The Untold Story Of Harry and Ginny

Part 35

The End

Ginny walked into her daughter's room, which had changed tremendously over the years, and sat down next to Lily on her bed against the wall. She paused the mini television when she saw her mother, and then she smiled faintly at her before saying, "Hi."

"What are you doing?" Ginny wondered and pulled the covers over the fourteen-year-old girl's shoulders a little bit more.

" Just watching a movie," she replied and yawned.

"How to Train Your Dragon," said Ginny. "I remember this one."

Lily nodded and sighed largely.

"It's eleven o'clock," Ginny continued. "You should be getting some sleep. You're going back to Hogwarts in two days."

"I know," Lily responded and shrugged. "It's almost over."

"Okay," Ginny said and stood up from Lily's bed. Then she stepped over to the door and stopped right before it.

"Goodnight," she whispered and closed the door behind her after she heard her daughter whisper a faint, "Night," back to her.


"Come on!" Ginny and Hermione called to their husbands as they scurried off to the station.

"Why can't they carry anything?" George complained. Harry chuckled at this as he locked the door to the flying car and trotted to catch up with the two women with his brother-in-law.

"How long until the train arrives, George?" Hermione called back to her husband.

"About ten minutes," he confirmed, looking down at his watch. Hermione and Ginny ran through the brick wall together after he answered this and soon after, Harry and George joined them. There was an enormous amount of people stationed in front of the train tracks, chatting away with huge smiles on their faces.

"Ugh," Hermione groaned. "Where's Fred? He said he'd be here by now-"

"Ah, there's Freddy," George interrupted and grabbed the back of his son's shirt as he and the girl with him were tiptoeing the other way. George swung him around so that he was facing his family.

"Hey Mum…" Fred muttered and smiled innocently down at his mother, who had crossed her arms. The girl with him, Cressida, giggled slightly.

"Where've you been?" she inquired.

"Where've you been?" Fred asked back to her, laughing. "I've been here for the last…fifteen minutes."

"I told you we should've left sooner," Hermione whispered to George and Harry.

"Well, what about Ron and Parvati?" Ginny wondered.

"Uncle Ron and Aunt Parvati," Freddy began to them all, "are just up a little ways-"

"What are you talking about, Freddy? We're right here," Ron intervened and clapped Harry on the back. Harry turned and smiled at him.

"Hey, mate," he said to Harry.

"Hi," Harry replied.

"Can you believe this?" Parvati smiled. "Their last year."

Hermione nodded as Ginny said, "Two more to go."

Harry chuckled, just now realizing that that statement was true. Just then, the train appeared and rolled to a stop at the end of the tracks. Everyone's focus went to it. Then, the train halted and the doors opened. Kids with smiles on their faces formed and then, children of all ages ran to their parents and gave them huge hugs. Each of the Potters and Weasleys looked around for their family. Hermione smiled once she saw Addison (who needed an extra year at Hogwarts because she had gone to Romania with Charlie for an entire year) receive her truck and jog over to her. Hermione engulfed her in a huge hug, and then she hugged her father and even her brother afterwards.

Parvati and Ron saw Theo simultaneously as Theo cantered over to them and embraced both of his parents. Parvati smiled and laughed.

Ginny then looked and saw Albus. She smiled and waved, and Albus did the same. He did come over to her, for he was getting his trunk and Elfin, his owl. After he did, he speed walked over to his mum and dad, he hugged his dad tightly and smiled up at him (but not by much).

"Well, that was your second to last year," he said to Al. "How'd it go?"

Al nodded and replied, "Good, I think." Then, he hugged his mum.

"Hello sweetheart," she said and kissed the top of his cheek.

"Hi, Mum," he replied.

"Where's Lily and James?" she questioned.

"Lily's getting her bags, and who knows where James is?" Al responded. Ginny giggled.

Harry looked over his shoulder and saw something out of the corner of his eye. Was that Felicity? And was that James? What was she doing talking to James? Or, what was James doing talking to Felicity? James had ended it two years ago…but he hadn't really gotten over what had happened. James saw his father as he glanced at the two of them, and then interrupted Felicity briefly, said something, and then began to head towards his father. Harry quickly turned away, but this only made James walk up more quickly to his dad as he dragged his trunk and owl behind him.

"Dad," James began before his dad could say anything. Harry turned to him.

James then continued, ignoring his mother's smile at him and his brother's odd stare, "…Hi."

"Hello," he responded and smiled faintly down at his oldest son.

"Welcome back," Ginny said, interrupted the awkward silence between James and his father, and she gave him a big hug.

James returned his and said, "Hi, Mum."

"How was your last year?" Ginny asked and released her son. James looked back at the girl he was just standing with and then answered, "It's about to become a whole lot better." Harry and Ginny looked at each other uneasily, but James was already gone and at Felicity. She looked up at him hopefully. James didn't say anything, but he didn't have to. By the look on his face, she smiled a small smile just before James brought her face to his and pressed his lips against hers.

"Oh, why, Jamesie?" Harry beckoned the sky.

"Harry now that I'm thinking about it…we had a second chance too," Ginny reasoned. Harry looked down at her and then nodded.

"Yeah…we did." He placed an arm around her shoulders as they watched briefly their son kiss his girl.

"Oh, please," Al muttered. "Get a room."

Lily, who was by their side now, laughed at this and bumped knuckles with her brother. Ginny rolled her eyes at her two youngest children, and then she and Harry walked over to the two who had split up and were just looking into each other's eyes longingly.

"James we better go," Ginny said, making both James and Felicity look at her and Harry.

"Oh, um…" he began and looked down at Felicity. "Alright."

Harry and Ginny began to walk back to James's trunk to give their oldest son and his once again united girlfriend some time alone. They looked back once they were at his trunk, and saw the two hug and smile immensely, which made them smile.


"Must we ask you to hurry up again?" Hermione and Ginny called to Harry, George, Al, James, and Fred. "And where is Addy?" Hermione added.

"She said she'd meet us there with Christa," George answered as the seven of them rushed off to the station once again.

"Must you take everything in my possession?" Al groaned to James as he tossed Albus's snitch he won his last year that he kept with him at all times in the air.

"Most definitely," James answered and laughed, but he tossed it backwards so Al could catch it after Felicity shook her head at him.

"I like her," Al said and chuckled. Felicity giggled slightly at her boyfriend's brother.

"Better not be too much," James murmured and nudged his brother. Al rolled his eyes in aggravation, knowing that that would never in a million years happen.

"Quit your arguing and come on!" Ginny snapped at her two sons. "James why do you still need me to tell you what to do?"

Harry chuckled at this. All of them had just settled at the station when the train arrived and slowed to a stop. Ginny and harry smiled when she saw the first girl come off of the train, who was their daughter. Lily smiled to her parents and hastily grabbed her things and ran to them and first, hugged her dad tightly.

"Hi, Dad," she said and smiled widely. Harry caught her after she jumped on him and hugged her back.

"Hi, Lily," he greeted. "How did you last year go?"

Lily nodded in the affirmative and replied, "Very well."

Harry then set her down and she hugged her mother next.

"Hey, Lily," she said. Lily did the same to her. Al was next, and she hugged her brother tightly.

"Hi, Lil," he said in the hug.

"Hi, Al," she responded. Then, she let go of Albus and turned to James.

"What makes you think you get a hug?" James began as she let go of Felicity. "You're so little…and a seventh year!"

"Who just graduated," Lily put in and swung her arm back, ready to punch him. James pretended to wince, which made Lily crack a smile. Then, she embraced him tightly and kissed the side of his head.

"Welcome back, Lily," he mumbled in her ear. They let go of each other and Lily then looked around. Theo was hugging his parents and Addy, who was now with Fred, Hermione and George were also with them.

"How's Eli doing?" Harry wondered.

"Good," someone behind Lily said. Lily smiled and turned just enough for Eli to plant a little kiss on her cheek. She smiled.

"Nice to see you again," Ginny said and smiled warmly at the two of them.

"You as well, Mrs. Potter," Eli said and hugged his girlfriend's mother. Out of all the boyfriends Lily has had, Eli was definitely the most outgoing, easy to talk to, and the most right for Lily. She honestly couldn't see her daughter being with anyone else.

"So how did your last year go, Eli?" James wondered to his little sister's boyfriend.

"Amazingly well, actually," Eli answered. "Better than I expected."

James would often do this: Question all of Lily's boyfriends and see if they were "worthy" of her.

"Well that's good," Harry said.

"Eli, why don't you come over for dinner tonight?" Ginny invited. "The whole family plus Felicity and Emma are going to be there. You could bring your parents and Sylvie."

"Yeah, sure, I'd love to," Eli responded. "I'm sure they'd be happy to go."

Ginny smiled and nodded, and then she and Harry began to walk back to the flying van with Lily's trunk followed by the rest of the family and the upcoming family.

Harry began to think absentmindedly about things: His oldest son was already twenty years old, his youngest son nineteen, both with girlfriends and James had told him about how strongly he was feeling towards Felicity. Lily had just graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This would be the last time he would be in that station waiting to pick one of his own children up.

And then, he thought about Ginny. His life with her had been an adventure: dealing with the good and the bad. But, of course, you can't have the good without the bad.

He looked down at his wife and smiled warmly at her. She looked up at him and she returned it nicely and took his hand.

Harry then knew at that moment that their adventures together with their children and sister and brothers-in-law weren't over yet. But for now, the future remained an untold story, and he smiled even more to himself, knowing that it would be a good one.

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