Naruto Sensei

Summary: In this story team seven's sensei is not Kakashi, but is instead the 12 year old Jounin, Namikaze Naruto.

Chapter 1: I Now Pronounce You Sensei

The office of the Hokage. In this room treaties have been made and wars declared, but not today. Today there is but a chat between two friends. The older, much older, of the two was the first to start the conversation. This man also happened to be the Third Hokage. "So Naruto, how is my favorite ninja doing today?"

"Not too well."

"What seems to be the problem?"

"I'm sick and tired of being on missions with people twice my age. I never really cared before but I can't stand it anymore. Can you please put me on a mission with someone my own age? How about that mission from Fang country that came in this morning?"

"Naruto, first of all most ninja your age are Genin, making them inept for an A-rank mission such as that. Secondly, you won't be young forever. So just be patient. Once your generation catches up to you, you'll be with them on missions all the time."

"But Old Man." This would be an insult from anyone else. But the first time this happened and the Third told Naruto not to call him that he made the unbeatable argument "Well you are old, you want me to lie?"

Naruto may be a ninja, one of the strongest Jounin at that, but one thing you could not get him to do while not on a mission was lie. So the 'Old Man' decided to let it slide. "That could be years from now. I know! If they can't do high ranking missions then you can just put me on lower rankings right?"

"Naruto, though I will admit that is a good suggestion, your skills are simply too valuable to be wasted on such missions. So I'm sorry as the answer is still no."

"Come on please, isn't there a way I can be placed with them while serving my skills to their potential?" The Third took a long drag of his pipe to think.

"Well, now that I think about it there is a way, though it will be a bit of an odd thing for you to do."

"Really? Well I don't care how odd it is I'll do it!" The Third could not help but smile at the young boy's determination.

"Very well. Now listen carefully. As you may know the graduates at the academy are a week from being placed on their teams. Each one is put on a team with two of their peers. The three of them are then put on a team with a Jounin sensei." Naruto's eyes widened as he saw where the man was going with this.

"I'm pretty sure by your expression that you realize what I'm saying. Though we have never had someone as young as you become a sensei you have definitely proved over the years that you are an excellent shinobi. So, what do you think?" The blonde just sat there for a while but a smile soon started showing itself.

"You got it Old Man. Count me in. I'll be the best sensei there's ever been. Believe It!"

"Good good. Though in the meantime there is something I'll need you to do." The Thirds looked as though he was about to send Naruto to his death.

"What do you need me to do?" The boy was certainly not liking the expression on the man's face.

"I need you to fill out... paperwork."

"Please anything but that!" Though much do his displeasure this was something he had to do.

"And no using a lot of clones."

"Son of a-"


Iruka was looking at his class with pride. There were a total of thirty graduates. And though he knew that more than half of them would be coming back he could not help but smile at all the potential ninja.

"Good morning everyone. As you probably know I'm very proud of you all for passing your exam. Today is the day you leave the academy "hopefully" and become full fledged ninja." There were cheers all throughout the class. "Now first things first, you're all going to be put on three man squads and will be placed under the care of a Jounin sensei. So if the Jounin will now come in."

After he said this the door opened and nine Jounin came walking through the door and lined up behind Iruka in their predetermined order. The fact that there was one missing did not go unnoticed. A pink haired girl by the name of Haruno Sakura spoke up.

"Iruka sensei if we're going to be put on three man squads won't that make ten teams? Wait, are you one of the senseis?"

"No Sakura as I said these are Jounin senseis and I'm still Chunin. Good observation though as there is one missing. I believe he was a last minute entry and will probably be arriving here at any moment. Now I will start to call the names, please listen carefully." He of course started with team one and right before he started to call team five the classroom door opened.

The class looked and the door revealed a young blonde wearing the brightest shade of orange they have ever seen. The class thought the kid was lost while the nine Jounin and one Chunin looked on with shock as one thought came through their minds "He's the last minute entry? Sure he's Jounin but isn't he too young?" Iruka was about to ask if he was here for that reason but the question answered itself as the young Jounin enquired with his own.

"YO! Is this where the squads are being assigned?" Iruka hesitated but answered before too time much had gone by.

"Yes, please come in."

"Alright, looks like third time is the charm. The last two rooms weren't really that nice when I walked in." Now everyone, class included, shared a common thought. "No duh they were mad if you came in yelling like that."

"Okay Naruto I believe your on team seven so please take your place in line so I can get back to naming the teams." Iruka actually had no intention moving ahead as of right now because it was only a matter of time before-

"Hey what gives, are you telling me he's one of the senseis? He's no older than we are." The accusation had been made by none other than the class loudmouth, Inuzuka Kiba.

"Yes Kiba he is one of the senseis so show some respect. He may be young but he's one of our most notable Jounin." The entire class was in disbelief over the matter. They had just become Genin. How is someone the same age as them Jounin?

Naruto took his place in line and was between the captains of team six and team eight. The one for team six he did not recognize but he did know the one for team eight quite well. Yuuhi Kurenai, Chunin up until two months ago. She had been put onto Naruto's team on quite a number of missions as her genjustsu worked well with his more direct approach on the battlefield. Naturally, Naruto was the first to start the conversation.

"Yo Kurenai-chan. Looks like we'll both be senseis huh?"

"It would seem so, Naruto-senpai."

"Kurenai-chan, for the last time you're a Jounin now and that makes us equal in rank. Just call me Naruto."

"That'll take some getting used to." She said admittedly. "I've spent the last four years calling you senpai." Naruto gave a smile and a nod as she continued. "You'll probably need to be extra strict with your team, more than likely they won't take you seriously."

"Why wouldn't they take me seriously, do I have something in my teeth?" Naruto was genuinely clueless and Kurenai was reminded that as talented of a shinobi that he was, he was also one of the most oblivious people she knew.

"Just remember they will be your students first and foremost. I know you must have asked for this so you can make some new friends but only do that after you have fulfilled your responsibilities. Make sure you don't forget that, alright?"

She asked if he got it not to make sure he knew what she meant but rather out of habit. He had always been the one in charge on missions so it felt more natural to ask him rather than tell him to do something. Once again he nodded and was about to continue their conversation until Iruka had announced that team seven will be named. Naruto Immediately looked forward as Iruka continued speaking.

"Alright team seven will be under the command of Namikaze Naruto." Everyone's eyes went wide at that. Namikaze? Wasn't that the Yondaime's clan? That's when it dawned on them just who this guy was. He was the son of the Yondaime Hokage.

"Team seven's Genin members will include Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke looked on impassively but on the inside he was furious. How was this guy already Jounin? That should be him up there. Well not necessarily up there but he should definitely be the one who is Jounin.

Naruto looked toward him, having already known who his team will consists of, and gave him a huge smile. Which only served to tick off the Uchiha even further. "Haruno Sakura." Sakura was at first a bit apprehensive of the thought of being taught by someone her own age.

Though that thought quickly left her mind as she realized she had just been placed on Sasuke's team and she let out a quite audible squeal of delight. Naruto smiled towards her with an even bigger smile than with the Uchiha, to the point where his eyes were closed and he didn't realize that her attention was not on him but his other student.

"And the final member is Inuzuka Kiba" After Iruka had read the final name Naruto, just as with the other two, looked towards Kiba with a smile that could rival that of a certain youthful Jounin. Kiba was still in disbelief about this whole situation and just looked back with a blank stare. Naruto truly was happy at what was unfolding.

Sure being a sensei came first. But he would be spending most of his time with this new team and was ecstatic about finally being around those from his own age group. After training they could hang around, go get something to eat or whatever else they wanted to do.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts he had not even noticed when the last team had been called and the class was dismissed to go with their new senseis. Had it not been for the fact that he was a Jounin he wouldn't have noticed his new students heading toward him. He also noticed that this room was much to crowded to have a real conversation in so he turned to his team and quite cheerfully said.

"This room's no good. Meet me on the roof." And with a burst of smoke the clone was gone without a trace. The three Genin looked at each other, shrugged and headed out of the room and up the stairs. Sasuke was the first to open the door to the roof followed, rather closely, by Sakura and Kiba lagging behind both.

They found their sensei with his back against the rail still wearing the same smile he had the entire time in class. They took a seat on the small set of stairs leading towards him. "Well this is a much better place to meet our new teammates than that crowded classroom right?

First things first, do any of you have any questions you would like answered. I, being your new sensei will be happy to answer them." Sakura apprehensively rose her hand. "Alright, what you need an answer to?"

"Ano...well…are you really our sensei?"

"Of course I am, Iruka said so himself right? I know I may be seem a bit young for a Jounin but don't worry about that. Now the next thing we need to do is-"

"Alright, you can call yourself a Jounin all you want but I know good and well a gaki like you is no Jounin." Kiba's remark was a low blow to Naruto. "I got enough adults calling me short the last thing I need is this guy doing it." Naruto soon lost the smile and was just staring at Kiba clearly showing he didn't exactly enjoy that remark.

"Ah what's the matter? What happened to that smile of your's Gaki-Sensei? I didn't hurt your feelings did I?" Naruto's smile returned though it didn't seem friendly. It actually made the three of them a bit uneasy.

"Not at all Kiba. I'm just fine." "Oh I can't wait for tomorrow." The normal smile returned and he continued from where he was cut off. "As I was saying the next thing we should do is tell every one a little bit about ourselves. I'll go ahead and start.

My name is Namikaze Naruto. My likes include ramen, especially ramen from Ichiraku's, training, and going to the bar in south district, I only drink when I'm really stressed out but I mostly go because a lot of my friends go there. My dislikes ar-"

"Okay Gaki-sensei even if you are a Jounin you're still too young to drink."

'sigh' "You really like interrupting me don't you?" "Now I know how Ero-cyclops(guess who) feels. Maybe I should stop calling him that." "Yes Kiba the age to legally consume alcohol is 21 but upon turning chunin you no longer have age restrictions as you have the chance of dieing at any time. Especially me."

"What do you mean especially you?"

"I'll save that for another time. Now where was I? Oh yeah. My dislikes include the three minutes you have to wait when cooking ramen yourself, and anyone that tries to harm my comrades. My hobbies include tasting different types of ramen along with learning new jutsu." The genin sweat-dropped at his statement about himself. He may like ramen a little too much.

"My dream for the future is to become the Hokage so I can protect this village and earn everyone's respect. Alright Sakura now it's your turn."

"Okay. My name's Haruno Sakura. My likes are-'looks at sasuke and giggles'-my dreams for the future-'repeats the process with even louder giggling'-and my hobby is taking walks through the park and admiring the scenery."

"Okay then." "Well at least she has a normal hobby." "Okay Kiba, now you go."

"The name's Inuzuka Kiba. My likes include taking walks and training with my dog Akamaru, who you'll have to meet later because this dang school won't allow him to be here. My dislikes include cats, any kind of vegetable, and collars."

"Alright good job. Sasuke please tell us a little about yourself."

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke. I don't have any likes or dislike worth mentioning. I don't have a dream, I have an ambition. And that is to restore my clan to it's rightful glory and to kill... a certain someone." Sasuke noticed that after saying this Naruto's smile was once again lost and was now replaced by a look of utter sadness and what seemed to be regret.

His eyes went away from Sasuke's and to the ground. Sasuke himself figured this guy knew about what happened being a Jounin and all. Sakura and Kiba wore faces of confusion at the situation though both could tell that asking about it would probably just worsen whatever was going on.

"R-right... we'll just learn more about you later. Or rather tomorrow. I got to go fill out some more paperwork. Meet me at training ground seven at six tomorrow morning." The now frowning Naruto started to leave but quickly realized he almost forgot to do what Kakashi had always done.

"Oh and make sure you skip breakfast, unless of course you enjoy throwing up." And in a puff of smoke the young Jounin was gone and his new team left to themselves.

Later that night around Eleven Kurenai, Asuma, Kakashi, and Gai were making their way toward their favorite bar discussing all that had happened today. Kurenai, Asuma and Kakashi had gotten their Genin teams and Gai was telling them that no matter what, his team would be on top.

"So you see Kakashi it doesn't matter if you pass your team or not my youthful students will be the best no matter what."

"Huh, did you say something?"

"Ahhh! There you go with that hip and cool attitude of yours!"

"...Right. So Asuma, Kurenai what do you think of your teams? Mine seemed like the usual failing bunch."

"My team seems very promising. They're the kids of the Ino-Shika-Chou trio."

"Mine seems good as well. I've got the heiress to the Hyuuga clan, the heir to the Aburame clan, and one from a civilian family that's showing a lot of promise."

"I've also heard that our youthful friend Naruto got a team. Is this true?"

"Yeah I talked to him while we were there. Though I haven't seen him since then. I tried to call and ask if he wanted to come with us but I couldn't contact him." The four made it to their destination and filed in through the door. Upon examing the room they spot a familiar blonde sitting up at the bar, a purple haired woman sitting next to him with her arm around him and her head on his shoulder.

They walked up to talk to them, and find out what Anko was trying to do, but when they got there they noticed eight glasses turned upside down on the bar and a ninth in Naruto's hand. Naruto doesn't drink this much unless there is something seriously wrong. "Anko, what happened to him?" Anko looked up with a look of sadness.

"I don't know, he won't say." Anko rubbed her hand consolingly along Naruto's back. "Naruto-kun please tell me what's wrong, you haven't been this sad since Itachi left the village." Naruto visibly flinched at this. That was a sore subject with Naruto. Nobody knew why. The guy didn't even know Itachi. Naruto downed his drink and set it upon the counter.

"Give me another." Anko couldn't stand Naruto feeling this way. The two had become very close over the years. People who didn't know them often made the mistake they were siblings.

"Naruto-kun no, you've had enough. Can you at least stop for my sake."

"...Yeah...sure." A small smile of relief showed on Anko's face. "Um Anko-chan? Could I stay with you for tonight? It'd help if I had someone to sleep next to instead of by myself."

"Of course you can. Now come on let's get you to bed." And with that the two left. Leaving the four others behind filled with sorrow over their young friend.