Originally I was going to call this story Raptus, but I like the title I have now better. But yeah, this is just meant to be a prologue, but as the story goes on it will hopefully clear up some confusion. I hope you enjoy it.

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1. Dream

The pitter patter of feet stepping lightly across the hallway floor couldn't be ignored. The laptop was in the office and she had an important message to send before it was too late. Her life depended on it. She didn't know what time it was. She had risen from her bed, her eyes glassy as she roamed the house as if in a trance to get to her office. She was clumsy as she stumbled inside and sat down at her desk, which held her laptop. She opened it and turned it on like she had done millions of times before.

But this time her life depended on it.

She had to get a message out before they came and killed her. She didn't fully understand who they were, but her fingers flew over her keyboard as she got on the internet and downloaded a few files that she needed. She had never heard of them, but she was instructed to use them, by whom though, she didn't rightly know.

They were hacking files. Files she needed to use to send the message. Her glassy, lost eyes barely focused on the computer screen as she skimmed through the setup and the instructions. This wouldn't take long…not too long…

Code 017062…acquiring access…please wait…loading…acquiring necessary data and program files…finished…PASSWORD:


Access denied…


Access denied…


Access granted…

To: BC911

Megatron's body has been located and the coordinates of his whereabouts are obtainable through Soundwave. The Autobot forces have mobilized, as if sensing an oncoming attack by the Decepticons. Our plans have not been discovered by the enemy. Starscream has assumed command of the Decepticons for the time being. Decepticons have been spread out throughout every country and continent on planet Earth. Orders are requested. The Autobots may think they have the upper hand now, but they do not. One of the great pyramids on Earth, located in the country Egypt has a super weapon hidden inside, one that is able to destroy the sun. Sam Witwicky is the key to victory. He has valuable information contained in the remaining fragment of the Allspark. The Fallen shall rise again.


She sent the message and immediately exited out of the program before she turned off her computer. She promptly went back to bed, where she settled in and closed her glassy eyes. She laid like that for a few long minutes until her eyes suddenly shot open, the glassiness completely gone. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and glanced at the clock by her bed. It was only 4:30 in the morning. Sighing, she rolled back over to get some more sleep with one thought on her mind.

What a strange dream…

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