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Love Is A Silly Game

Chap. One

It had been five years since graduating from S.A and high school. Everyone had big plans for their futures. Everything ended well and everyone was beginning to take over their family's business. Although Tadashi didn't want to, his mother had somehow convinced him to become a director…maybe bungee? Well, Hikari had gone off to the same university as Kei, she also took the same classes, just to prove to him that she could also be a successful business woman. It was also partially because she wanted to defeat him. Hikari decided to work in Takishima Group, because she wanted to be both close to Kei and prove she was good enough to be a part of his company. She trained interns and was a very close advisor to Kei. Kei still had the same position he did when they were in S.A.

Hikari still loved Kei, she just never really said. She expressed it in her actions. It was still hard for her to say 'I love you.' She was happily living with the man of her dreams, Kei. Who cares if she refused to sleep in the same bed? Apparently Kei did.

Hikari always thought that whenever Kei asked her if she wanted to sleep with him, that he wanted to do it…not actually sleep.

It was eleven o' six. "I think we should go to bed now, Hikari." He ran his fingers through his smooth hair. "Good idea, I need lots of energy for tomorrow! I never knew that so many people wanted to work for this company!" She stretched in her blue pajama's and smiled brightly. "So, where are you sleeping tonight?" He gave an almost devious smile.

"My…bed…?" She hesitated, not really understanding what Kei was getting at. Even after five years, she was as dense as ever.

"What bed?" He pointed into the bedroom. Hikari slowly walked to the bedroom, she was alert, just in case this was some sort of trick.

Hikari's jaw dropped when she saw that her bed wasn't in the room anymore. "W-w-what did you do, Takishima?!" She screamed, her face was obviously red. "Well, since you refuse to sleep with me. I'm guessing because you thought I'd do something." Hikari looked in another direction. She felt gentle arms wrap around her body. "I'd never force you to do anything you don't like…" He smiled. Hikari turned to look at his face. She was about to speak when Kei said, "Except sleeping in the same bed as me." The smile never left his face. "Nooooo!" She screamed.

Throughout the rest of the night Kei tried to get Hikari to stay in the bed. Or just try to get her under the sheets at least. After about five hours of struggle. Kei held her tightly in his arms, an aggravated smile on his face. They fell asleep that way.

Kei holding her in his arms tightly, and Hikari not struggling much. "Goodnight…" She mumbled, clearly sleepy. She just spent five hours trying not to get into that bed.

In The Morning…

An alarm clock rang. It was six thirty in the morning, Kei and Hikari had to get ready for work. Hikari groggily slipped out of bed, "Mmm…tired…" She murmured. "Maybe if you hadn't struggled so much, you wouldn't be so tired." Kei said, as he tied his tie. How he got ready so quickly, she'll never know. "Maybe if you hadn't tried to force me into bed with you, I wouldn't be so tired!" She yelled, pointing a finger at him in a very child-like manor. Kei smiled, "Then until you get used to it, I guess you won't be sleeping very well." He left the room for the kitchen.

Knock Knock. Knock Knock.

Hikari was finally ready for work. She heard someone knocking at the door. "Coming." She called. When she opened the door. A familiar, loving girl jumped at her. "Hikari! Are you okay?!" She asked, worried about her angel. "I'm fine just tired, Akira." Hikari rubbed her eyes.

"What did Monster A, do to you?!" She held her shoulders firmly.

"He forced me to sleep with him." She whined.

"KEI!!! HOW DARE YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY ANGEL HIKARI!" Akira jumped at Kei. Which was the beginning of a very odd morning.

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