Title: Queen of Drama

Summary: Curt is waiting for Brian, when he finally arrives home a bit tipsy.

Author: Gala-Granger

Disclaimer: I do not own Velvet Goldmine, though I'm not entirely sure who does. :p

Language: English.

Category: Humor/Romance

Note: this fic contains slash and strong language use. No mandatory reading.

This fic wasn't betaed, so please forgive my mistakes.


Queen of Drama

Saturday night. Curt was lying in bed and thinking where the fuck was his lover. He hated it when Brian went out and didn't tell him where he'd gone, or, worse, that he was fucking gone. Curt looked at the clock: 3 am. Where the fuck was Brian?

Finally the door opened and a very drunken Brian came in.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Curt asked him.

"I'm the Queen of Drama," was Brian's response.

"The Queen of Drama? What's gotten into you?" Curt said confused.

"I'm the Queen of Drama. Bow down before me," Brian said, ignoring Curt's question.

"You're fucking drunk," Curt said.

"Queens never get drunk," Brian said, trying to sound important.

Well, maybe I was exaggerating when I said Brian was fucking drunk. Perhaps he was only a bit tipsy.

Curt just stood there blinking. The Queen of Drama? Where the fuck had he heard that before? Suddenly he remembered.

"And what would your Majesty have me do?" Curt said, taking his chances.

"Now we're talking," Brian said with a devious smile on his face. "First, I want you to bow."

Curt bowed exaggerating the movements. He was going to have fun, he could sense it.

"Show me your arm," Brian instructed.

Curt extended his right arm and Brian uncovered it until he found what he was looking for.

"You're high," Brian said, a note of melancholy in his voice. "Why do you do it?"

"Because it makes me feel fucking wonderful. But so do you. And you know I'm trying to put my act together. It's only once in a while," Curt said, shaking Brian off his arm and covering it again. "I'm you humble servant, your Majesty. What should I do?"

"Go lie in bed and be my humble servant there," Brian said with his perfect and lovely british accent.

Curt walked over to bed and stumbled over some stuff spread all over the floor (ripped garments, platform shoes, lipsticks, eye-liners and glitter jars).

"Fuck!" Curt shouted as he landed in bed.

"Oh yes, you're gonna get fucked alright," Brian said as he jumped over Curt and caught his lips on a passionate kiss.

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