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Late Night Encounters Outtake ~ Edward Cullen and the Mysterious Case of the "Uh-ohs"


An unseasonably cold September rain pounded on the roof of my car as I pulled into my driveway for the first time in six days. After shutting off the engine, I remained there for an extra minute, staring at the front of the house. She wasn't at the door waiting for me as she usually would. There wasn't a single rustle of a curtain from inside. And that was when I knew without a doubt that my wife was pissed. If it wasn't for every room being lit from inside, I'd be a little more worried that there was no one in there at all.

Not to say that there was any real credence to that fear, just one that terrified me more than anything imaginable. Bella and I had been married for just over three years, and our beautiful son, Connor Michael Cullen, was born the previous August, weighing just under eight pounds and with a full head of silky blond hair. Unlike Bella or myself when we were little, the strands never darkened, and in fact, grew lighter as the months passed, and it was difficult to imagine him any other way.

Bella took to motherhood effortlessly, and I had to admit, I envied her a little. It was such a struggle for me to even get a diaper on straight for the first couple of months after he was born, while she could do it one-handed with her eyes closed and carrying on a coherent conversation all at once, and that was not an exaggeration—I'd actually seen the woman do it. And when it came time for her maternity leave to end when Connor was twelve weeks old, she sat me down one night and asked my thoughts on her taking an at-home position her company was offering and trying for another baby. It would be less income, but she would still be doing the job she loved and financially, I knew it was more than feasible. We were both fairly frugal people, whose largest expense aside from the monthly mortgage payment was the practical purchase of a new car for Bella after the baby was born. We didn't want or need much for material things, but we had talked about having more children shortly following Connor's arrival. We both hoped for one more, and given how long it had taken for us to conceive our son, we thought 'the sooner, the better'. We wanted our kids to be close in age, and before I turned thirty-five in just over two years.

Just as with our first attempt to conceive, the second was just as difficult, and as of Connor's first birthday, Bella still was not pregnant and trying not to feel discouraged. Then, two weeks later, all efforts stopped abruptly.

The moment I told Bella that I would be out of town the week of her birthday for work, she became a little distant. Sleeping with her back to me after a chaste kiss goodnight, pecking my cheek and waving goodbye when I left for work in the morning— definitely not our usual routine. She insisted that she understood that the timing of the conference was beyond my control, but the hurt in her eyes was unmistakable. And this time, there was nothing I could do to make it right.

I tried to get out of it, to no avail. No one cares that you're in the doghouse with your wife because of work, until it happens to them. And all the higher-ups in administration were divorced—big surprise.

I offered to take her and Connor with me, but she insisted that it wouldn't be fair for a one year old to be stuck in a hotel room all day. And I couldn't argue there.

I suggested we go together, so we could at least spend the evening of her birthday together, just the two of us. But she was nowhere near ready to leave our son yet, and that's where her mind would be anyway.

So, no matter which way I turned, it was a losing situation and it had lasted nearly a month before I left. I had some major ass kissing to do if I wanted to touch my wife in any way, any time in the near or distant future.

I reached over to the passenger seat for the dozen white roses I'd stopped for on the way home before running into the house. "Hello? Anyone home?"

Bella turned her head toward me from her seat on the couch, giving me a small smile and standing to make her way over to me. "Hey, what took you so long to come in?"

I leaned toward her to brush her lips with mine, resting my hand on her cheek. I'd missed her more than I could ever explain to her with words, and hoped that I wouldn't have to be away from her again anytime soon.

"Uh oh!" A tiny voice came from the floor and I pulled away from Bella to look down to the source. Big blue eyes stared up at me and a tiny hand gripped onto my pant leg. It never failed to amaze me how much he was growing to look more and more like his grandparents, and less like Bella or myself. He had the blonde hair of my father, and my mother's eyes, and even inherited the hint of a widow's peak from Charlie. Yet, his mannerisms mimicked Bella's so perfectly without even trying, and if anything was going to delay my reunion with my wife, I couldn't think of something better than my little boy.

"Hey there, little man," I said, waiting for Bella to take the flowers from my hand and reaching down to lift him into my arms, kissing his hair firmly. "Oh, Daddy's missed you."

"Da-y! Uh oh!" he repeated and I glanced over to Bella, who merely smirked and turned away, stating she was going to find a vase.

"Uh oh what, buddy?" I asked as I turned my attention back to him.

"Uh oh!" he repeated over and over.

The first thought I had was of Emmett and Rose's little Emma right around Connor's age, loudly announcing to anyone in hearing range whenever she had a dirty diaper. I hoisted him up more and took a brief sniff at his back … nothing.

"Baby? What's wrong with Connor?" I asked worriedly, settling him onto my hip.

"Nothing, why?" I heard her call back from the next room.

"Uh oh!"

"Because all he's saying is that?"

"You're a smart man. I'm sure you'll figure it out," she replied, standing in the doorway with a cocked brow. "I'll start getting dinner ready."

I watched as she disappeared back into the kitchen while bouncing Connor lightly through his endless chorus of "uh ohs". I brought him back in front of me, holding him up beneath his armpits and he let out a loud giggle. His swinging feet caught me square in the lower abdomen, causing me to grunt and shift my hips back on reflex before he struck me elsewhere.

"Uh oh!" Connor announced a little louder while I set him on the floor, looking up at me somewhat nervously.

"It's okay, buddy," I said, rustling his hair with my hand, but in the next breath, he began toddling around the room again with his chant. "Connor, can you show Daddy the 'uh oh'?"

Yes, I was quite aware of the lameness of that attempt, but I was at a loss as to what else to try. He tilted his head slightly as he gazed up at me, as if to say, "Yeah, Dad, like I'd really make it that simple for you?"; a look he'd learned quite well from his mother.

Nonetheless, I began following him on his trek through the house, looking under every table he crawled beneath, behind every lamp, and even inside his toy box. Nothing seemed misplaced, broken or out of the ordinary. I tried switching the movie that was playing on the television, grabbing his blanket from his crib. I even carried him upstairs when he climbed into my lap, pointing to my face with a loud exclamation of the two syllables that had begun ringing in my ears even when my child was completely silent. Again, there was nothing I could spot.

All through dinner, I watched Bella as she ate without a care in the world, while I was losing my damn mind and feeling like the worst father in the world. Nothing I did was solving the "uh oh" issue, whatever that might have been, because I sure as hell had no idea.

As I gave him a bath before bed to remove the Spaghetti-O's from his hair and face, everything seemed to bring on another utterance. Whether it was my fingers working the shampoo through his soft, baby-fine locks, or his hands running his toy boat in circles around him, or the harsh contact it made with the surface and causing water to douse my face and shirt.

"Uh oh," Connor murmured, much softer that time, gazing up at me as I gasped in surprise.

I wiped my hand over my face and blinked repeatedly from getting bath water in my eyes. Looking back down to him, I lightly splashed his stomach to show him that I wasn't mad, however, that only resulted with him increasing his own efforts to drench me.

I proceeded to bathe him, and once I'd finished, I had to grab hold of him before he streaked through the house, and then I changed him and put him to bed. I set his favorite stuffed penguin in the crib beside him, turned on his nightlight, and finally stood over him, stroking his hair until he uttered one last "uh oh" in a whisper. With one final shuddering sigh through his nose, my little boy was sound asleep, and I quietly crept out of the room.

I crossed the hall to our bedroom, standing in the doorway for a moment and watching my wife as she calmly read in bed. "There was absolutely nothing wrong with him, was there?"

Bella's lips twitched slightly before she looked up at me, shaking her head slowly back and forth. "Nothing whatsoever, just as I said. That was an entertaining two hours, though."

"I'm so glad you think so," I replied sarcastically, crossing the room to retrieve some dry clothes, as I still hadn't dried completely. After changing, I collapsed on my side of the bed with a heavy exhale, staring at the ceiling. The room was completely silent, save for the soft rustle of paper against paper with each page Bella turned. "I'm really sorry, baby."

"I know. It's fine," she said in an indecipherably flat tone as she continued to read.

"Why do you want another baby with me, Bella?" I asked suddenly and I finally felt her gaze upon me.

"What?" she whispered with the first hint of emotion in her voice I'd heard all night. "Honey, what are you talking about?"

I sighed and turned my head to look at her, meeting her gaze with mine. "I can't get even the husband thing right. I wasn't here for your birthday, and I couldn't think of anything good enough to get you to make up for that. So I resorted to the lameness of flowers." I paused, watching her eyes widen infinitesimally. "And I think I've proven tonight that I don't score much higher in the father category, either. Searching for some mystery problem that wasn't even there."

Bella began shaking her head against as she closed her book, setting it on her bedside table and sliding down to rest her head on her pillow, inches away from mine. "Edward, you are an amazing father. And the fact that you care so much about something as simple as your son's new favorite sound doesn't take away from that. It just makes you that much more incredible. And as for the other part…"

Her fingers traced lightly along my cheek and I closed my eyes at the sensation caused by her touch. I'd missed feeling her soft skin against mine, regardless of how slight the contact, and I was afraid to move, not wanting it to stop.

"You've never gotten the 'husband thing' wrong," Bella continued and my gaze met hers again, moments before she shifted closer to me and pressed her lips gently to mine. "I'm sorry I made you feel that way. I was upset, but not really with you. I just hate being away from you so much, and with everything that's going on … I really wasn't looking forward to spending my birthday without you."

I might have been a little angry with her for shutting me out for an entire month if it hadn't been for the look on my wife's face at that very moment. I knew that the passing months had been getting progressively harder on her, wanting another baby so badly and not really having any reason why we couldn't. We'd had every test imaginable done, and still no answers. And now there was a sincere expression of embarrassment in her eyes and tears welling that she tried hard to blink away. I was well aware that women could turn on the water works at a second's notice, knowing most men's weakness to it—but not my Bella. She despised to be seen crying for any reason, even in some of our toughest moments. The only time I'd actually seen her really do so without restraint or attempt to hide them was the day our son was born. I brought my hand to her cheek, stroking it gently with my thumb before kissing her lovingly on the lips. "So, was it really that entertaining tonight?"

I felt her forehead crease and a moment later, she opened her eyes to look at me. They flickered back and forth between mine, clearly confused by my shift in mood and began nodding hesitantly. "Yeah, it was. I honestly thought you'd figure it out sooner. For such a smart man, you're kinda clueless sometimes."

I gave a soft chuckle as she continued to gaze at me questioningly, sliding my hand down her arm to move around her back. "Thanks a lot, baby. So am I forgiven, then?"

Her watery eyes crinkled at the corners and she nodded, wrapping her arms around my waist. "Now that I've gotten everything I wanted for my birthday…definitely."

I gazed at her for a moment until she tightened her hold around me, slipping her leg between mine and capturing my lips with hers. Even after a baby and three years of marriage, she could still set my heart pounding with the simplest of looks or gestures and was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes. I remembered my father telling my mother when I was younger that he loved her more than the day he married her. By the time I was a teenager, I thought it was just some cheesy line he showered her with for a chance to get lucky or something equally as nauseating. However, as I gazed up at my wife when she rolled me onto my back and straddled my hips, I finally understood exactly what he was talking about.

I was still falling in love with Bella every single day, always finding new things to love about her. It never ceased to amaze me that whether we were laughing or fighting, in the same room or miles apart, it didn't matter. Every ounce of love and passion I felt for her, I could see reflected in her eyes in no less than equal amounts. And I knew exactly what a lucky bastard I was.

"I love you," I whispered against her lips as my hands ran along her thighs to her hips, just beneath the nightgown she wore that barely covered her ass.

Bella's fingers traced along my jaw as she kissed me gently before opening her eyes. "I love you. I've really missed you."

I knew from the seriousness of her gaze and the desperate sound of her voice that she was not just talking about the time I'd been out of town. If there was any benefit to our relationship starting out as it had, that still held purpose in our everyday lives, it was in the way we read each other. We'd had to look beyond touches to find the intimacy between us, and learned to communicate best through our eyes and tones, little things that would go unnoticed by those people who'd always taken the physical presence of their spouse or significant other for granted. It was something we learned very early on that you could never do.

"I've missed you, too, Bella," I replied softly, sweeping her hair away from her face and neck, and twining it gently around my fingers. Our lips met again in a passionate kiss and we sat up, her hands leaving my face to move down to the edge of her nightgown, slowly lifting it up her body. She broke away long enough to discard it to the floor before her arms clung around my shoulders, pressing her breasts to my chest and resuming the kiss heatedly.

I groaned at the feeling of holding her and the rocking of her hips against me. The need to reconnect with each other hung heavily in the air and was palpable in the way we were touching. And when her hand slid between us and inside my waistband, wrapping her fingers around my length and pressing me against her through our remaining clothing, I was consumed with need for her. The friction caused by her movements became too much and I hugged around her tightly to roll her onto her back, grazing my tongue against her lips to deepen our kiss and my request was quickly granted.

"I need you, baby. Now. Please," Bella panted with gasping breaths as our kiss parted, her eyes heavily lidded with desire as she gazed up at me. Her fingers moved from my erection and gripped the fabric of my pants, shoving them down over my hips. When I rose a little to kick them off, she made fast work of her panties and she was bare beneath me before I could even settle back between her legs.

As I positioned myself against her, I felt her fingers grip my hair and pull me down to meet her lips as I slid into her. Our kiss muffled our groans against each other and I remained stationary for a moment once I'd filled her. Fuck, she still felt so damn good, and after a month, I felt read to erupt like an over-eager teenager. Not what I had in mind.

I began to slowly move inside her and her hold on my hair tightened, soft whimpers escaping her throat and her hips rising to meet each of my thrusts. We found a solid rhythm with one another and as our lips parted again, our eyes locked and her fingers began twirling in my hair. Her teeth found her lip as I guided her leg up my side and pressed deeper within her, followed by a soft grunt and her toes curling against the back of my thigh.

"Shit!" she whispered huskily, gripping my shoulders and pushing me back on the bed, settling her hips over mine and holding my face between her hands. "Think you can keep quiet while I fuck my gorgeous husband?"

I released a shaky breath as I felt her clench around me as her soft words ghosted over my lips, nodding slowly with my eyes closed.

"Good," Bella replied with a smirk evident in her voice, obviously satisfied with my response. Her hands took mine from her hips and laced her fingers between mine, pressing them to the pillow as she rose and then slowly lowered on me again. "I need your cock deep inside me, making me see stars as only you can."

My breath hitched as she dragged her teeth along my lip, pinching it with them gently. She hadn't spoken to me that way since before Connor was born, and it caused me to harden even more within her, my hips lifting involuntarily toward hers. Using her grip on my hands as leverage, she began rocking over me and steadily increased her pace with each movement, until she was moving fluidly along my length and hissing between her teeth.

I opened my eyes to watch the rare sight of my wife riding me in such an uninhibited manner, her face and chest flushing with the arousal coursing within her. I loved my wife and son more than anything in the world and wouldn't trade them or the life we had together for the world. However, there were times I missed moments like that. When we were just Edward and Bella, stripped down to the basics and the primal need we once felt for each other.

"Fuck," I sighed heavily as she began rolling her hips with each descent, biting her own lip to restrain the groan I heard rumbling in her chest. "Baby, let me touch you, please."

Bella squeezed my hands and shook her head, leaning down to kiss me enticingly. "Uh-uh. I'm almost there."

I closed my eyes at her breathless statement, tilting my head back into the pillow as her pace quickened and caused my stomach to tighten. My fingers gripped her hands firmly as I fought to keep my hips still, knowing that one slight movement in conjunction with hers could spark my release, and I wanted to feel her come first.

Bella's head lowered to my shoulder and she gently bit my skin, arching her lower back slightly and I could feel her clit rubbing along my length with every movement in and out of her. I sucked in a sharp hiss through my teeth, clenching them as her body tensed above and around me, soft grunts escaped her while she orgasmed, riding me faster in response.

"Bella, I'm gonna come," I panted, my voice a little louder than I'd intended.

"Shh," she whispered, bringing her lips to mine to silence me. "Turn me over first."

Sliding my hands from beneath her loosened grip, I took hold of her waist and flipped her roughly onto her back, eliciting a pleasured moan from her with the action. Her legs hooked around mine as I lifted her hands to pin them above her head, smirking as my hips slowed to tease her for a moment, and she growled.

"Fuck, Bella, you look so hot coming around me. I've missed that. Your lips, the smell of your hair, the way you taste," I said in low voice, accentuating with the flick of my tongue along her jaw. She moaned as I continued to move along her neck with my lips, eliciting the richest sounds from her and she threw her head back, tugging at her imprisoned hands beneath mine. "My turn."

I thrust deeper inside her, causing her breasts to press against me with the arching of her back, eyes closing as her teeth clenched in restraint. "Oh fuck, Edward."

"You like that, Bella?" I taunted against her skin and her nails dug into the back of my hand, and I rose to watch her eyes lock fiercely with mine. It was such an arousing sight that I couldn't hold back anymore, tensing inside her with my release.

Bella's arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders, pulling me against her as the feeling subsided and I kissed along her neck while I fought to regain my breath. "We definitely need to do that again soon."

My head lifted to look down at her again and watched her mouth twitch with a burgeoning smile before her eyes finally opened to gaze at me. Before our drought of the past month, I thought our sex life had still been great, but her words caused a shiver of doubt to course through me. Had it not been as gratifying for her as I'd believed? Since becoming parents, obviously, some of the spontaneity had dwindled, but I hadn't thought we'd lost the spark between us. Suddenly, she giggled softly and her fingers wove into my hair, kissing me firmly.

"You crazy, wonderful man. I'm not complaining about our sex life," she whispered against me, her nails dragging lightly along my scalp. I sighed, resting my forehead against hers and cursing myself for being so damn transparent. My eyes closed at the embarrassment of the insecurities I thought had long disappeared making an encore appearance, but her touch softened even more as she traced along my cheek with her nose. "I've never had a complaint about that, baby. It's just nice to see that my green-eyed doc is still in there from time to time."

My eyes opened again in surprise, catching a brief glimpse of the wicked glint in her eyes before she kissed me feverishly. I groaned as I felt myself becoming aroused again within her and pressed my hips forward, causing her body to shiver. "As well as my BellaNova."

Bella smiled against my lips at my grunted statement, her hands lowering to my ass and her muscles tightening around my reawakening erection. "Up for round two?"

We made fierce, passionate love again, and that time, lay side by side in panting satisfaction when we finished, but our hands entwined between us.

"I love you," she whispered, turning her head toward me and kissing my shoulder.

"I love you, too," I replied just as softly with my lips pressed against her hair.

When she rolled onto her side to snuggle into my arms, we continued to lay quietly, but my mind began racing as I listened to the soft, indistinct murmurings of our son through the monitor on the bedside table. I knew he wasn't waking—he just had the tendency to talk in his sleep like his mother—but the sounds were thought provoking, in complete contrast to what had just transpired in that room. "Bella?"

"Yeah?" she replied in a barely audible voice as her fingers traced lightly back and forth over my chest.

I took a deep breath and swallowed hard, staring at the ceiling in silence until I felt her head rise from my shoulder. My eyes shifted to hers, where I found her looking at me worriedly. "If we never have another baby, we'll be okay, right?"

"Wow, that came completely out of nowhere," she said, blinking repeatedly before rising up on her elbow and holding the blanket to her chest with the other hand. "You think our marriage is conditional on how many children we have?"

"No," I sighed, folding my arms over my chest. "I just know how much you want another one, and I do, too. But if for some reason we can't…"

Bella waited for a moment as I trailed off and then began shaking her head. "Then we only have one, and I'm definitely okay with that. We have a perfectly beautiful, healthy little boy in the next room, and I feel so happy and blessed with him. Will you be okay?"

I gazed at her as her eyes fell to my chest and wrapped my arms around her again, hugging her against me and kissing her hair. "As long as I have you and Connor, I'll always be okay."


Bella and I never did conceive again, but four years later, after being on a waiting list for two years, we became the parents to a set of twins, a boy and a girl, put up for adoption by a pregnant teenage girl. I'd been reserved at first when Bella suggested the route of adoption, sure that I could never feel the same connection to a child that my wife didn't give birth to as I did with Connor. That all changed the instant I held little Morgan in my arms, and watched Bella cradling Patrick with those telling tears in her eyes.

I was holding our daughter. She was holding our son. Even genetics couldn't have made that feeling more real. We were one blissful, complete family with the two of us and our three beautiful children.

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