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Chapter 1 ~ The Unknown


Finally home. I had chosen my profession to save lives and in exchange, it felt as if I were sacrificing my sanity. Being the chief resident of the ER wasn't easy, as it was never meant to be, but that day in particular seemed to just take the cake. Surrounded by interns who didn't even look old enough to be out of high school yet, the nurses who were making not so subtle attempts to flirt with me, and then on top of it all, my best friend, Emmett, busting my balls about needing to get out and get laid. He and I had been friends since I was an intern myself and he was working his way through medical school as an orderly. He had eventually dropped out of med school and kept the job, and we had worked for many years together in the ER. And I had endured just as many years of him being on my ass about my lackluster sex life.

To be honest, I couldn't totally disagree with him. The last time I'd had sex was with Tanya six months ago before that relationship went up in smoke, just like the rest of them. Yet, even that had never been exceedingly gratifying; very routine and unadventurous. Beyond that, it was difficult to find a woman who would tolerate the long hours and my pager going off at all hours of the night, so I'd just given up entirely. However, I also didn't get off on random encounters, either. I needed a connection with a woman, and for that, Emmett called me soft.

I fell back onto my couch, enjoying the feel of finally sitting down somewhere other than my car and rested my head back. Reaching into the front pocket of my scrubs to grab my cigarettes, I heard a piece of paper crinkle and fall beside me. I picked it up and opened it, immediately seeing Emmett's handwriting and groaning.

Ed, seriously man. You're too uptight lately. If you're not gonna come out with the guys, at least try this out. Might ease you up a bit.

I glanced below the note to see a cybersex website written there and quickly crumpled it, casting it aside on the couch. Dammit Emmett, I groaned internally, tossing my pack of cigarettes on the table and opting for a shower instead.

As I stepped inside moments later, I tried to focus on the hot jets relaxing the muscles in my neck. But thoughts of that slip of paper kept creeping into my mind, and before I realized it, I was hard. Was I really that desperate?

It's been six months, my inner voice chanted in. Even your porn collection is getting lonely.

My porn collection. Courtesy of Emmett, of course. I knew I needed to get off, but porn just didn't do it for me. Even then, standing in the shower, rock hard and trying to picture the images in my head of writhing and moaning women as I was jerking off for some relief... nothing. I groaned in frustration and released my hand from my throbbing cock, trying to think of anything non-sexual I could possibly conjure. Football … Mom ... Emmett's mom … shit, wrong direction. Mrs. McCarty was hot, as much as I knew I should not have thought that way of my friend's mother. I gave up and just continued showering to get it over with.

When I had finally finished showering and grabbed my Corona from the kitchen, the crumbled piece of paper on the couch caught my eye as I passed on my way to check my email before I turned in. I am not that desperate, I said to myself as I grabbed my smokes and then settled down into the leather chair at my desk. I clicked on my email and lit a cigarette, and then began choking on the initial drag as I looked up to the first message.

Subject: Enlarge your manhood.

Have her screaming all night.

Damn spam filter failing on me again. That was exactly what I did not need to be thinking about. I was having enough trouble with what I already had, as it sent me another painful reminder of its presence.

"What the hell," I grumbled, setting my cigarette down in the ashtray and walking over to the couch before I could change my mind. I grabbed the ball of paper and sat back down at my desk, flattening it out before typing in the address.

"I'm going to kill you, Emmett," I muttered before hitting 'enter'.

Find partners for sex chat, webcam sex, phone sex. Sign up for free today!

"Shit, I can't believe I'm doing this," I said to myself as I dragged my cursor over to the 'Register Now!' link, and began filling in my information.

Choose a screenname

Ah, hell.

Well, those nurses and interns always comment on your eyes, that internal voice was encouraging me way too much for my liking.

"GreeneyedDoc," I read aloud as I typed it in, and clicked to check the availability. And naturally, it was taken… shit.

I read through the list of suggestions and finally ran across one that was easy to remember. As if I was ever planning to do it again; it was solely to get Emmett off my ass. Grneyeddoc1981.

I typed in a password and clicked submit, and just like that, I had officially become one of those guys; scouring the net to find pussy when there was none to be found locally. I began my search through the list of women, most of them mainly looking to chat. But some went into even more explicit detail. Mutual webcam masturbation is a major turn on for me. Watch me shove a 9" dildo up my….


Okay, that was definitely something I wanted to avoid. Maybe I needed to be more specific, even if it got deleted the following day.

28-year-old SWM, experimenting in something new. Fan fiction writer who tames lions in his spare time. Aspiring horticulturist, voted most likely to induce spontaneous ovulation by use of tongue.

Completely ridiculous bullshit, obviously. Who actually bought into that crap anyway? And then, a chat box suddenly appeared in the corner of my screen. BellaNova. Interesting.

BellaNova: Hey there.

I took a deep breath and brought my hands back to the keys. Here goes nothing.

Grneyeddoc1981: hi

BellaNova: Saw your profile. Nice… new to this too?

Grneyeddoc1981: that obvious?

BellaNova: haha I've been on here for a few hours, and you only just now appeared.

Grneyeddoc1981: you said 'too', so you are as well?

BellaNova: yeah… reeeeeeeeally horny tonight.

My eyes widened at her forwardness, but then, I rolled my eyes at myself. What other reason do people have for coming to this site, dumbass.

BellaNova: hello?

Grneyeddoc1981: me too

BellaNova: so, doctor… I assume you really are a doctor?

Grneyeddoc1981: perhaps…

BellaNova: tease…

Grneyeddoc1981: yes, I am a doctor. why?

BellaNova: I like scrubs… easy access. What would you have me do to you right now?

Well, that was a loaded question. What would I have her do to me? Looking down at my erection that was beginning to poke through my boxers, only one thing came to mind.

Grneyeddoc1981: I want your pretty mouth on my cock

Holy shit! What was wrong with me? I never spoke to women that way, ever; let alone a complete stranger. I kept watching the screen, waiting for her to disconnect.

BellaNova: take it out for me

I felt my cock twitch at the sight of those words and grow invariably harder. Maybe this won't be such a bad idea after all. I lifted my hips to lower my boxers, releasing my erection.

BellaNova: is it out?

Grneyeddoc1981: yes

BellaNova: you have some lube?

Grneyeddoc1981: yes

BellaNova: I want you to put some in your hand for me…

I quickly grabbed my lube out of my bedside table and returned to my desk. I couldn't believe how incredibly turned on I was by this faceless woman, who was making me hornier than any I had ever physically been with. I unscrewed the cap and placed some in my hand.

Grneyeddoc1981: ok

BellaNova: now fist your hand and make your cock slide inside really slowly for me

I did as she requested and made a fist, placing the tip at the edge of my hand and slowly sliding my cock into the tight space. The feeling was heaven, and I almost came right then. The thought that it was a woman who taught me a better trick on how to pleasure myself was excruciatingly erotic.

Grneyeddoc1981: fuck yes…

I somehow managed to type one-handed, reveling in the newfound sensation.

BellaNova: you like my mouth on your cock, Doctor Green Eyes?

Grneyeddoc1981: mmmm yes…

BellaNova: I am so fucking wet right now

Grneyeddoc1981: feel yourself… tell me how wet you really are for me

BellaNova: my panties are soaked, doctor… what do you prescribe?

I smirked. So, she's into role-playing, I thought as my cock throbbed in my hand at the notion, and I stroked myself a few more times before replying.

Grneyeddoc1981: take them off… stat…

BellaNova: as the doctor wishes…

Grneyeddoc1981: put your fingers inside yourself, tell me how wet you are for my cock

BellaNova: mmmm so warm and so wet…

Grneyeddoc1981: I want three fingers in there… my cock is thick, it would stretch you…

I paused typing and concentrated on my other hand working my cock. I closed my eyes and imagined warm wet lips around me, sucking me. Never had jerking off ever truly felt that good and gotten me so close to coming so fast. At that very moment, her physical appearance wasn't even important; she was a fantasy, anything I wanted.

Grneyeddoc1981: feel good?

BellaNova: so good… I need your cock in me so bad…

Grneyeddoc1981: not yet… fuck yourself with your fingers…

BellaNova: mmmmmm so close. please…

Grneyeddoc1981: now stop… take your fingers out

BellaNova: please… I need to come…

Grneyeddoc1981: pinch your clit

I watched the cursor blinking on the screen, waiting for her to respond, and was just about to type something when her message popped up.

BellaNova: god… please… fuck me…

Grneyeddoc1981: how close are you now?

BellaNova: very close

Grneyeddoc1981: good…don't touch yourself until I say so…

BellaNova: fuck… please let me come, dr…

Grneyeddoc1981: fuck your mouth feels so good on my cock... throbbing so hard

BellaNova: please don't tease…

I began working my hand faster over my cock, rubbing my thumb in circles over the head. I was so very close, finding it difficult to type one-handed, but I also didn't want to stop. Something about a woman I couldn't see, hear or touch was bringing me to the brink of ecstasy. Never again would I scoff at the idea of cybersex. It had turned out to be one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

Grneyeddoc1981: you still want my cock inside you?

BellaNova: please… fuck me hard… I'm so wet and ready for you

Grneyeddoc1981: slide your fingers back inside you and imagine it's my long thick cock

BellaNova: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck dr

Grneyeddoc1981: deep inside… feels so good… deeper

BellaNova: more… fuck please tell me more

Grneyeddoc1981: close?

BellaNova: yes

Grneyeddoc1981: stop

BellaNova: no… god please no…

Grneyeddoc1981: how bad do you want it?

BellaNova: more than anything…

Grneyeddoc1981: suck my cock again… taste yourself all over me

BellaNova: mmmmm

Grneyeddoc1981: tell me how it tastes

BellaNova: heaven…

Grneyeddoc1981: I want my cock back inside you

BellaNova: fuck…me… now…

That nearly did me in right there. I began thrusting my hips into my hand, running it along the entire length of my cock.

Grneyeddoc1981: I'm gonna come…

BellaNova: me too

Grneyeddoc1981: now!

BellaNova: fuck!

My entire length throbbed in my hand and I let out a loud groan as I came harder than I had in as long as I could remember. I felt lightheaded and my hips thrust of their own accord as my climax lingered, akin to overlapping orgasms. When it finally subsided, I rested back in my chair further, panting heavily. Someone had just made me come with words… only words. No physical or emotional connection. Simple words. And she brought something out in me that I'd never even known existed, and made me realize a fantasy I wasn't aware of.

When I finally regained my composure, I stood to grab a towel when I heard my computer ring again. I quickly swiped the one hanging behind the bathroom door from earlier and hurried back to the computer. She had messaged me again.

BellaNova: shit… you there?

With the towel in one hand, cleaning up my chest and replied with my free hand.

Grneyeddoc1981: yeah. just… wow.

BellaNova: I just came so fucking hard. You were incredible.

My eyebrows rose as I slid my boxers back on and sat down. She was still being incredibly forward, even after the fact, and that was amazingly hot.

Grneyeddoc1981: so did I. you're amazing. I'd say we could go for round two, but I have to be back to the hospital in six hours.

BellaNova: what a shame. I could go all night. What time do you get off?

Grneyeddoc1981: 6… Chicago time… 18 hours from now

BellaNova: wanna meet again? I'm in LA, so 9 your time?

I pondered that for a moment. Did I really want to make a habit of it? Twice is hardly 'habit', my inner voice reminded me. And after six months, one more time will certainly not hurt at all.

Grneyeddoc1981: I'll be here

BellaNova: so will I… look forward to it. I'll be nice and wet, waiting for you

Grneyeddoc1981: mmm I'll make you come even harder

BellaNova: you promise?

Grneyeddoc1981: guarantee it

BellaNova: ohhhhhh… good night, Doc

Grneyeddoc1981: good night, Bella…

I closed the chat screen and logged off for the night, but I didn't make an immediate movement to go to bed. I lit another cigarette, swiveling back and forth in my chair, deep in thought. I'd just had the most amazing sexual experience of my life with a complete stranger. I had never felt more gratified than I did at that moment; thoroughly spent. The way she spoke, the way I spoke… and I enjoyed it. It flowed out of me so naturally, as if I had been doing it forever; when before that night, I could not talk that way to save my life. Maybe it was because she wasn't right in front of me, staring me in the face. I could be that free and open over a computer in a way I never could in real life. It was invigorating.

I snubbed out my cigarette and flipped the living room light switch, walking into my bedroom and quickly falling asleep. Before I knew it, my alarm was going off and I had to get up once again. Yet, for once, I didn't feel drained the way I usually did. I felt relaxed and rested. Maybe these late night encounters could be a good thing. As I washed up and shaved for work, I made a mental note to thank Emmett when I went in that morning.

As I walked into the ER less than an hour later, I immediately spotted Emmett and his jaw fell open. He quickly made his way over and followed me into the doctor's lounge. "You got laid! Was it that cutie from Admitting? Oh, it was Jessica from triage wasn't it? Nice, man."

"No… no… and no," I answered casually as I shrugged off my jacket to hang it in my locker and pulled out my white coat, immediately dismissing the notion of thanking him. "So, busy morning so far?"

"Oh, hell no, Doc. You're gonna spill the beans," Emmett replied, shaking his head adamantly and resting on the table in the middle of the lounge.

"Well, it appears that someone left a certain piece of paper in my scrub shirt yesterday that I happened to find when I dug out my smokes last night," I replied, shooting a glare over at him and then reaching back into my locker for my stethoscope.

"Holy shit! You actually went to that site? I thought you'd blow it off like everything else. Dude, I'm impressed. The boy has become a man!" Emmett announced in a boisterous voice.

"Tact, Emmett. Look it up," I growled as I closed the locker door roughly. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to make my rounds."

I walked by him quickly and made my way to the board, seeing that for once the University of Chicago Medical Center Emergency Room was not as slammed as I had hoped. Not only would it give Emmett ample opportunity to grill me about the night before, but it also meant that the next twelve hours were going to drag until I could go home and get online again. I could not believe that I was actually looking forward to what equated to a little more than jerking off to a computer. Not that my sex life had been spectacular beforehand – far from it. And certainly nothing as mind-blowing as the preceding night had been. I had to do it again; to make sure it was not just a fluke, a one-time thing.

"Come on, what was she like? Did you see her?" Emmett began again from behind me as I grabbed one of the charts.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, refusing to look at him.

"I am not discussing this right now, Emmett," I replied in a disinterested voice, as I looked over the chart. "We are at work or have you not noticed that. I have patients to see, and that woman right there needs to be taken down to radiology."

He let out a gust of air as I slapped the chart against his chest and walked past him to one of the exam rooms. I needed to get my day started with as little thought as possible to the woman who rocked my foundations the previous night.

I seriously thought that the end of my day would never come, until about three hours before my shift was due to end and a six-car pile-up on the icy freeway swarmed the ER. We were fortunate that there weren't any life threatening injuries, but many that required extensive treatment. So that by the time I finally walked out of there an hour late at seven, I was really in need of a shower and a drink.

And there I sat at my desk, declining several chat requests… waiting for her.




Time is such a cruel thing.




I let out a long sigh and shook my head. I would give her a few more minutes. Maybe she got caught up in something or stuck in traffic.


Why did I feel like a pathetic loser, sitting around waiting for a woman I'd never met?


I finished off my beer and snubbed out my smoke, turning off my desk lamp. She wasn't showing up. And just as I was about to close the screen, I heard a familiar ring.

BellaNova: Are you there?

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