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Naru watched as Mai walked down the aisle and he felt suddenly nervous. His entire body was beginning to itch, he wanted to get out of this suit, out of this church and back in his office with a nice hot cup of white tea.

Unfortunately he was obligated to be here.

He stuffed his hands in to his pockets and focused on Mai. Her white dress clung to her waist and climbed down past her knees. Her hair was shorter, her skin was lighter and her eyes seemed to shine from more than just the sunlight, she was radiant and she was his; and Naru began to feel himself relax as his eyes bore in to hers.

Finally Mai found her place on the podium and the entire church was silent as if something more important than marriage was taking place.

Mai smiled at him, and suddenly Naru didn't care about the audience.

He was just about to reach forward and grasp her hands in his when Masako Hara walked past them both and sat beside John at the altar, and suddenly the focus was on them. They gazed at Masako's long white dress and elegant train and the flowers in her hair. And at John's black tux and combed blonde tresses.

Mai smiled as if to say, 'Isn't their wedding beautiful?'

And it was, but to Naru it wasn't so much the wedding that was beautiful than the girl that was standing feet from his side. The girl he'd been dating for a year now. The girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.


After the wedding Naru sat with Mai outside the church. Mai was sitting on the railing above Naru's head and she clung on, hoping not to fall but knowing that Naru would catch her if she did.

The sun was setting, the air was fresh and the others had already left for the wedding dinner. They would leave soon too but for now they wanted to be alone.

In the silence Naru decided something. It was now or never, cliché but true.

"You know, weddings never seem to go well for us," Naru said, startling Mai from the silence.

"Oh, well, yeah." she said laughing, "I guess so. Madoka's wedding we broke up, 'my' wedding we got back together and this wedding...well don't jinx us Naru."

He shrugged stepping back so that he was watching her from below. She had told him that her dress was off-white not white but still, she looked like nothing short of an angel.

"Here," Naru said, reaching in to his pants pocket, "I have a rock for you to catch, just don't drop it....or fall trying to catch it."

He pulled his hand out and tossed her something round, something... Mai caught it and practically fell backwards doing so. She straddled the railing in her knee length bridesmaids dress, using both hands to inspect this 'rock' Naru had so graciously thrown at her.

It was a rock, a diamond actually. A simple gold band with a small diamond set precisely in the center. Eyes widening Mai looked down at Naru who had gotten down on one knee.

"Mai, will you marry me?" he asked, his eyes never wavering from her face.

She looked at the ring and then at Naru and then back at the ring. Slowly she began nodding and then tears began to well up in her eyes. She got off the railing and as Naru stood up she jumped down in to his arms.

"I do, of course I do," she said through tears. Smiling slightly Naru took the ring from her shaking hands and put it on her finger before wiping the tears from her eyes.

He looked down at her, the girl he'd loved since he was seventeen years old, and he smiled; really smiled. And then she kissed him, or he kissed her and somewhere in all of that they each found themselves wondering why they hadn't done this sooner.


Madoka jumped out from behind a clump of bushes. "Yes!!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes!" she shouted, startling Naru and Mai.

"Phase four completed!" she said happily, and then she was followed by Lin, Ayako, Monk, Yasu, Naru's parents and John and Masako.

Mai held Naru's hand, wondering where she had gotten such strange friends, and then she remembered SPR.

Lin spoke up first, "So what exactly was phase four?"

"Oh, Get the idiot Narcissist to marry his equally stupid assistant, of course," Madoka said with a wave of the hand.

"Oh Mai, you're part of our family now! I have a daughter isn't this wonderful Martin!" Luella exclaimed, reaching forward the strangle Mai in to a hug.

Martin nodded and smiled, probably immune to his wife's maniacal behavior.

Then Ayako and Monk were pestering them about details and wedding invitations; and Mai was demanding why at least John and Masako weren't at the wedding dinner; and Naru was trying to fade in to the trees but failing because Mai had a death grip on his arm; and Madoka was dancing around Lin, because her husband refused to dance, so this was the only way to include him; and then Yasu finally realized that Ayako was wearing an engagement ring, which led to a whole other round of congratulations, in which Ayako strangled Yasu and Monk; and Gene watched all of this from his cloud, Aoi by his side, and he was happy.

"See I told you it would work out." Gene said, accidentally shoving his hand through the cloud.

"See what you did!" Aoi scolded him, "Now they're going to get all wet."

Gene sighed and contacted Naru, 'Hey Noll.'

'What do you want?' Naru demanded, obviously angry because of all of the attention.

'If you get wet in a few seconds it wasn't me.' he insisted before cutting the connection off.

Naru turned to the others and said in a cold, firm voice. "Hey."

And as everybody turned to look at Naru a bit of water hit each of them on the head.

Naru looked up with the others at the practically cloudless sky, he squeezed Mai's hand, "Gene says hi."

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