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I gripped the starstone tightly within my paw, unsure, exactly, of how to run with the gem, seeing as if I clenched it in my jaw I would probably get a seriously bad toothache, then get fried by electricity: you don't go around sticking starstones in your mouth. You just don't.

As it was, my paw was beginning to burn, the aroma of singed fur wafting around me. Though, in the circumstances, I would probably be forced to put the stone in my mouth, the toothache and electrocution not mattering at the moment. What was I to fear anyway? I can't get electrocuted.

I am the forty-fifth to be assigned the task of protecting the starstone, two others having been my brothers. They're dead. They both perished within the past week, leaving me to deal with the starstone. I am the youngest in my family. I'm also gifted with the ability to… never mind. That's not important. I am Jolteon. And, yeah, I'm also on the run for my life. But that's not important either.

I ducked deeper into the cave, dreading the sunrise that would come, revealing my whereabouts to the enemy, even in the dark, Sableye were good trackers and there was a pretty good chance that they could find me, even in this situation. But whatever happened, I couldn't let him get his hands on the starstone. That would be bad.

Eventually deciding that the cave couldn't really shelter me for that much longer, I climbed out; I needed to stay on the move.

As I ran north, light began to creep up, coloring the sky. Dawn was here, and that was never good. Although I couldn't imagine life without light, I lived mostly on the edge of everything, in the shadows. It's a wonder I haven't evolved into something darker. Though I was supposed to be "honored" with the task of guardianship over this stone, it has drastically changed my life, and not necessarily for the better. I couldn't trust anyone. But everything's worth it if the starstone stays safe. It holds control over space itself, not completely, of course, but enough that if it were in the hands of another I, we, the whole world, would be in trouble. I actually knew how to use the sacred treasure, but only in emergency, and certainly not to destroy anything. The starstone is a small embodiment of Palkia, the deity of space's, power, in other words, it's pretty devastating.

I live to stop that devastation from happening, I used to have other reasons, but they pale in comparison. A lot.

My paws began to ache, not being used to the rugged terrain, I had only sliced my back paw open on a sharp outcrop two days ago. But that, like almost everything else, didn't matter. Did I mention? I can also bend space, with the starstone of course. Cool, eh? But enough about my awesome power, my awesome energy was the important thing at this moment, and it was quickly fading, if the ghost pokemon caught up, I would need some to make a stand, I've never been skilled physically, I usually rely on my electrical power or other stuff, either way, it won't come to that.

I lay on the ground gasping after yet another training session, having failed utterly miserably. My father stood across from me, disapproval clearly written across his features. I couldn't do this.

"How can you expect to protect the starstone if you can not even guard yourself? Your brothers show much more promise in the area of physical combat!"

Wasn't that ironic? Yet here I was, and I still fail at fighting without using the powers of my element. I'm still alive. I had no strength at all as an eevee, unable yet to bend electricity to my will.

The stone glowed in front of me, shining with yellow light, a mystic wonder in itself. I placed a hesitant paw on it, slowly bringing it into contact. The results were immediate, almost immediately I could no longer see my brown fur, it flashed as bright as the stone had, a few seconds later the light died down but my feet were replaced by something different. I felt stronger, more capable, more…powerful.

All my family was dead, dead…or worse. I now lived alone, I didn't particularly welcome the feeling, but it was certainly more pleasant than what I had endured before. But I won't dwell on that.

I slowed my pace to a brisk walk, unable to keep up the flat out sprint that I had been maintaining the last few minutes. Looking behind me I could see no one, but I could sense a cold presence somewhere near.

Large beams of light began to illuminate the rocky plane, my heart filled with dread, the pokemon tracking me may have been ghost pokemon, but their type moved fleeter in the light. As the sun rose in my face, painting the orange color outwards, I sensed, once again, that something was wrong, but not a presence this time, this was a sudden change in the atmosphere.

A dark fog loomed on the horizon, extinguishing the light of the sunrise, spreading like a wildfire in dry brush, but where this fog past, it didn't look like anything, much less a fire, would ever move again.

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