."

"We can, it's just not that often." Yumichika said, the blush not receding in the least, the demon stepped forward and wrapped his arms around the vampire. "What?"

"You smell so good..." Ikkaku muttered against his neck, causing a shiver to go up the vampire's spine. "I could literally just eat you, until there was nothing left."

"I don't think I would try to stop you..." Yumichika sighed.

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