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Love Is A Silly Game

Ch. 10


It had been at least two weeks. Two long weeks, since they had gotten any time alone with each other.

One may wonder, 'why did these two lovers not have any alone time for two weeks', they had been busy. Work, friends, family, and more work can postpone any time that the two may have planned with each other. It was hectic two weeks.

Now, finally, they had some quiet, peaceful time together. Somehow, they managed to find the time, between her planning the wedding and his animal conservancy meeting. So, here they lay underneath a blooming cherry blossom tree on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Listening to the wind blow softly against their hair and the grass tickle their skin, they lay there silently. Neither of them spoke, lest they wished to break the comfortable quiet.

He turned on his side and smiled at his love, who was sleeping soundly. Placing a chaste kiss on her kiss, he laid back into the grass once more. To his surprise, she clasped his hand gently and laced her delicate fingers with his strong ones.

They both smiled, lazing in under the cherry blossom tree. Sharing a much wanted and needed moment together, alone.

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