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I was five years old when I met the girl who was to be my best friend. She punched Mike Fuller in the face after he made me cry when he stomped on my sand castle. The she made him apologize and offer to help me rebuild it. I can still very distinctly remember the first time we actually talked after she hit Mike…

"Hey are you ok?"

My tears blur my vision as I stare at the girl trying to fix my ruined sand castle, stupid Mike. It takes me several moments to steady my breathing and answer the mess of brown curls squatting next to me.

"A-are y-you the o-one w-who hit h-him?"

I'm a little scared she might hit me too. She gives me a toothy grin and plops down in the sandbox next to me.

"Yeah that was me. He shouldn't have made you cry."

Her face contorts into an angry frown as she glares over at the monkey bars where Mike still sits nursing his damaged face.

"Would you like to help me rebuild my castle?"

She seems nice enough and I could really use the help. Her big, brown eyes seem to light up as she nods enthusiastically at my question.

"The name's Ashley Davies."

She doesn't wait to shake my hand but starts digging and packing sand at an amazingly fast rate.

"Well I'm Spencer Carlin."

Ashley lets out a giggle and shakes her head in amusement. She's a very strange girl.

"That's a boy's name!"

Her outburst causes us both to giggle crazily and we play together until our mother's drag us back to our separate houses…

From then on we were an inseparable pair. She was always the outgoing, leader while I happily followed her anywhere, as long as I was with her. There was the time I was seven and followed her when she skipped church or when we were eight and I followed her when she ran away from home for three hours. But one day there was a place I couldn't follow her to…

"Spence I'm leaving."

"Oh you gotta go home? Hold on I'll tell mom I'm walking ya back to your house."

My ten year old body springs off the couch but her grip on my wrist stops me in my tracks. When I face her she's giving me a sad smile with her wild curls tucked up under her favorite baseball cap.

"No Spence, my family is moving to California. We're leaving tonight."

I blink several times at my best friend, my mind not really comprehending her words.


I remember there was a tearful goodbye and I cried a lot for weeks but at ten years old it's really difficult to hold onto something for too long, even if it is your best friend.

Fast forward eight long, painful years and here I stand, a senior, about to start a new year in sunny L.A.

My sweaty hands try to smooth down my cheerleading uniform as small beads of sweat start to form on my forehead. I just can't get used to this California heat.

"Honey, get out of the car. I'm going to be late for work."

My mother's indifferent tone gets me to roll my eyes in disgust, I can't stand her. She drives away as soon as my feet hit the pavement and now I stand alone in front of King High.

I would even settle for the presence of my overly annoying twin brother but he's already here for early basketball practice.

"Hey girl welcome to your first official day of King High."

The only person I know links our arms and drags me, unwillingly, into the mass of other high school students. Madison Duarte is the stereotypical high school cheerleader. She's beautiful, high strung, self centered, and feared by all. Like I said, the typical cheerleader.

By lunch time my head is swimming with the endless gossip of all the jocks/potential homecoming queens Madison has prattled on about. I just wanna eat in peace but all the attention I'm getting from being Madison's new "pet" is overbearing. People around here need something to do besides talk about each other, its annoying.

As I follow dutifully behind Madison a small group of kids by the center of the quad catch my eye. There's five of them laughing and smoking with carefree smiles plastered on their faces. They're the lucky ones not being drug around by evil cheerleaders.

But there's one girl in particular that captures my attention. She must be their unofficial leader because she sits in the center and they all stare at her adoringly.

Sitting down I frown slightly, trying to figure out why that girl's dark eyes seem so familiar.

"Girl why are you staring at those losers?"

Madison's irritating voice brings me out of my inner musings.

"Who is that girl Madison?"

I make the mistake of taking a drink of my Dr. Pepper as she answers me.

"Ugh that is Ashley Davies."

The pop comes flying out of my mouth, spraying all over Madison and my sputtering prevents me from breathing properly. Ashley Davies, as in my childhood best friend? Could it really be her?

"Damn girl now I gotta go change my clothes."

Madison shoots me an evil glare and stomps off with her loyal posse following close behind. My eyes shoot back to where Ashley sits with her friends.

These past eight years have been good to her. She looks fantastic and I suddenly feel very exposed sitting by myself. I gather my things and take off for my locker, still staring at Ashley.

I almost trip when I see Ashley press a light kiss to some other girl's lips, pulling back with a grin. A group of people walk by and I duck in with them just as Ashley looks around the quad with a slight frown. Whew that was close.

As I'm walking to my locker a familiar person approaches me and I groan inwardly.

"Girl where you been?"

Even after having pop spit all over her Madison still looks like she's just stepped out of Vogue. She's looking at me like I'm crazy and maybe I am.

"I was eating lunch Madison."

She prattles on about practice after school and asks me if I've seen Sherry's hair. Blah, blah, blah. Finally Madison leaves me alone as I walk into Geometry and she takes off for, hmm come to think of it I don't think she ever goes to class.

Geometry is a class I took back in Ohio so there is no problem, this will be easy. I sit in the only available desk and a handsome boy turns around to smile at me.


His bright green eyes are dancing and his jet black hair is a mess but he's super cute so I give him a coy smile.


He seems elated by a response from me and sticks out his hand for me to shake.

"I'm Aiden."


We grasp hands and he smiles brightly, his white teeth seeming to sparkle. What is it with everyone at this school looking like models?

"You new?"

Before I can answer a balding man of about 40 comes jogging in the classroom already talking a thousand miles a minute. Aiden turns around but not before giving me another thousand watt smile.

I sit back in my desk and smile to myself, Ashley completely forgotten and the cute boy in front of me consuming my thoughts.


I groan as Madison signals the end of practice and my muscles are screaming at me for a hot shower. The other girls give a round of applause and I try my best not to roll my eyes. Aiden is across the gym practicing basketball with my brother and the dark haired boy gives me a small wave.

It takes Glen ten minutes before he is ready for us to go home and when we leave he sends a wink Madison's way, ew. He talks animatedly about his day and when I look up from my cell phone I see a familiar girl climbing into a black mustang.

My breath catches in my throat as her eyes turn towards mine and we lock gazes for several beats before Glen pulls out and tears off in the direction of our house.

"So Spence how was your day?"

God isn't that a loaded question? Do I tell him about Ashley or Aiden? Or do I just keep my mouth shut?

He looks at me expectantly and I have to give him something, I never keep things from him. Glen is my best friend after all.

"I met someone today."

A blush creeps across my cheeks revealing that I'm excited about the prospect. Glen's face hardens and his hand grips the steering wheel harder.

"Who is he?"

Glen gets protective sometimes. Once, in Ohio, he came on a date with me. It took two years after that for a guy to ask me out again.

"Chill, you know him actually. Uh Aiden something or other."

He snorts as we turn into our driveway and we both get out of the car.

"Yeah he's a pretty good guy, easily entertained."

Glen gives a laugh and then goes inside while I wrestle my cheerleading bag out of the trunk.

Once I get to my room I collapse onto my bed and my thoughts drift from Madison to Aiden and finally settle on Ashley. Maybe it wasn't really her, the Ashley from when I was a kid.

My phone buzzes beside me and I instantly regret having such a horrible device especially when I see who is calling. I'll just let voicemail pick it up.

"Spencer! Mom's going to be late, we're on our own for dinner!"

Glen yells at me even though my room is only four feet from his and it makes my head start to pound.

I sit up and look around my room at all the unpacked boxes. For a second I think about unpacking but decide against it.

It takes me about three minutes to change and I walk downstairs in old sweats with my hair pulled back messily.

"Well aren't you attractive?"

Glen gives a girly giggle and tries to dodge the punch I throw his way. His curly blonde hair is damp from a shower and he has his 'special' cologne on.

"Wait why you all done up?"

He grins at my question right as the doorbell rings and he takes off at almost a dead sprint. I try not to make a face as Madison strolls into our kitchen, a small dog in a purse attached to her arm.

"Oh and Spence I invited Aiden too. I thought the four of us could watch a movie."

Glen gives me a devilish grin and follows Madison to the living room right as the doorbell rings again. My mouth drops open and I narrow my eyes in the direction of my brother. The mirror by the front door shows me just how horrible I really look and I cringe as I open the front door.

There stands Aiden with a giant smile on his face and a motorcycle helmet tucked under his burly arm. I can't help but smile at the sight of him and his tousled hair.

"Hey Aiden, come on in."

He brushes past me and I lead him to where Madison and Glen are already huddled together on the couch.

Aiden and Glen exchange grunts before Aiden finds a place on the floor. For a second I consider sitting on the loveseat but end up tucked in the crook of Aiden's arm as the movie starts and I jump with fear. I hate Glen for picking a scary movie.


"Well I had a really good time tonight, thanks for the invite."

Aiden gives me a shy smile before leaning down and giving me a quick kiss to the cheek.

"Good night Aid."

The use of his nickname gets him to grin and he practically bounces back to his bike. I watch him drive away and the butterflies in my stomach finally settle down.

Glen is waiting for me in the kitchen with a Dr. Pepper and I nod in thanks.

"That was fun. He's a good guy Spence, nicely done. Good night little sis."

He rustles my hair and jogs up the stairs humming a song as he goes. It's after eleven and my mom still isn't home. With a sad sigh and a defeated feeling I leave the dining room light on and trudge upstairs.

It's been like this ever since my dad died; mom works late and ignores us because we remind her of dad.

As I settle in bed I can't remember being this excited for school yet dreading it at the same time. I hope I can stay away from Ashley, she probably doesn't remember me anyways.

What do you think? I've started this since Truth is basically over. I'm a little stuck on My Paradise but had to get this idea at least started.