Harry and Charlotte Potter

An old wizard stood on Privet Drive, he took out a lighter and pointed it at a light. Magically it disappeared into the lighter. He did that to all the lights. A cat with squares around the eyes walked up to him.

"How nice of you to come Prof. McGonogall." he said with a grin.

Suddenly the cat turned into a woman of older years ,with emerald robes, square glasses, and a witches hat.

"Good evening Prof. Dumbledore" she returned

The two walked to #4. " Are the rumors true Albus?" McGonogall asked solemnly.

"Yes, Minerva. The good and the bad." Dumbledore answered gravely

"And the children?"

"Hagrid is bringing them."

McGonogall looked stern "is it wise to trust Hagrid with something as important as this!?"

" I would trust Hagrid with my life!": Dumbledore sad turning to her,

Suddenly a motorcycle landed from high in the air.

A man as tall as two people stood up, two carriers were on his stomach.

"Prof. Dumbledore, sir, Prof. McGonogall." he said in a gruff voice

"No Problems I trust Hagrid." sad Dumbledore

"No sir" Hagrid handed McGonogall a baby boy. "the boy fell asleep as we were flyin' over Bristol." he handed the awake baby girl to Dumbledore, she began to coo.

"Albus is this a good idea..I've watched them all day there the worst sort of Muggles imaginable! They really are.-"

"-The only family they have." finished Dumbledore

"But there won't be a child in our world who won't know their names!" pressed McGonogall.

"Exactly they'd be far better growing up away from all of that." he put the girl by her brother

Hagrid sniffed.

"There there Hagrid." soothed Dumbledore " it's not good by after all."

Hagrid nodded sadly.

Dumbledore put a letter next to the babies for the Dursleys.

"Good luck Harry and Charlotte Potter"