A/N: So a while back, I got a review from one of my readers suggesting that I should someday write an outtake of Edward and Bella from Late Night Encounters, showing their first conversation from her POV. At the time, I thought that was a possibility sometime in the future, just wasn't sure when. Then I started it, but shortly thereafter, hit that writing block wall I've been struggling with for ages. The first section of this has been sitting on my computer for months, and I just finished up the last of it within the past few days, and for a very special reason.

A dear fandom friend of mine is having a birthday on Monday, and since I might not be around, I wanted to make sure she got it on time. Over the past year or so, myonlyheroin has become one of my closest friends here, and for my birthday in July, she wrote me a special outtake for The Missing, my favorite story of hers, among every other effort she made to make my birthday epically special. She is truly an amazing person, and I don't know what I would do without her. So, with her birthday creeping up, I really wanted to do something really special for her as well. She has told me on many occasions how much she loved LNE, so I thought this would be perfect. Hope you like it, girl, and I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Also, thank you to my lovely girls, ericastwilight and Mo, for helping me to get this ready and giving me some much needed encouragement through my struggles. Love you guys!

LNE Outtake—What Bella couldn't remember (and what got her to the fated computer)

"Believe me, Bella. You will thank us for this in the morning," Rosalie insists, half-carrying me across my apartment on one side, and Alice on the other. "You were getting way too touchy-feely with Eric."

I roll my eyes with a scoff. "Oh yes, I'm sure I will be so grateful for the sex I won't be getting after nearly three years of celibacy. You guys dragged me out today, and for what? To get me drunk and horny, just to spend the rest of my night alone? Which, I might add, I would have been doing anyway had you not dragged me out. For your information, vibrators and showerheads only do so much and do not replace the need for a good, long fuck with a firm, hard co—"

"Okay, stop right there. Way more information than we needed to know about you, Bella. Please do not finish that sentence," Alice adds with a chuckle and a soft snort, helping Rosalie to settle me onto my bed.

My eyes narrow on her as they lift my shirt off and remove my jeans, leaving me only in my tank top and underwear. "You started me on those jello shots, knowing the yummy goodness of what was in those cute little cups. Then you guys cockblock me. There might not have been much down there, but it sure would have been better than nothing, which is what I'm left with now. Guess it's just me and my hand tonight."

"Good night, Bella," Rosalie cuts me off before I can go any further, laying me down and covering me over with my comforter.

"You guys suck!" I screech as they walk out, and moments later, I hear the door of my apartment click closed and then, silence.

How can I be expected to sleep this shit off when it is barely five? It isn't even dark out yet! At least if we had attended an actual party, rather than a frat house barbecue with copious amounts of alcohol on a Thursday evening—who does that shit anyway?— it would be the wee hours of the morning by now, and I could pass out.

Of course not.

And now, I want sex. Badly. I really wasn't kidding about that part.

I slide my hand down my stomach and beneath the waistband of my underwear; if I can't have sex, I'm at least going to get off. I know the sound I utter when my middle finger grazes my clit makes me sound like an overacting porn star, but I can't keep it in. The last cock I've been close enough to in order to touch was in my freshman year. And when I'd cupped Eric through his pants tonight, sure… it wasn't something to brag about to the girls, but at this point, a dick is a dick, right?

Well… actually, no it isn't. Maybe the girls did have a valid point about that. Yet, as my finger circles over the aching skin between my legs and gets me nowhere but frustrated, even Eric's pencil dick sounds really appealing. My mind is so fogged in my alcohol-induced haze that I can't formulate the mental images I need to get myself off.

"Son of a bitch! What does a girl have to do to get an orgasm around here?" I yell out, retracting my hand from my underwear and throwing my blanket aside. I reach over to my bedside table, rummaging clumsily through the drawer to grab my bullet, but when the button accidently hits the edge and turns on, I drop it like a hotcake. The vibration had caused an almost electrocution type sting on my fingertips; thanks to the alcohol, all my nerve endings feel like they are on high alert. "Shit. I'm never gonna be able to sleep like this."

Rolling out of bed, I stagger to the side, knocking into my bedside table before catching my balance. Two glaring reasons why I never drink: I'm an extreme lightweight, and a very horny drunk. As I stumble out of my room, I ponder ways to work through the dilemma I'm in, and when my eyes catch my computer monitor, an idea strikes me. Obviously, my fingers alone won't get the job done tonight; I need some assistance.

Erotica. Surely, there must be something online that will give me the quick fix I need. It definitely won't be the first time; some girls use erotica like guys use porn. Just saying.

Once my computer powers up, I rest my chin in my hand and open my browser, clicking the bookmarks tab—yup, I have an actual bookmark for such an occasion. What of it?

"Been there … done that … not interested … Seriously?" I groan as a book popped up with a particularly ludicrous sounding premise that seems more like a sitcom than erotic fiction. I keep scrolling until my eyes pop wide open and I even push my chair away from the desk with a sharp gasp. Dinosaur sex? What the fuck?! "People actually find that hot? How? Yeah, this is not going to do it for me."

Clicking the 'x' in corner with frustration, I thrust myself back into my chair. I shift from side to side uncomfortably—and men complain about blue balls? Like we don't suffer at all if we get worked up with no release? It's not like they can't go home, pop in some porn, and…

Porn… eh, what the hell. Maybe actually witnessing two people fucking will remind me of what it's actually like and guide me to the promised land of the great "O". Honestly, I am desperate and willing to try anything at this point.

"P…o…r…n, and go," I say aloud with each key I tap, ending with enter. Instantly, millions of results are found and I need to select one. How do people do this on a regular basis? "Stop asking stupid questions, Bella, and just do it already. I'm dying here!"

I click the first link I see and multiple screen shots of various couples—sometimes more—in a plethora of positions and angles fill my window. I select one that looks somewhat tame and recline back in my seat while it loads, but after a few moments, sit back up to hit the back button. That was a clear example of where every bad joke about porn ever told came from. I literally just heard the "bow-chica-wow-wow" in the tempo of the music. That thing had everything from the lame entry of guy, in pants that were way too tight, "just happening" to walk in on the house guest pleasuring herself on the couch of the main living quarters, right down to the "well, since you're already here, I might as well suck you off and let you fuck me six ways to Sunday"…oh yeah, that's realistic. And completely not helping me with my problem.

I let out a loud growl of frustration, clicking the back button again, ready to give up and just wallow in my misery. As I said, I've been here before, many times since the last time I actually had sex. Why did I expect tonight to be any different? If only my "friends" had allowed me that one random hook-up.

Then the weirdest thing happens. Normally, I hate pop-up windows with those pointless ads that have no correlation to what you are doing, but for once, here is one that does.

"CHAT LIVE NOW!"flashes in bold, yellow letters at the top of my screen. My curiosity is piqued enough for me to scroll down, past the naked woman pressing her clearly fake breasts together in what I guess is supposed to be a seductive manner. What I find gives me a jolt of excitement.

Find partners for sex chat, webcam sex, phone sex. Sign up for free today!

"Oh perfect." I nearly groan, instantly clicking the link. Maybe this is what I need. Some live interaction with someone actually sounds fucking fantastic; real time cyber sexing rather than inconsequential words on a page, or watching someone else get their fake jollies off. I get mine, he gets his, no ties, no worries about seeing him around campus the next day, no awkwardness.

I start filling out my information, and am damn thankful for autofill since I'm drunk, biting my fingertip as I'm asked to pick a username and password. "Come on, I just want to get cyber-laid! And I don't care if that's not even a word! And damn it, stop talking to yourself, Bella!"

So I type in the first things that come to mind.

Username: BellaNova

Password: bigcocksforme

And then, the bane of anyone's existence who has tried to quickly fill out information to proceed…

Error: Password must include at least one capital letter and one number/symbol

"Fuck!" I yell, slamming my palms on the desk and letting my head fall forward. "Why do they have to make these things so difficult and complicated? All we want to do is get off!"

With a huff, I straighten up again and bring my hands back to the keyboard, altering the password to fit the criteria.

Password: Bigcocks4me

"And I'm in!" I announce to the empty room, throwing my hands up in the air with my fists pumping the air. "Okay, so now what?"

I begin scrolling through the page of members online, clicking on a few here and there, but there was always something off. "Too cocky, too shy, old enough to be my father and no. Too…oh, my god, he could skewer someone with that thing! Ow! No thanks."

The site is fascinating, I will give it that. Yet, as much as I really want to get off, it can't be with just anyone. I need someone that will spark my imagination, paint me a mental image, if you will. Something needs to draw my attention and interest, and there's only so many times you can read "I've got a ten inch dick that will have you screaming all night, baby ;)" before it starts getting monotonous, and that is not going to get me anywhere. And this ache between my legs is not dissipating, either. I hurry over to the kitchen to grab the wine cooler out of the fridge I keep for special occasions, just in case I don't find what I'm looking for; perhaps enough alcohol will finally knock me out.

"Okay, time to get a little more selective," I say as I sit back down, rolling my neck and bringing my fingers back to the keys.

Gender: Female

Looking for: Male


Well, I don't want anyone too young; even guys my age have a challenge with appealing to me most of the time. But definitely not too old, either. Thirty is my limit.

Age: 25-30

Live chat, Video chat, Voice chat? Live

That is a no-brainer for me. The more anonymous this remains, the better off I'll be. Hearing his voice or seeing his face will make things too personal, and that's the last thing I want. I hit submit and wait for the results, and surprisingly, there are plenty to choose from. Aren't men more of the visual, dirty talking types?

The more I scan, however, the less I feel that I am going to find what I'm looking for, but something won't let me stop looking. I drain two more wine coolers and spend more time than I care to admit scrolling through the profiles, and hitting refresh to see if anything new pops up.

And then something does.


28-year-old SWM, experimenting in something new. Fan fiction writer who tames lions in his spare time. Aspiring horticulturist, voted most likely to induce spontaneous ovulation by use of tongue.

Once I finish giggling like crazy, I click the chat button; this is him. Not too serious, obviously, yet not arrogant and bragging about the enormity of his manhood, but also here for a reason. The same reason I am—horniness.

BellaNova: Hey there.

Grneyeddoc1981: hi

The response is almost instantaneous, so I get comfortable in my chair again.

BellaNova: Saw your profile. Nice… new to this too?

Grneyeddoc1981: that obvious?

Is he kidding? Fan fiction writer? Tames lions? Spontaneous ovulation by use of tongue? That has to be the most unique thing I have seen ever, not just tonight. Making fun of him might get him to run in the other direction, though, and that is the last thing I want, so I opt to reply with another factor.

BellaNova: haha I've been on here for a few hours, and you only just now appeared.

Grneyeddoc1981: you said 'too', so you are as well?

BellaNova: yeah… reeeeeeeeally horny tonight.

My hips shift and legs spread as I type, my hand slipping between my thighs and massaging the ache I feel growing again. Say something dirty. Please. But the curser just keeps blinking. Did he leave?

BellaNova: hello?

Grneyeddoc1981: me too

Our messages pop up simultaneously and I breathe out a sigh of relief. Time to get this show on the road.

BellaNova: so, doctor… I assume you really are a doctor?

Grneyeddoc1981: perhaps…

BellaNova: tease…

"Oh, so you like to play games, huh?" I spoke out loud, bobbing my head slightly. "Well, two can play like that."

Grneyeddoc1981: yes, I am a doctor. why?

BellaNova: I like scrubs… easy access. What would you have me do to you right now?

My fingertips ghost along my neck as I stare intently at the screen, awaiting his reply. The anticipation is building more with the words Grneyeddoc1981 is typing at the bottom of the chat window, and I even whimper in my anxiousness.

Grneyeddoc1981: I want your pretty mouth on my cock


BellaNova: take it out for me

I lick my bottom lip in response and bite down on it, closing my eyes and envisioning this mystery man doing just that. Untying those scrubs, guiding them down over his hips, and the most perfect cock I have ever seen standing before me and waiting for me to wrap my lips around it.

It's my imagination; he can be anything I want. Huge, perfect equipment and all. The reminder of that only serves to make me more anxious.

BellaNova: is it out?

Grneyeddoc1981: yes

BellaNova: you have some lube?

Grneyeddoc1981: yes

BellaNova: I want you to put some in your hand for me…

While I wait for him to reply again, I lower my hand to start teasing the sensitive skin of my inner thigh. The sensations my fingers evoke cause my breaths to come quicker, my heart to beat faster. I have never missed the touch of a man as much as I do right now. And with just a few words on a screen, this guy already has me aching in ways I have long forgotten, and I am still clothed.

When the ding of an incoming message emits from my speakers, a smile creeps across my face at the single word there.

Grneyeddoc1981: ok

"Now, what was it that Alice said?" I ask myself quietly, trying to remember the advice my best friend had given me when I was still with my last boyfriend. The sex was … well, to be blunt, boring as fuck. So I had once asked her if she had any suggestions as to how to make things a little more interesting…

BellaNova: now fist your hand and make your cock slide inside really slowly for me

The cursor continues to blink for a moment and I impatiently wiggle my hips toward my hand, aching for contact that I seem to be denying myself. I lick my lips as I envision the scene I am conjuring in my mind. On my knees in front of him, with his thick cock filling my hand as I tease the tip with light flicks of my tongue. Hearing the deep groan resonating in his chest when I take him in my mouth, gliding my lips slowly down his length until he hits the back of my throat. Feeling his fingers weave through my hair as I draw back with just enough suction to making him moan in ecstasy.

Grneyeddoc1981: fuck yes…

Something like that. My hand moves up my abdomen to my breast, and as my palm cups around it, I feel the thick padding of my bra…extremely counterproductive. Thanks, Alice and Rose. That shit needs to go, but first…

BellaNova: you like my mouth on your cock, Doctor Green Eyes?

Can't have him going anywhere while I fumble with this evil contraption from hell. Even completely sober, this is a task in itself for me—coordination is not my best friend. I curse through my frustration and ever-growing need as my body contorts to maneuver my way out of my bra. Just as I think the situation might kill my mood, it is reignited by two words.

Grneyeddoc1981: mmmm yes…

My hips shift again as his simple response catapults me back into the moment. I whip my bra through the armhole of my shirt and toss it across the room, settling back in my chair. My hand cups around my breast, massaging it through my shirt, and the fabric rubbing against my nipple causes it to tingle. I arch my back, pressing more firmly into my palm and release a deep groan. It has been way too long if just touching my nipple has me ready to spontaneously combust. I need more, and I express as much by telling him how wet I am.

Grneyeddoc1981: feel yourself… tell me how wet you really are for me

My hand trails down my stomach and slips beneath the elastic band of my underwear. A rush of tremors ripple through my inner thighs as I strike the bare skin of my clit, and I feel the skin of my throat flush with a wave of intense arousal. Fuck!

BellaNova: my panties are soaked, doctor… what do you prescribe?

There is a slight pause and my body jerks impatiently. Don't back out now, please. I beg you, I mentally plead as my fingers tauntingly circle my slick, hypersensitive skin. I have never needed to get off more than I do at this current moment, and having him bail on me now would suck. This is as close to actual human contact, aside from douchebags with their cocktail wieners like Eric, that I am likely going to encounter before I graduate…and that is still months away. No way am I going to last that long, so please, for the love of all that is…

Grneyeddoc1981: take them off… stat…

"Thank the fucking heavens!" I exclaim with a loud, throaty exhale and type out "as the doctor wishes", immediately shimmying the garment from my hips and down my legs, and kick them aside. My eyes lock on the screen, anxiously awaiting his next statement.

Grneyeddoc1981: put your fingers inside yourself, tell me how wet you are for my cock

That should not be sexy or appealing, but hot damn, is it ever. Guess when you're horny enough, the strangest things will work.

I press two of my fingers inside and my hips roll into my hand, grinding my clit against my palm.

"Goddamn, that feels so fucking good," I growl through clenched teeth, and bring my free hand back to the keyboard.

BellaNova: mmmm so warm and so wet…

Grneyeddoc1981: I want three fingers in there… my cock is thick, it would stretch you…

"Oh fuck," I rasp, my head falling back against my chair. I'd always been more of an external stimulation type of getting off girl. Nothing in the world compared to a good fucking with an actual dick attached to a real live man. But three fingers just sounded uncomfortable. "Ugh, stop thinking so fucking much, Bella. If you don't like it, you can always lie. Not like he can see you, right?"

Without another thought, I extract my hand and extend a third finger, spreading my legs a little wider and slowly moving them back inside. The pressure it adds it fucking delectable and I release a shameless moan that fills the room and possibly even resonates through the wall of the apartment. I couldn't possibly care less right now; this is just what I need, and those fuckers are likely just jealous that I'm getting some and they aren't… well, in a sense.

Grneyeddoc1981: feel good?

I lift my head at the message alert and I hum in contentment. "Dude, you have no fucking idea."

I completely want to lose myself in this—in the fantasy that I am creating in my mind. He is clearly just as into this as I am, so why should I hold back. I could go full throttle porn script on him, and it wouldn't matter. He's pretty dirty, too. So what the hell…

BellaNova: so good… I need your cock in me so bad…

Grneyeddoc1981: not yet… fuck yourself with your fingers…

On the first thrust, I feel my muscles tense and my breathing turns into full on pants. Shit, is this what I've been missing over the last few years? Not a man, but still…

My hand begins to move and my moans grow louder, the friction building up my orgasm, in rhythm with my palm striking my clit in tandem.

BellaNova: mmmmmm so close. please…

Grneyeddoc1981: now stop… take your fingers out

"No!" I yell petulantly, ending in a whimper. That is just cruel! Oh fuck…what if he's into some sadistic, kinky shit? Honestly, I just want an orgasm so I can get to fucking sleep tonight!

BellaNova: please… I need to come…

Grneyeddoc1981: pinch your clit

"Are you fucking insane?!" I hiss at the screen, and just as I'm about to lie and say I did, I got curious. Why would he ask me to do that unless…

"Holy shit!" I scream as I do as he instructed; I have never felt anything like that before. One would think that pinching sensitive, swollen skin like that would hurt like a mofo. However, if possible, it has made me throb in such a way that has only intensified the sensations coursing through me, and I'm actually even more horny.

There is a pounding on my door and a voice comes through asking if I'm all right—shit, guess I need to think about keeping it down.

"Fine! Scary movie! Sorry!" I yell out, definitely unwilling to get out of my chair right now and leave this fucking genius.

BellaNova: god… please… fuck me…

Grneyeddoc1981: how close are you now?

BellaNova: very close

Grneyeddoc1981: good…don't touch yourself until I say so…

I grip my armrests tightly, my body coiled tightly and feeling ready to explode, and I'm not even touching it, and neither is he. This is definitely the weirdest and hottest thing I have ever experienced. The anticipation is killing me in the sweetest of ways, but the ache is growing to almost unbearable levels. I release my grip to type again, hissing as my hips tilt.

BellaNova: fuck… please let me come, dr…

Grneyeddoc1981: fuck your mouth feels so good on my cock... throbbing so hard

BellaNova: please don't tease…

Envisioning my mystery man sitting there at the computer, stroking himself as he teases me, and knowing that he is fantasizing about me in this way as well, is more of a turn on than I care to admit. My hands grip my thighs, barely restraining from giving myself the release I so desperately need right now.

Grneyeddoc1981: you still want my cock inside you?

BellaNova: please… fuck me hard… I'm so wet and ready for you

Grneyeddoc1981: slide your fingers back inside you and imagine it's my long thick cock

Finally… I close my eyes and drive my fingers back inside, thrusting furiously and building myself back up. So close…so fucking close. I need him to talk to me, push me further.

BellaNova: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck dr

Grneyeddoc1981: deep inside… feels so good… deeper

BellaNova: more… fuck please tell me more

Grneyeddoc1981: close?

BellaNova: yes

Grneyeddoc1981: stop

BellaNova: no… god please no…

I am legitimately ready to cry, my entire body now pulsing and throbbing. Delayed gratification can kiss my ass; I need a fucking orgasm already! He definitely knows how to make a woman crave, that's for sure.

Grneyeddoc1981: how bad do you want it?

BellaNova: more than anything…

Grneyeddoc1981: suck my cock again… taste yourself all over me

BellaNova: mmmmm

At this point, I am ready to indulge him in just about anything if it means that I get to come soon. I actually find myself closing my eyes again, conjuring images of me actually returning to my knees and taking him into my mouth, tasting the blend of him and me. My nails bite into the skin of his hips as I pull him closer, deeper. My imaginings feel so real, and my fingers begin to trail along my thigh, teasing myself just enough to keep my body tingling.

Grneyeddoc1981: tell me how it tastes

BellaNova: heaven…

Grneyeddoc1981: I want my cock back inside you

BellaNova: fuck…me… now…

Yes, he's as close as I am and I'm going to get what I need. I hook my knees over the arms of my chair in preparation and insert my fingers again, moving at the pace I imagine him fucking me. My mouth goes dry with my rapid breathing, my throat constricts. I feel like I'm literally teetering on an edge, rising higher with each motion of my hand and ready to fall.

Grneyeddoc1981: I'm gonna come…

BellaNova: me too

My arm drapes across my face and I bite into my skin to muffle my scream, arching my back violently as I try to verbally coax the full throttle of my orgasm out of me. "Come on, come on, just a little more… shit… yes!"

Grneyeddoc1981: now!

BellaNova: fuck!

How I manage to type mid-orgasm while furiously working my other hand to drag out every last trace of it, I have no idea. And let me just say, if this is the kind of shit I get from being loaded on jello shots? I'm investing in lots of jello, vodka, and ice cube trays. Even when the orgasm itself dissipates, the aftershocks are powerful and my legs are trembling.

It had to be the jello shots. I don't come like that with anyone for any reason, when they are right there in front of me. Physically touching me, fucking me, something. Then again, no one had ever done the things he had; taking the time to get me really worked up, pulling me back, working me up again, pulling me back. That shit definitely wasn't overrated.

My eyes return to the computer screen and the cursor continues to blink after my last statement. Had he gotten his and gone, without so much as a see ya? Or did he think I had?!

BellaNova: shit… you there?

Grneyeddoc1981: yeah. just… wow.

BellaNova: I just came so fucking hard. You were incredible.

Grneyeddoc1981: so did I. you're amazing. I'd say we could go for round two, but I have to be back to the hospital in six hours.

To be honest, after that orgasm, I am barely staying awake. Alcohol always takes its toll on me this way, and every muscle in my body seems to have slackened more as I came down from my high. I'm not far from a pile of goo in this chair, but I have the energy to tease him just a little more.

BellaNova: what a shame. I could go all night.

I pause for a second without hitting send…I wonder. That was one of the best sexual experiences I've had in a long time that wasn't strictly solo. This guy talking me into a frenzy was seriously fucking hot, and something I wouldn't mind trying again sometime. Maybe sober next time, maybe not…this was pretty fucking fun drunk.

Never know unless you ask, Bella.

BellaNova: What time do you get off?

This time, I hit enter and anxiously wait for his response, my eyes growing heavier…come on, body, just a little longer.

Grneyeddoc1981: 6… Chicago time… 18 hours from now

BellaNova: wanna meet again? I'm in LA, so 9 your time?

Grneyeddoc1981: I'll be here

I feel a lazy smile tug at my lips and nod as if he can see me.

BellaNova: so will I… look forward to it. I'll be nice and wet, waiting for you

Grneyeddoc1981: mmm I'll make you come even harder

BellaNova: you promise?

Grneyeddoc1981: guarantee it

BellaNova: ohhhhhh… good night, Doc

Grneyeddoc1981: good night, Bella…

The last thing I remember is my hand slipping from the keyboard and my body growing heavy.

Thank you, Grneyeddoc.