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Words Unspoken


Kazuya Shibuya was 25 years old and still, more affectionately, referred to as Naru.

He sat in his office, tapping his nails on his expensive desk and checking the clock for the umpteenth time. There was simply no way he could go without tea for another minute. She was late. Again.

He sighed, standing up without a sound and making his way to the kitchen.

In the last 7 years there had been many changes to SPR--and its correspondents.

The same cozy office was still stashed away in its little corner of the world. The same furniture and little to no decoration made up the interior. People still came and went, some begging for SPR's expertise and others simply to annoy Naru or pester Lin.

Naru put the pot on to boil and turned on the wrong burner, he glowered at the oven willing it to work, unfortunately his glares had no effect on the electric stove. Fifteen minutes later Naru emerged from the kitchen with a steaming hot cup of-what tasted like-boiled socks.

He clenched his hands and threw the cup in the trash, where it shattered. He had to remind himself to deal with his anger more sophisticatedly and then decided to lock himself in the office for the day.

His usual accomplices had a lot going on recently.

Takegawa and Ayako had just moved in together, he remembered, closing his office door shut behind him. They'd tried to persuade him in to seeing their new apartment but he'd refused, seeing as who might-or might not-be there as well.

John had left priesthood for Masako a year earlier, he was now an official Catholic Minister, and Masako couldn't be happier. Personally Naru was just glad that she'd gotten over her obsession with him.

Yasu had finished college and was currently opting for a job at SPR's England branch, with Naru's recommendation.

Naru sat down and mentally cursed himself for having so much work to do. There was a huge stack of papers on his desk that had to be filed, books to be alphabetized, a whole calendar of appointments to be scheduled. But he knew that she wouldn't appreciate it if he dumped all of this mediocre work on her when she arrived. She was simply here to make tea, and she'd made that clear enough in the last year and a half.

'Just to make tea. She can't even make it right.' Naru thought miserably.

Yes, Naru was miserable. The most narcissistic, conniving, loathing, deceitful, and unemotional person on the face of the earth was miserable-and there was only one reason for it.

One reason for why he'd barely spoken to anyone outside his family, and Lin, in over a year.

SPR's front door practically crashed open.

"I'm here, sorry I'm late. Traffic, ya know?" she called from the waiting room. He heard her heading in to the kitchen and then cursing at the mess he'd made.

Even her annoyance couldn't amuse him. There was really something very wrong with him.

Several moments later she entered his office with a smile and placed his tea on his desk.

"Morning Naru! And how are we this morning?" she asked brightly.

He refused to gratify her with a response.

"Fine then, be grouchy, you have a reason to be I guess." she sighed, crossing her arms. "You are the one that let the girl get away, she was so cute too..."

She continued to sigh and stare at him erratically until Naru gave her his 'if you don't spill I will exorcise you' glare, which didn't phase her. Finally he gave in.

"Madoka, what's happened?" he asked her.

Madoka slammed both hands on his desk sending files and pens everywhere. He glared at her.

"I'll tell you what's going on!" Madoka shouted, "What's going on is that you never told her how you feel and now," she fumbled for something in her purse and then shoved something towards him, "Now MAI'S GETTING MARRIED!!!"

Naru felt his entire being go cold and numb as he lifted the card Madoka had so graciously given him.

It read:

You are invited to the Wedding of Mai Taniyama to Natsume Izumi.

This bond of marriage will take place on May 7, 2009 at Nagasaki Island.

All guests are welcome to stay at the groom's villa and are invited to arrive 2-3 days prior to the actual wedding.

RSVP to Mai Taniyama at XXX-XXXX

We hope you are able to come!

Several moments passed by where Madoka was afraid that Naru couldn't even breathe.

It had been a year and a half since he had seen Mai's name. A year and a half since the incident that had left him a numb, hollowed shell of who he used to be.

Silently Naru looked up at Madoka, he didn't feel the card slip from his fingers. He didn't think he could feel anything at all.

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