"Halloween! Halloween!" Nessie jumped up and down in her vampire costume ,Emmett picked out.

"Emmett wasn't there anything else" I asked

"Oh c'mon tell me that's not funny" He exclaimed

"I can't believe he got to pick out the costumes!" Alice whinned.

"Sorry Alice we drew straws" Esme said.

"Yeah whatever" She muttered, she pouted.

"Can go now please?PLease?Please?" Nessie begged zooming around in her costume ,with her cape it looked like she was flying.

"OK yeah" Edward said " Alice you sure you don't want to come"

He was being polite, though she didn't deserve it. Childishlly she turned her head and torso away from us until we left.

Alice Pov

I got some of Rennesme's doll and dressed them up like are family and began playing.

"Hi i'm Edward,I'm a total stiff and no fun, Edward let's actraully have a good by listening to Alice, No, Bella that would completely horrid of me." I sighed it wasn't as fun without Jasper.


The bell rang , I was confused for a minute then I remembered that little human children run around ring peoples doorbells begging for candy.

I walked to the door and opened it.

"Trick-or-Treat!" AWWWW they looked so cute and inocent, with their angelic smiles.

"I'm sorry I don't have candy" I smiled , of cousre they'll understand they look like nice children.

But ,Oh, I was wrong their faces transformed to menancing frown that even made me jump back.

A little girl dressed in an angel costume step forward" Listen lady , Here's how it goes we smile and you give us candy , We can do this the easy way" She paused to step closer" Or the hard way"

"You think i'm afraid of you little brats?" I closed the door , then sat in the living room

The doorbell rang again , When I opened it they were still standing in the same positions.

"OK Lady we're going to cut you some slack this year,alright. Now we do take money orders" She smiled.

"Excuse me! I 'm not giving you money" I slammed the door fumming.

When the door rang again I rushed up to answer it to give them a piece of my mine.

When I opened it no was there . I stepped out looking around and saw nothing. I stepped out further and the door slammed shut behind me. I cursed . I went around back ,I had to go in human speed , Just in case the kids were still out Back door was wide open, I stepped and tried the lights. They were dead, I sighed. I heard shuffeling behind me I spun around and saw the children standing still and staring at me.

"Trick- Or -Treat"

I sighed in defeat

"Do you take checks?"