Chapter 3: Massacre and Sacrifice

Naruto was walking towards his destination with a sad look in his eyes. He had many missions before. But none like this. Kill off an entire clan? He gripped the sword left to him by his father. It was the only comforting thing he had on missions. He didn't want to do this but it was for the greater good. If the Uchiha launched an attack the Leaf village would be weakened no matter who won.

Only Kame knows what would happen if the balance of power held between the five great nations tipped in that direction. More than likely another Great War with the Leaf right in the middle of it. That was the last thing he wanted to happen. He hoped they would follow the Third's advice. Negotiation.

If they wouldn't agree to talk this out, his hands would be seeing blood tonight. A lot of it. Even more than when he earned the name Crimson Death. Naruto hated that name. It did nothing but remind him of how he lost control over the Fox's power. He just prayed it didn't happen tonight. He would do his best to give them a painless death. Though it's a different story entirely if he loses himself to that chakra.

He put on his ANBU mask as he neared his destination, as there was no way they would take a seven year old seriously. As he reached the center of the complex several of the Uchiha started to come out eyeing him warily. The head of the clan stepped out, Uchiha Fugaku. He looked at the rather short ANBU for quite a while before speaking.

"What can I help you with ANBU-san? Are you looking for Itachi? If so good luck, I don't know where he went off to." Since he was the informant Itachi had been told to stay away from the compound. He and his younger brother Sasuke were the only ones not part of the plan to take over and so they were both being kept away. Sasuke's academy class was conveniently having a late night teaching session.

"No, I am not here for Itachi-san. I'm here to ask for negotiation."

"Negotiation for what?"

"Don't act innocent. We know all about your plan. Now please, you can talk this out with Hokage-sama. There's no need for violence." Fugaku only hardened his glare.

"How did you find out? Itachi wasn't it?" Naruto nodded. "So my son is a traitor to his clan? I'll make sure he gets his punishment once this village is ours. Sorry ANBU-san. There will be no talking anything out."

"This is your last chance. Negotiate, or I will have to eliminate you." He unsheathed his sword.

"You? You think one ANBU can take on the entire Uchiha clan? The Hokage is getting foolish in his old age. Sharingan!" He looked Naruto straight in the eyes. "You came in to fight Uchiha and yet you looked me straight in the eyes. You're the lowliest ANBU I've ever met." Though the eyes behind the mask quickly changed color. The red matching his opponent. Fugaku got scared, and fast. He hasn't felt this frightened since the Kyuubi attack.

Those eyes reminded him so much of the Fox he thought the thing had come back to life in a human form. He couldn't even move. The great Sharingan was reversed entirely. Naruto wasted no time. He ran up and with a well placed slice, the man was no more. He fell straight to the ground. Naruto rose his sword and spoke so calm it was as if nothing even happened.

"Who else wants to take me one on one?" Apparently nobody. They all got up and attacked, sixty one on one.

"Careful the Sharingan won't work on him!" They attacked and Naruto quite easily dodged, countering every now and then sending them down one after the other. These guy's depended on their sharingan far too much. That was one reason Itachi was so much stronger than the rest of his clan. He didn't just work all day with the sharingan. He had actual skill andthe sharingan.

It didn't take long and the Uchiha realized that even though their hypnotic eye wouldn't work on him that didn't mean they could not use the piercing eye. Their attacks didn't change too much, but now they could keep up with his counters and soon Naruto found himself able to hit not one opponent. They saw his attacks coming a mile away. It was only a matter of time before he tired out. Just as Danzou planned. As soon as Naruto got hit hard enough the Fox would take care of the rest.

It took about ten minutes. A sword went straight for his heart and he knew he couldn't dodge it. The young ANBU prayed. Not for himself, but for this clan. He knew what would happen as soon as he received the mortal blow. It wasn't going to be pretty. This assassination was about to turn massacre. The sword went straight through him and was remove just as quickly. First he fell to his knees, then to the ground.

The Uchiha's dropped their weapons and turned to their fallen brethren. They could only think of one thing. Avenging their family. They would attack the village tonight. They turned to prepare when suddenly ten of them were engulfed by a huge fire. The ones not in the flame were wincing from the heat. They were the masters of fire but this heat was more than even they could create.

The flames died down and when they were gone all that was left were ten charred skeletons, still standing. The Uchiha were speechless. A fire so intense it can burn down to the bone in mere seconds? They had heard of this jutsu and the one who used it.

Konoha's Crimson Death, rightfully named. The bright crimson flames were probably the last thing the poor souls saw of this world. They turned to where the ANBU had been killed, only to see him standing up with his arm stretched out and his palm open. Had he not been wearing a mask they would have seen the most disturbing smile since Orochimaru. The imposing figure spoke in a voice that sent chills up their spines.

"Now It's time for the real fun to begin." After that Naruto did not use the flames, perfectly content with ripping them apart sometimes with claws, sometimes with fangs. The taste of blood only intensifying the fox's influence. After about ten minutes the once proud clan was no more.

Naruto started to regain himself and looked around and if he had not been ANBU for an entire year he would have puked. He had never seen so much blood. Bodies were strewn everywhere, some were cut to pieces. He looked down at his hands. More blood. He noticed he had a strong taste of metal in his mouth. He knew what it was. He clutched his sword tightly letting the tears flow.

"Mission…complete." He sat there for about a quarter hour when he heard someone walking up to him. He looked up. "Itachi-san? I, I'm, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. I-"

"It's alright Naruto. You did what needed to be done."

"I did it the wrong way. The pain I must have put them through…"

"Naruto, you did nothing wrong. You protected your village. Be proud of that." Naruto looked around.

"I can't be proud of this. Why do people want to fight? Why can't we just live in peace?"

"That is a question I can not answer. Naruto I have a favor to ask of you."

"Sure. What?"

"Let me take the blame for this." Naruto was, to simply put it, shocked.

"Let you take the blame? Why would you want to be blamed for this?"

"Naruto, do you know the truth about your father? About what happened during the Kyuubi attack?"

"What do you mean? He sealed it into me sacrificing his life to do so. But how do you know about that? The Third told everyone he killed it."

"I'm one of the few who know the truth. Something you don't even know."

"Alright you're just confusing me."

"The Fourth didn't defend this village during the attack. He was on the Kyuubi's side."

"What? What do you mean he was on Kyuubi's side."

"He attacked this village along with the Fox in hopes of becoming the only one in charge. No council. No advisors. Just him. He wanted complete control of this village and he didn't care how he went about it." Naruto just sat there as if he had been paralyzed.

"What really happened is the Third killed your father and sealed the fox into you sacrificing the Fourth's soul. The lie was made for the same reason we never told anyone about the fox being sealed inside of you. To keep the villagers from trying to kill you. Now tell me, how does that make you feel?"

"He helped the Fox attack? He's the one who killed all those people?"

"Yes, now how does that make you feel?"

"I, I can't even describe it. I've never felt this betrayed. Ever. I can't believe he actually did that."

"Good because he didn't." Naruto's face almost made Itachi smirk. Almost.


"Your father didn't attack the village. Everything Hokage-sama told you is true. Your father saved this village."

"Then why did you tell me something like that."

"To help you understand why I want to be the one held responsible for this." Itachi saw that Naruto was confused so he decided to elaborate. "When I told you that your father, a man you've looked up to as a hero you're entire life, tried to take over the village not even caring for the lives that would be lost your whole world was shattered. Though it was just a lie.

When Sasuke is told his entire family tried to do that, it won't be a lie. Nothing but the truth. That's why I want to do this. I would rather Sasuke believe he has one evil brother, rather than know the truth behind this whole matter." Naruto sat there and contemplated the matter for a while.

"I understand. You sure about this? What am I going to tell Hokage-sama?"

"Don't worry I have a plan that will make everyone believe it was me. Just go tell the Hokage you completed your mission. I'll take care of the rest."

"And you're absolutely sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, now go. Sasuke will be getting here any minute. He doesn't need to see you here." And with that the blond jumped off to tell the Hokage that he had completed his mission."

The next day Sasuke woke up in the hospital and when the doctor's asked what happened he told them about Itachi. The Hokage had kept Naruto's mission a secret and because of that everyone believed what Sasuke told them. After all, Itachi was indeed gone. And seemingly no one else knew anything about it.