A Night at the Cullen's A/n: ok this was an impulse story I thought just totally random tell me what you think and i might make it into a series.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything so don't sue me! Enjoy!

It was past midnight and nessie fell asleep in my arms she looked so angelic I didn't want to wake her. I put her in Edward's old room .she stirred but did not wake. I went to get her a blanket .when I came back Emmett, Rose, Alice, Edward, and Jasper were all sitting around frowning. I came down the stairs and went at Edward's side instantly.

"What's going on?"I asked

"We are bored Bella" Alice said with a pout on her face.

"What should we do?"Rosalie asked

. "Let's play a game!"Emmett boomed

"Oh like what!"Alice chimed in.

Everyone went into deep thought I looked around. Alice looked as if she was in deep concentration. I knew she looking in the future and she beamed at Emmett. Edward chuckled.

"Good idea Emmett!!"She exclaimed. Emmett looked smug Edward was still chuckling

"What?"I asked


"No we are not" I said calmly

"Yes we are "Emmett and Alice said together

I groaned everyone got up and sat in a circle. It was a circle of the most inhumanly people ever .Me then Emmett Jasper then Rose then Alice then Edward.

"Ok who first?"Emmett asked, and he turned to jasper, he put his index on his chin deep in thought.

I looked and rose looked bored, and Alice and looked paler then ever and Edward roared with laughter.

"Oh no…"jasper murmured. This can't be good. I thought

"Ok I dare you to take off your shirt and go in the middle of the woods and yell 'I AM TARZAN' so loud that the people in forks even hear you "he said surely

We all roared with laughter. Jasper looked at Emmett murderously for a moment then stood up and shrugged off his to show a very muscular body

"Why the shirt?"He asked honestly curious

"For my own enjoyment" he answered simply

"Yeah you just want to see ALLLLL of this "he called over his shoulder as he went out the door. We burst into laughter. Then we all were silent. Waiting. "I AM ….TAAAAAARZAN!!!"

Surely forks could here that .Hell Canada could hear that. We were rolling on the floor laughing when he walked in proudly and sat back down in his originally spot. When we were finally calmed down, probably by jasper. It Was Alice's turn she actually looked scared of Emmett so I decided to help her.

"I'll dare her time Emmett you need a break" I said. Alice relaxed .Emmett frown and slouched back.

"Ummm…"I thought. Knowing that she would know what the decision would be at that moment so I flipped through possibilities. And she looked confused so did Edward. My decision was made, Alice gasped in horror Edward was chuckling softly and mumbled 'like that's gonna happen'

"Oh it will "I said softly then more loudly "ok Alice obviously you know your dare. Chop, chop."I waved my hands encouraging her.

"What was it" jasper asked cautiously.

"You'll see "I said coolly and sat back. Waiting

"I hate you Bella!!How could you do this? To your own sister?" she called from the room upstairs

She came down the stairs frowning. I dared her to wear an outfit from the good will bag. Everyone was stunned in to silence. Suddenly Emmett's booming laugh filled the room.

"Looks good on you Alice" said Emmett She opened her mouth then closed and a she said was ''next'' and sat down obviously calmed down by jasper. Jasper was looking at Emmett and Alice was looking at me obviously looking for revenge. But who first? Then they turned to each other and whispered quickly then turned back to us looking mischievous.

"Ok this one is for the both of you guys…"Alice trailed off .Edward was choking with laughter I rolled my eyes. It can't be that bad, can it?

"We dare you two …. KISS!!" everyone was rolling with laughter even Edward and Rose. But Emmett and I were frozen.

"You know I actually do think vampires can have strokes. "She murmured quietly then more loudly "ok guys pucker up!"

We both growled, Alice and jasper and Alice stood

"ok we can do this the easy way are the hard way" jasper said wringing out his limbs I didn't budge I didn't even want to look at Emmett. Alice came behind me and took me by my shoulders and jasper took Emmett's. They were moving us together I sensed Emmett at least three inches away.

"1, 2…3"Alice said as our lips crashed together. Three seconds later they released us and we shoot back animatedly. Everyone was rolling with laughter. Emmett and I exchanged glances and charged toward jasper and Alice .we was shooting around the house. Eventually everyone was .we were literally bouncing off the damn walls!

"What is going on here?" esme's voice boom from the door way. We all paused. We were in a lot of trouble. "Party over" Emmett said "It was Emmett's fault he started it" everyone began blaming him. He was stunned into silence.

Esme shook her head and left the room" clean this up" she called over here shoulder. Magically everyone disappeared leaving only Emmett standing there dumb folded.

Emmett cursed.