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Pen Name: tutriceange
: Drunken Mistake?
Book/Written Work: "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin
Summary: Alice is celebrating her thirtieth birthday at a party thrown for her by her best friend. However, she's not really in a celebratory mood. She finds comfort and more from an old friend who also happens to be engaged to her best friend.
Word Count: 4179

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A/N: Hello everyone! I'm writing this story in response to the "Off the Page" contest. I really loved the book this is loosely based off of and I suggest you read it. Emily Giffin is absolutely amazing! This is a Jasper/Alice fic and I really hope you all like it. Don't forget to review!

Alice Brandon stared up at the bar where her best friend Rosalie was dancing on top of. Alice had known Rosalie all her life and they've been best friends since Kindergarten. They've been practically inseparable ever since. They went to the same grade school, the same high school, and the same area for college.

Alice sighed, taking another sip of her Cosmo. It was already her fifth, but who was she to care? She was supposed to be celebrating—and she was using that term loosely.

My thirtieth birthday. Awesome. Some fucking milestone. I'm thirty, single, have only a few close friends, oh, and I'm alone. What a life. Alice thought sarcastically before downing the rest of her drink. She signaled to the bartender to get her another one.

Alice glanced around at all the people at her party. She knew three people: Rosalie, Jasper, and Jasper's best friend, Mike. Her other really good friends, Bella and Edward, weren't able to make it. The rest of the people, about one hundred or so, were here for Rosalie. She always loved—needed to be the center of attention, which is why she planned this enormous party. It was just another chance for her to have all eyes on her. No, I shouldn't be thinking that way about her; I've let her get away with it since we were kids. It's my own fault she acts like this all the time.

Alice sighed and began playing with the straw she placed in her drink. Rosalie had always been drop dead gorgeous and had guys fawning over her all the time. Alice was always just Rosalie's plain friend Alice. No guy ever paid attention to her with Rosalie around. That's why she wasn't shocked when Jasper ended up asking Rosalie out shortly after meeting her.

Jasper was Alice's best friend in college. They both went to a media college, majoring in art. She was more into watercolors and sketches, whereas Jasper was into full out paintings and portraits. They had a lot of classes together and ended up doing a lot of studying together.

However, Alice was used to people, guys in particular, passing her over so they could be with Rosalie. That's the reason she finally let Rosalie meet Jasper. Alice hadn't wanted Rosalie to meet Jasper because she liked having one thing to herself—something she didn't have to share with Rosalie or give up to her. Rosalie ended up persuading Alice to meet Jasper and a few weeks later, the inevitable happened, Jasper asked Rosalie out on a date. They looked like the perfect couple, Rosalie with her tanned skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes, and Jasper with his tall, pale body, with deep blue eyes surrounded by a mane of blonde hair.

There's no use dwelling on it. If you wanted something to happen with Jasper, you should have made a move before you introduced him to Rosalie. Although, then it would have hurt worse when he finally did meet Rosalie. He would have ended up leaving you for her. They always do. You did yourself a favor, Alice mentally fought with herself. Besides, even if I had done something, it's not like he would have chosen me. I'm way too short and have an awkward shade of green eyes—somewhere between brown and green. I also have short, spiked black hair that never seems to fall right. Oh, and I don't have any type of curves or a toned body. There's no way I could have ever competed with Rosalie.

Alice groaned and took another sip of her drink. This was really turning into a horrible night.

"Alice," Rosalie slurred as she threw her arms around Alice. Alice put her arms around Rosalie but said nothing, knowing Rosalie was still going to still talk. "Alice, I can't believe you're thirty! You're fucking thirty! You're getting so old…and you're still single." Rosalie took her arms away from Alice and slumped awkwardly into a barstool next to Alice. "I'm so glad I don't have to worry about turning thirty for a few more months! It's so nice to still be able to say I'm in my twenties, have a stable job, and the most amazing fiancé ever!"

Alice grimaced. "Yeah, you're so lucky you have everything all figured out." God damn it! Could Rosalie be any more fucking conceited? Thanks for making me feel like shit and rubbing your fucking perfect life in my face. Alice didn't say anything more to Rosalie, afraid that she would crack if she spoke one more word. Rosalie always had a knack for turning everything around until it's about her. And she always likes to subtly, and not so subtly, point out all of Alice's faults and the way her life was better than Alice's. Alice's eyes teared up on their own accord as Rosalie's words truly sunk in. Alice hadn't been extremely happy tonight, but having your so called best friend make you feel like shit doesn't help brighten your mood.

Alice drained her drink before setting it back on the counter. Rosalie had already wandered off to find someone else to talk to. Alice quickly walked outside and lowered herself onto the ground. She pulled her knees to her chest and cried.

Alice wasn't sure how long she cried for, but she heard familiar voices which brought her out of her trance.

"Jasper, I don't want to leave," Rosalie whined. "You always ruin all my fun!" Rosalie pouted. This is so stupid. I orchestrated the entire party and now my fiancé wants to kick me out? Because I'm too drunk? That is such crap, Rosalie thought to herself.

Jasper sighed. He hated when Rosalie always acted like this. "Rosalie, just get in the cab and go home. You're completely trashed."

Rosalie glared at him. "I can be drunk if I want to. It's my fucking party!" Rosalie all but screamed at him.

Jasper stared at her. He always knew Rosalie was self-centered, but she was always more so when she was drunk. "Rosalie," he started sternly. "This is not your party. It's Alice's birthday party. Do not make this all about you. Have you even talked to her at all tonight? Or have you been too absorbed in your own wants that you completely neglected your friend at her birthday party?" Jasper questioned.

Alice watched from her position on the ground, her mouth hanging open in shock. Jasper just defended me against Rosalie. Holy shit.

Rosalie stared at Jasper. "I have talked to my best friend, thank you very much. And she was completely enjoying herself." With that, she just huffed and got into the cab. "Don't bother coming home tonight," Rosalie yelled right before the cab rode away.

Jasper ran his hands through his hair, a sign of his frustration. He'd been doing that as long as he could remember. Jasper growled in frustration before turning around and walking inside. However, he turned his head and his eyes locked on Alice.

"Alice?" Jasper asked as he quickly made his way to her. My God, she's shivering, he thought as he pulled off his jacket. He gently wrapped the jacket around Alice, hoping to warm her up. "How long have you been out here?"

Alice looked up at him and he had to fight the urge to wipe the tears from her face. Her cheeks were tearstained and her eyes were bloodshot and puffy. He wanted to know what had upset her so much and make it go away.

"I'm not entirely sure," Alice said quietly with a confused expression on her face. How long have I been out here? Well, I guess I came out here after Rosalie made me feel like shit.

Jasper looked at her, concern radiating off him. He's always cared for Alice, probably more than he should, but he couldn't help it. Alice has always been a soft spot for him. "Alice," he said softly, "What's wrong?"

Alice couldn't stop the hysterical laugh that bubbled from within her. "Wrong? Is there anything right?" Jasper looked confused and slightly unnerved at her reaction. Alice continued, "Let's see. I'm thirty, single and alone. I'm stuck at a dead end job where I'm not even able to do what I love to do. There's this party for me where I know almost no one. Oh yeah, and my best friend told me that I'm old and single and that her life is so much better than mine. Oh, and she also made tonight all about her. I shouldn't be surprised—it's always about Rosalie," Alice finished her rant, but didn't look back at Jasper. She's just insulted his fiancé for God's sake.

Jasper surprised Alice by sitting down next to her and pulling her into a hug. "Alice, I'm so sorry," he whispered gently. He hated seeing Alice upset. She's always been strong, so it's almost scary to see her break down.

At Jasper's words and actions, Alice let the rest of her defenses fall. She threw her arms around his neck and cried into his chest. She cried for everything. It reminded her of past times, back in college. They used to stay up studying together and eventually Alice would fall asleep against Jasper. Whenever she woke up, she'd be positioned more comfortably with his arms around her. It was at those times, these times, she felt like he could feel something more than just friendship toward her.

Jasper whispered words of comfort to her, gently rubbing her back. "Alice, do you want me to take you home?"

Alice nodded against him and pulled herself away. She wiped at her eyes and tried to calm herself down. Crying was useless—it didn't help anything. She got up and faced Jasper who had already gotten up. She gave him a half-hearted smile. "Sorry for losing it, Jasper. But thanks for listening." Alice sighed, "I'm just going to go back home and have a night in."

Alice walked away and began trying to hail a cab while Jasper just watched her. She got one to stop and opened the door. Before getting in, she turned to Jasper and said, "Thanks again, Jasper. It means a lot to me that you were there for me tonight."

Jasper crossed to her in two steps and grabbed her wrist gently. "I can't honestly let you go alone. It's your birthday; you shouldn't have to be by yourself." He slid into the cab next to her and took her hand. He told the driver where Alice's apartment was and then remained quiet as the driver took off.

Alice was just staring at Jasper, unsure what to think. She was incredibly glad that he was coming with her, but another part of her was nervous. She wasn't sure what to expect. They hadn't really been close in a while—not since Rosalie sunk her claws in him. Alice, stop thinking like that. She's your best friend. However, it was true. Rosalie hated that they were close so she subtly tried to pry them apart. I noticed but I doubt Jasper did. Guys tend to wear blinders when it comes to Rosalie. They never saw her faults; they were overwhelmed by her beauty. Like that would ever happen to me.

Jasper watched Alice the whole cab ride. She looked back at him, but would look away. Her face and eyes looked confused and troubled. He took their intertwined hands and brought them to his lap, gently closing his free hand over them. He wanted her to feel protected, safe. It reminded him of the times of when it was just the two of them.

Once they reached Alice's apartment, Jasper got out first and paid the driver. Alice started to complain, but he just took her hand and led her up to her apartment.

Alice just followed Jasper like a puppy. She let him lead her wherever he wanted. In her mind, she pretended she was back in college and she and Jasper were just going to hang out.

They walked inside Alice's apartment and she locked it behind her. She hates leaving the door unlocked, especially since she lives alone and in New York City.

Jasper walked up to Alice and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his chest. "Happy Birthday, Alice," he whispered gently to her.

Alice wrapped her arms around his waist and melted into him. He always had a way of calming her down. She smiled into him when he said that. "Thanks, Jasper." This was the only birthday wish she was truly thankful for; it was the only one that seemed genuine.

Alice tried to pull away, but he only tightened his grip around her. He lowered his head to her hair, breathing in her scent. He sighed, "I miss this…us," he said softly.

Alice clung to him, trying to show him how much she missed him too. "I wish things would have turned out differently," Alice whispered so quietly, Jasper had to strain to hear her.

You have no idea how often I've thought of that, Jasper thought sadly to himself. Without thinking, he leaned down and kissed her cheek.

Alice looked up at him and her gorgeous green eyes bore into him. He couldn't stop himself; he leaned down, gingerly touching his lips to hers. Holy shit. I'm kissing Alice. He didn't allow himself to think about it much more than that; he didn't want to feel guilty—not now, not yet. He had wanted this for so long.

He placed a hand on her cheek, gently caressing it as he pressed his lips on hers. She tasted amazing and he felt intoxicated from her. He pressed a hand to the small of her back, pushing her closer to him.

Alice wrapped her arms tighter around him. She ran her tongue along his lower lip and felt him groan as he opened his mouth for her. Tasting him was absolutely amazing. She pushed her tongue further into his mouth; she wanted him. All of him.

Jasper moaned when she began to kiss him more passionately. He was rock hark, just from kissing her. Fuck, I want her. Jasper pulled his coat off Alice's slender body while Alice fumbled with his shirt. He had to smile at her. She was trying to get his shirt off without moving away from him.

Alice finally got his shirt off and stared at his bare chest. Oh my God. Alice ran her hands up and down his arms as she took in his muscular arms, chiseled chest, and toned abs. She's seen him without a shirt before, but never had a chance to…appreciate it. She lightly trailed her fingers down his chest until they reached his waistband. She smiled as she felt him shiver under her touch.

She brought her eyes back to his and saw the lust, passion, and desire burning in his eyes. She reached up to him, taking his lips firmly with hers. He moaned into her mouth as his hands roamed her body. She shuddered with delight at the feel of those slender fingers.

Jasper trailed his hands up her back, feeling for the zipper of her dress. He gripped it and pulled it down, never breaking their kiss. Her lips were so warm, so soft, so full; they molded perfectly against his own. He gently brought his hands up to her shoulders, pushing the straps of her dress down. The dress fell to her ankles and she had to break away from him to step out of it.

Jasper's breath caught in his throat when he saw her standing before him. So fucking sexy, he thought greedily. Her full breasts barely contained in her lacy black bra and she was wearing panties that barely covered her. He didn't just want her anymore; he needed her.

He launched himself at her, capturing her lips in a fiery kiss. Alice greedily clung to him, forcing their bodies, mouths closer.

Jasper broke away from her mouth and trailed kisses along her jaw and neck. He heard her moan and his erection grew even harder. Alice must have felt it because she was tugging on his belt and pants, yanking them down.

Jasper neatly stepped out of them before leaving trails of kisses over Alice, anywhere he could reach. He moaned when Alice's little hand went into his boxers and gripped him, hard. She had a tight grip on him but she stroked slowly, painfully slowly. He whimpered and began pushing her towards the bed.

Alice realized what Jasper was doing and flipped their positions—she was now pushing him toward the bed. He had stopped kissing her and was gazing into her eyes when his knees reached the edge of the bed. She gave him a hard push and watched as he fell down onto the bed. She nearly dove on top of him, peppering his chest, neck, and jaw with kisses. She attacked his mouth again and straddled him, placing one knee on each side of him.

Jasper groaned into her mouth when he felt Alice's warmth settling on his erection. He shifted his hips, creating friction and heard Alice take a quick intake of breath. He continued bucking his hips, enjoying the feeling as much as Alice. He trailed his hands onto her back, finding her bra clasp. He successfully undid it and pulled her bra off, discarding it near the other pile of clothes.

Jasper broke away from the kiss so he could take in Alice's body. His hands gently grazed over her breaths, causing Alice to sigh. He palmed her breasts, kneading them gently. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples and felt himself moan at Alice's reaction. Her eyes fluttered closed and gasped in surprise before moaning and allowing her head to fall back.

Alice couldn't stop, nor did she want to stop the euphoria she was feeling. Jasper was still fondling her breasts while sliding his hips, causing him to constantly be rubbing against her clit. The mixture of the two was unbelievably arousing. Fucking Christ, those hands…his hands, Alice thought as Jasper pinched and rubbed her nipples. At that moment, she lost all control. She reared down, capturing his lips with hers. She pressed her bare chest against his and laced her hands in her hair, trying to pull their bodies and mouths closer.

Jasper let out a deep throaty moan when he felt Alice shift over him, causing her to press down harder on him. She was moving slowly but he could feel her heat and wetness through her panties; that was driving him wild. In a swift motion, he reversed their positions. He tore his lips from her mouth greedily tasting the rest of her body: neck, chest, stomach, and face. He lavishly placed opened mouth kisses on her breasts. He placed his mouth over her nipple and sucked on it.

Alice thrust her chest toward him, gently trying to urge his head closer. Jasper reached his hand down and ran his fingers along her heat before coming and rubbing her sensitive area. He sucked on her other breast as he continued to rub her clit.

Alice moaned and shuddered from immense pleasure. The combination of the two caused Jasper to moan and tear off her panties. Jasper moved his fingers down to her entrance and slowly slid one finger into her. She gasped and breathed out, "Jasper."

Jasper couldn't get enough of the woman in front of him, and his heart soared when she whispered his name. He slid another finger into her, pumping them both in and out. He trailed kisses down her stomach, wanting to give her as much pleasure as he could. He looked up at Alice. She was so fucking sexy but also stunningly beautiful. Her eyes were closed and her tongue ran across her bottom lips before biting down on that lip. Jasper lowered his mouth to her heat and began running his tongue all over her. He heard Alice moan his name and her breathing increase until she was panting. Her muscles tensed and the walls around his fingers condensed. Alice let out a strangled cry while saying his name again. Jasper pulled his fingers out of her and trailed kisses back to her neck.

Alice was still reeling from her orgasm. She's never had one like that before. It was time to return the favor. She reached one hand up to pull his face up to hers. She kissed him passionately while her free hand trailed down along his stomach. She reached into his boxers and wrapped her hand around him. She felt him stiffen as she started stroking him.

Jasper moaned into Alice's mouth as her little hand ran up and down his length. She started going faster and he felt his breathing quicken.

Alice kissed Jasper's neck and chest as she continued to stroke him. She heard a gasp come from Jasper and quickly stopped. She ran her tongue and mouth down his chest to his stomach. She placed kisses along his waistband and felt him shudder. She peeled his boxers from his body and took in the sight before her. Jasper was so fucking gorgeous and muscular. She started kissing lower as she reached her hand and held his erection in his hand. She ran her tongue along his length before taking him into her mouth. She heard Jasper groan as she moved her mouth up and down him, lightly trailing her teeth along him.

Jasper twitched in pleasure, unable to control his movements as he let Alice give him whatever she was willing to give him. He laced his fingers through her hair, gently running his hands through it. He felt his release beginning to rise, the pit of his stomach rolling as his breathing was a mix of groans, moans, panting, and "Alice's."

As quickly as she started, she stopped. She skimmed her body over his as she placed one lingering kiss below his ear. "I want you, Jasper," she whispered huskily.

That was all it took for Jasper to lose control. He flipped her over so he could hover over her. He hungrily pressed his lips to hers, wanting to taste everything he could. While they were kissing, Alice reached over to her nightstand and pulled out a condom.

Jasper broke away from Alice as he felt her touching his length. He felt her rolling on the condom and nearly moaned. He kissed her when she was done before asking, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Please don't say no, he pleaded silently. Alice just nodded and smiled at him. Jasper gently eased into her, feeling her walls clamp down around him. He groaned and began thrusting into her.

Alice moaned as Jasper filed her. She felt herself begin building toward her climax as he thrust into her. She reached for his hand, intertwining their fingers. She needed that connection with him. She began thrusting her hips toward him so they would meet in the middle. She heard him moan her name and smiled in delight.

Jasper was half-blind out of pure bliss as he thrust harder into her. He brought his free hand to rub against her clit. Alice half-moaned, half-cried out as he rubbed faster. His own release was building and he wasn't sure how much longer he would last.

Alice's climax was fast approaching, her pants were whimpers now. Her stomach was clamping down and she felt all her muscles tightening. "Jasper!" She shrieked as she reached her peak.

Jasper moaned as he felt Alice's walls clamp down tighter around him. Between that, how close he was, and Alice constantly saying his name, he was a goner. With a strangled, "Alice," he let himself go. He rode out his orgasm, enjoying how amazing it was. He splayed his body over Alice's, his ear pressed against her chest so he could hear her heart beating erratically, much like his own.

Alice smiled and ran her fingers through Jasper's hair, willing this moment to last forever. But, of course, all good things must come to an end.

Jasper sat up and went to discard the used condom and wash up. He came back and saw Alice curled up on her side with her eyes closed. He knew what just happened was wrong, but he couldn't bring himself to care. He crawled into bed with Alice, pulling the blankets over them. Alice hadn't surfaced, so he assumed she was spent. He snuggled next to her, molding his body around hers. He draped an arm tightly across her waist. He didn't want to face tomorrow. He wanted to stay right here, with Alice, forever. With that thought, he followed her into sleep.

Alice surfaced the next morning around eight, which was unusually early for her. She noticed Jasper in bed with her, his arms around her protectively. She saw all the discarded clothes and condom wrapper and felt her stomach drop.

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