Stepping through the doors of Abby's lab, coffee in one hand and a nice frosty CafPow in the other, Gibbs heard Abby over the din of the usual electronic music.

"And the best part is you're going to meet the rest of the team! Here comes Gibbs with my CafPow now. I don't have anything for you yet Gibbs," she raised her voice as he approached. "I'm running the prints, and I'm running the trace you got off the petty officer's shoes." She bounced over to meet him halfway. "I was just about out of caffeine though and I'm glad you showed up because you have to meet the reason I'm here at all, the professor who taught me forensics!" Abby grabbed his free hand and bounced into the lab.

Agent Gibbs followed his favorite forensics expert with a grin.

But when he saw the diminutive redhead perched on the stool by the Mass Spec, he dropped his coffee from suddenly nerveless fingers.

Special Agent Gibbs and Special Agent Dana Scully gaped at each other.

"You?" said two flabbergasted voices in unison.