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A cold silence hung over a world gripped by relentless darkness, a darkness that would never be pierced by a ray of light, or the pink of dawn. Where everything hung suspended, where time never turned, and moments never past. In this pressing darkness, there was a ray of hope, kept alive by those who dared to dream. A small ray of hope that not even the darkness could crush. However, without any action taken, this dream could never be fulfilled.

Absol raced across the rough terrain, ignoring the pain that stung his feet, he let out a gasp of pain as he wrenched one of his claws on the right forepaw. But he couldn't stop now, if he lost this race, everything would be lost. He swerved sharply to avoid a floating boulder, suspended in place by the freeze of time. Sableye approached at alarming speeds behind Absol and would soon overtake him if he didn't pick up the pace. Now pounding the ground at full speed, he panted for breath, skidding to a stop as he saw a familiar cracked rock. Hurdling himself at the crack, Absol's jaw lost its grip on a brown age spotted scroll that flew from his teeth off the edge of the weathered, gray cliff. No! He tried to shout but landed face first into a cave hidden by the frozen, stiff plants in front of the entry crack. Forcing himself to stop gasping for breath like a rusty teakettle, Absol pressed his body against the walls of the tiny cave, listening for any sounds that his pursuers had followed.

"Did you get it?" The hopeful, whispered question made Absol jump, his head colliding painfully with the rock ceiling.

"No, I dropped it along the way," said Absol with bitter regret that he hadn't dived off the cliff after it. The pokemon who had asked the question crawled out of the shadows of the deeper cave, a small green gecko-like pokemon.

"Treecko, I'm so sorry," Absol gasped, still regaining his breath, "maybe we can find it later." He said this positively, but with little hope, the crevice was miles deep and pitch black, they would probably never see it again.


Treecko stared into the black depths of the cliff, he couldn't even see the bottom. He sighed, all that work was for nothing if he and Absol could never see what was written on that scroll, they would have to search for it more when Absol woke up. Then Treecko froze, his body turning as still as a statue, footsteps were echoing up the worn path leading past the crevice. He ducked as four Sableye came into view.

"Did they get the scroll?" One of the Sableye, obviously the leader, asked the other three.

"Yes, Lord Dusknoir will not be pleased," Another one of the Sableye answered, "we must keep looking!" Treecko ducked behind a dull gray rock as the voices drew nearer, willing his rapid breathing to calm. The footsteps drew away and Treecko risked peeking out.

"There he is! Get the scroll!" The shout rang over the horizon and Treecko realized, too late, that one Sableye had stayed behind.

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