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Chapter 1:The Beginning

The first time Draco Malfoy heard of the girl was when he was six years old.

"Where will she go now?" Draco's father, hidden behind his dark mask, hissed at his companions. The small, blond headed boy hid around the corner, straining to hear the conversation. Lucius would never let him into the Death Eater meetings held at his home, but Draco would always eavesdrop- and he would almost always be caught. What Draco could not understand was why there were still holding meetings at all, seeing as their Dark Lord had disappeared long ago. What did they still have to gain from it?

"She's going to stay with me!" Bellatrix shouted shrilly, "She's his daughter, and he trusted me most, I ought to be the one to keep her!"

"That cannot be!" A new voice said, one unfamiliar to Draco, "She's been with the Weasley's all this time, she cannot be changed now!""But she must know where her loyalties shall lie!" Bella's voice rang out once more, "She must be with one of us, not those filthy blood traitors!"

"Bella, Fenrir's right," Narcissa said so quietly that her son could almost not hear her, "She shouldn't be pulled from that environment so suddenly. What will she think of it? We can't have her despising us- her only family."

The door to the sitting room flung open and Draco quickly hid himself, but he peeked around the corner again in time to see his Aunt Bella storm out of the front door of Malfoy Manner and disappear into the sky. Narcissa was not far behind, followed by other people that Draco could not recognize because of their masks. Lucius was last, and he ushered the Death Eaters out of his home, then whipped around to Draco, whom he had unfortunately spotted.

"Go to bed, Draco," He snapped coldly, whacking his son in the shin with his walking stick. The boy quickly complied, quite frightened of what his father might do if he did not. When he heard the door close, Lucius turned to his wife, who was just closing the door.

"So you truly wish for the Dark Lord's daughter to stay with Weasley?" Narcissa asked him in her smooth, stony tone, her eyes glittering with curiosity.

"The girl does not know where she comes from," Lucius replied, sweeping past her down the hall, "And besides- when the time comes, she will know who her father is. She will know what she is to become."

At that very moment, miles away in a tall, lopsided house, Erin Riddle was standing outside, staring up at the blood red moon and seeing flashes of green and red in her mind.

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