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Mission: Destroy Shane Gray

by xScribbles819



Meet Target: Shane Gray


He that is not jealous is not in love.

~St. Augustine

I rolled his eyes as a loud shriek rang through the hallway. Obviously some fan had found out that Mackenzie Falls was filmed at Condor Studios, and was ecstatic that the Chad Dylan Cooper was here. I quickly adjusted my jacket so it fit just right, looked at myself in the mirror to make sure my beautiful golden hair was perfect (which, it was) and walked slowly out the door, mentally preparing myself so that I wouldn't faint or do something idiotic when an angry mob of girls attacked me.

"Oh my gosh!" A girl's voice screamed. I frowned, that voice seemed too familiar. As I got near the swarm of crazy fangirls, I recognized the brunette, standing on the edge of the crowd on her tiptoes, trying to see over other girls' heads.

Sonny. If Sonny was here, that meant that those girls weren't looking for me. In fact, even if they had been looking for me, my bane of existence had completely vanished, since I was standing exactly 3 feet away from those girls, and nobody, not one girl, had fiercely charged at me yet. Which sucked. Completely and utterly sucked.

Was it Zac Efron? This was exactly why I had banned him from the set of Mackenzie Falls. This is why I hated the male lead of the stupid Disney Channel movie High School Musical. Even the title of the movie was so unoriginal. High School Musical? Might as well name it Bored Out of My Mind Musical.

"I thought you didn't like Zac Efron!" I said to Sonny, offended. She had told me that she hated High School Musical, and wanted nothing to do with Zac Efron, even if he was a foot away from her, asking her out on a date, offering flowers, and wearing a tuxedo, complete with a huge Oscar-worthy grin.

She spun around, her hands on her hips. "I don't."

"Then why are you trying to get an autograph?" I asked angrily, motioning to the pad of paper in her hand.

Her annoyed expression turned into an amused one. She pointed back towards the mob. "You think that's Zac Efron?"

"Who else would it be?"

She laughed, making me weak in the knees. Out of all the girls I had ever met, she was the only one that could do that. And I hated her for it. Except not really.

"It's Shane Gray."

I raised his eyebrow. The name seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite recall where I had heard of this 'Shane Gray.' "Who?"

She sighed impatiently. "Shane Gray. Singer, in a band called Connect 3?"

"Connect 3? I thought it was Connect 4," I replied, "What? Have they run out of games to make?"

"No, Chad." She said my name in exasperation. Does that mean she's tired of me? No! She can't be tired of me! Nobody is tired of Chad Dylan Cooper! "Connect 3 is the name of their band."

"That's right." Shane Gray said, appearing at her side, wearing a smile that showed his (obviously fake) white teeth. "Hey! You're Sonny Munroe! I love So Random!"

Sonny shot me a smug smile and shook his outstretched hand. "And you're Shane Gray. I love your songs."

"Thanks!" He said, embracing her in a quick hug. Then he finally seemed to notice me. "Oh, you must be Chad Cooper."

"Chad Dylan Cooper." I said through his clenched teeth. Shane and Sonny had just met and they were already hugging?

"Right, Chad Dylan Cooper." Shane seemed to not notice the tension in the air. "I'm looking forward to working with you."

"Working with me? What? Why?"

"Weren't you listening to Mr. Condor?" Sonny spoke up, rolling her eyes at me. "He said that Shane Gray was guest starring on Mackenzie Falls for a couple of weeks."

"He is?"

"Yes, Chad. Really, what's up with you? Are you going deaf?"

I stared at the wall, trying to ignore the deathly glare from Shane that only I was able to see. Clearly, he hadn't just come to boost his ego by guest starring on the number one teen drama show. He'd also come to snatch the one girl I cared about away from me.

"Thanks a lot." I muttered under my breath.

"Well, look at the time! We'd better get going!" Shane said cheerfully. Stupid Shane and his stupid cheerfulness. Did he not see I was under a stressful situation right now?

"Yeah, I really don't want to stand hear and listen to you talk to yourself." Sonny agreed.

"Well I'd rather not stand here and watch you two skip off into the sunset together." I said sarcastically. Stupid Sonny and her stupid cuteness. Even if she was a smart girl, she was still dumb enough to not notice that the too-tight pant-wearing Connect 3 member was making oogly faces at her.

"Fine!" She said.

Oh, no. She wasn't getting off that easy. She thinks that I was going to keep playing this silly game of "Her Making Me Jealous Even Though She Doesn't Even Realize It," but I wasn't. No way. Not in this lifetime.

"Bye." I mumbled, stomping back into my dressing room. 15 minutes of Shane Gray and I was already a total completely un-Chad Dylan Cooperish wreck.

I stomped all the way back and plopped down on the couch. I never really knew it before, but stomping calms me down. I guess I'll be doing a lot of stomping these days, because Mr. Stupidpants (Shane Gray) was here.

Looking at the schedule on my wall, I realized that I had an easy day today. A few hours of rehearsal, but that was pretty much it. I had a whole lot of time to myself, and I would enjoy that. Because then I could spend the whole day thinking of ways to sabotage Mr. Stupidpants and get him kicked off the show before he even guest starred.

That, my friends, is what I would call pretty amazing. But then again, I am Chad Dylan Cooper, and I am pretty amazing. Except Sonny has to ruin it all the time. And this time, she wasn't the culprit. Mr. Stupidpants was. He just had to come here and get all cutsie-pie with Sonny Munroe, which made me all jealous and totally not myself. Believe me, if it had been Tawni or Portlyn out there, I could've cared less.

But it just had to be Sonny.

My phone beeped.

1 New Text Message. From: Portlyn.

rehersal's starding in 5. where are you?

I chuckled to myself. Trust Portlyn to spell "rehearsal" and "starting" wrong. I texted back quickly, telling her I would be right down. Taking one last look at myself to make sure I was presentable, I grabbed the script and headed down.


"There's our big star!" Our director, Xavier exclaimed. Everyone looked towards me and I grinned cockily, my jealous anger fading away.

I stepped in place.

And then.

There came.

The big fat Mr. Stupidpants himself.

Shane Gray.

"And there's our other big star!" Xavier clapped, motioning for everyone to join him.

I stood there stiffly, glaring at Shane as he smiled and waved, as if he was surprised that everyone loved him. I was the only one that could see through his fakeness. Only I could see how bad he was acting. Looks like there wasn't going to be much competition between him and me.

"Other big star? He just got here!" I said.

"So? He's still totally hot." Portlyn said, fanning herself with her hand. Girls who did that were so overrated.

"What is he even doing here? He's not in this episode!"

"He's just watching." She replied. "So he can get a feel of Mackenzie Falls magic."

"On your places, people!" Xavier screamed. "Take 1, and ACTION!"

"Water!" I yelled, facing Portlyn.





"Can I make a suggestion?" Another voice said from behind me.

"No, you can't make a suggestion!" I replied, then realized it wasn't Portlyn who said that. I turned around and saw Shane standing there.

"CUT!" Xavier said, waving his stick thing in the air.

After Shane oh-so-subtly hinted that I wasn't acting to my best ability, criticized everything I acted out, and complained about the over-acting of my character, Xavier finally told us to take a lunch break.

"You know, I don't know why," I said, running to catch up with Mr. Stupidpants, "but you don't seem to like me very much."

"What in the world are you talking about?" Shane asked innocently.

"Oh, don't act so innocent." I snarled, "You know you dislike me and my acting skills."


"And that's not okay! Nobody can dislike Chad Dylan Cooper and his acting skills! Because Chad Dylan Cooper is the best actor of our generation!" I proclaimed, waving my fist in the air.

Shane blinked. Then he rolled his eyes. Which wasn't okay either! Because nobody (except maybe Sonny) can roll their eyes at me. "Are we done talking in third person?"

I didn't answer, only looked at him, trying to develop laser eyes so I could blast him with it. It didn't work.

"Is this about Sonny?" He asked.

"No, it's not about Sonny!" I lied, "This is about me, my acting skills, and your stupidity!"

"It's about Sonny." Shane declared. "Do you like her that much?"

"What? What are you talking about? I don't like Sonny! Where'd you get that idea from?"

"Look, everyone knows you like Sonny." Shane whispered, glaring at me. "Since the minute I got here, everyone just bombarded me and told me that Chad Dylan Cooper likes Sonny Munroe!"


"No buts. She doesn't seem to like you very much, does she?" He grinned evilly, "So why don't you just back off and let us get together? It'll be much easier that way."

I stared. No one could talk to Chad Dylan Cooper that way. "I thought you cleaned up your jerk act at Camp Tock."

"It's Camp Rock."

"Whatever!" I said. Who cared what the camp's name was? All that mattered was that obviously Mr. Stupidpants here had not cleaned up his act at Camp Tock-Rock.

"And I did clean up my jerk act! I just still act like a jerk to jerks!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" I replied, "Are you calling me a jerk?"

"Hey, Chip Drama Pants!" Gravy called. I lifted my hand in reply, then faced back towards Shane.

"You know, if you want Sonny," He began, "Then you're going to have to compete for her."


"You heard me. I bet you that after a month, Sonny Munroe will be in love with Shane Gray." He said.

"Well I bet you that after a month, Sonny Munroe will hate Shane Gray, and be in love with me, Chad Dylan Cooper!"

"Fine! It's a bet!" He spat in his hand and stuck it out. I did the same, and the bet was made.

"Wait!" I called after him.

"What?" He answered, exasperated.

"What's the prize?"


"Oh, right."

We glared at each other for several minutes before Portlyn led him away to our table. But no way was I going to eat there today. I had planning to do. Because this. Was. War.

Meet Target: Shane Gray.


Mission: Destroy Mr. Stupidpants.

Working on it.

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