Title: Freedom

Summary: "He called it a freedom. A freedom you can allow yourself. Or not." Curt & Brian. One-shot.

Author: Gala-Granger

Disclaimer: None of this is mine. It's all property of Todd Haynes, or at least I think so.

Language: English.

Category: Drama/Romance.

Note: this fic contains slash.

This fic was written a very long time ago. But when I found it written in an old notebook, I still liked it. I hope you do so too. It wasn't properly betaed, so please forgive my mistakes


He was lying in bed. No shirt on. His bare chest covered with oil. He was spreading it all over, while licking his lips sexily. His black leather pants almost slipping off his waist. Curt looked irresistible. His blonde hair shinning like the glitter inside the jar Brian held in his hand.

"I have this constant fantasy where I shower you in glitter", he had said an hour before. But it didn't matter anymore. He was about to make his fantasy come true. It was real this time.

"Make me shine", Curt said in an irresistible whisper.

Brian didn't think twice. He kneeled on bed near Curt and started shaking the jar all over his chest. A glitter shower started to fall on Curt. Brian looked at him: he couldn't but moan slightly. Brian couldn't help caressing Curt's chest. His hands were now concentrated on rubbing. It was amazing how slippery the skin was. And Brian could imagine how pleasant it was.

Curt guided Brian and, eventually, they turned. Now Curt was on top. He grabbed the oil can and poured a generous quantity. Brian felt the substance against his skin and realized how sexy it was.

"Make me shine", Brian managed to say over the pleasure Curt's experienced hands were generating.

"I'll make you shine, but you'll suffer for it first", Curt said with a devious grin on his lips.

"Make me fly high", Brian said when he felt Curt's hand going away.

The English man looked at the American one. He was caressing his own chest, moaning and speaking dirty words. At first, Brian didn't understand where this was leading, but then he discovered that he had a sudden urge to join him. He wanted to put his hands on Curt's and guide them. But when he tried to move, he couldn't. He found himself tied to the bedpost. How had that happened?

"I said you would have to suffer for it", Curt said smiling.

Brian smelled fun and danger.

"Make me suffer", Brian said sexily.

Curt smiled widely and started pressing little kisses against Brian's oiled chest. He only gave him a touch of pleasure, making him want more and more. He then grabbed the glitter jar and started shaking it. Glitter snowed. Brian felt it on him. He begged Curt to rub the glitter against him. Curt complied. His hands spread the glitter mixing it with the oil. A crazy amount of pleasure consumed Brian's breath. He couldn't do anything, but want to guide Curt lower, touch him, be the one with the hands free. But he couldn't. He was tied, his liberty taken from him.

A few days later, as Brian saw through the window how Curt walked out the door, he remembered how he had lost his freedom and couldn't move. He was paralyzed by Curt's love and knew he was nothing without him. He loved Curt, but he needed freedom. A freedom you can allow yourself. Or not. He knew Curt wouldn't come back.

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