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12. Welcoming the Dawn

Kristen saw him coming long before she heard him. Barricade's flashing lights couldn't be missed. It took her a minute to figure out if it was really him, but considering it was the only police car racing towards her direction, she figured it couldn't be anyone else. She stood in her robot form eager to meet him. She wanted to know what he thought of her new form. She had a feeling that he would like it, but she couldn't be too sure. He had been desperate to see her in this form, but he was a Decepticon. There was no telling what pleased him.

However, when he pulled up and transformed, Kristen could tell he was surprised. She saw the wonder, the pleasure, the satisfaction glittering in his red optics. She smiled involuntarily. "Barricade," she said.

Oh, how he loved it when she said his name.

"I have some explaining to do."

The Decepticon tracker smiled. She did have a lot of explaining to do. Barricade wanted to know just what happened to cause his delicious, sweet, and soft octane flavored Kristen to become a transformer. She looked just as sweet and delicious now, less fragile, but still capable of being broken. He didn't want to admire her. He wanted to pin her down, rip her open, feel her metal clashing against his. He wanted to force his soul inside of hers. He never wanted to let her go.

"Barricade?" she breathed, taking his hand in hers.

He shuddered at her touch, surprised by how smooth her armor was. He was aware he hadn't said anything; he was too busy concentrating on memorizing her form, trying to pinpoint the place on her body that would make her squirm the most. "Kristen," he finally said, his voice heavy with lust, "Is Abbie…?"

"Abbie is now the Autobots problem," she answered, "I fully expect them to offline her."

"They were able to separate her from you?"


"I can't believe they let you go."

"They didn't. Ratchet told me how to get away."

"Ratchet let you leave?" he asked, confused.

"I believe he pitied me, he knew that I didn't want to be there, he knew I would never become an Autobot."

"Where do you want to be?" he asked, his voice gruff as he lifted her hand to his mouth components, enjoying the way her armor felt against his mouth.

"With you."

He smirked before saying, "I don't think you understand the implications of that."

"I'll become a Decepticon if that's what it takes to—

"You're too nice to be a Decepticon."


He kissed her fiercely. There was no need to be gentle when he was eager. She tasted even better now, as if her sweetness amplified from her human form to her transformer form. He loved the way she felt as he pulled her close to him, leaving no room for air between them. He wouldn't let her go. She couldn't go back to the Autobots, she would never be a Decepticon, but she would belong to him. She served no other purpose than to be his mate, the one who warmed his berth for him, the one who took care of him, the one who bore his children. Megatron would understand, but he wouldn't let Megatron take her from him, despite his loyalty to the Decepticon leader.

"I won't let you go," he said, breaking the kiss he initiated, "You'll stay with me."

"And what am I supposed to do?"

She loved him, he knew it, he could feel it. He knew there was no greater loyalty than love; he knew that there was no stronger weakness. She would never leave him so long as she loved him. And this desire he felt for her, he dared to say it was the same she felt for him. That four letter word he swore he would never say to someone else and mean, he believed one day he could say it to her.

He didn't want to give her options for now though, he just wanted her to love him because that was what he enjoyed the most. Perhaps he could train her in the ways of the Decepticons, but there was no need to promise her anything tonight. Tonight she was his. Forever she would be his.

"Can you transform?" he asked as his hands roamed the parts of her body his optics roamed earlier.

"No," she answered.

"That won't do," he said as he projected an image of a vehicle, "Chose a vehicle mode and I'll show you how to transform."

After browsing through a few forms, she finally chose a 2010 BMW Z4. Barricade proceeded to show her how to scan the projection before instructing her how to transform properly. Kristen was quick to learn and once she had transforming mastered for the most part, the Decepticon tracker instructed her to follow him. Curious, she transformed and followed Barricade into the night.

Kristen was surprised by how much easier driving was now that she was actually the vehicle. It was comparable to blinking or breathing, something that could be done without thinking, but it was so much faster than walking. As they drove along, she tried to take in the surroundings in order to try and identify where they were or see if she could figure out where they were possibly going, but she had no idea. She read the street signs; all the town names that they passed through were unfamiliar. She figured that was okay though, Barricade wasn't leading her to her doom, or so she hoped.

It was a couple hours later when they finally stopped. Kristen transformed when Barricade did and looked around. They weren't that far outside of a town, but he had brought her to an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the town. She followed Barricade inside, glancing at the broken machinery. From what she could tell, the factory was used to make cars at one point in time, but had to be shut down because of the economic downturn.

"How'd you find this place?" she asked as they stopped walking.

"I'm a tracker, I can find whatever I want," he said with a smirk.

He had found her more than once. From the expression on his dark face she knew that he wanted her too. She watched as he turned his back to her before looking over his shoulder at her and saying, "We'll rest here for tonight."

She wasn't tired, neither was he. She studied the burning look in his optics. They screamed lust, they screamed excitement, they screamed hunger… He was hard to see, from where he was standing, though he wasn't that far from her. His back was mostly to her as he stared at her from over his shoulder, watching her study him. His twin red optics pierced through the dark, the moonlight dripped down his black armor. Normally instinct would have told her to run away from this terrible, bloodthirsty, hungry monster, but she couldn't, she wouldn't run. She was completely captivated, devoted, in love with, trapped by him.

Her feet moved, but not away from him. Kristen crossed the short distance until she reached him. Barricade felt as she grasped some of the cables on his back with one hand as she turned to face him. Her other hand slowly went up his torso teasing wires, sensors, his armor plating. Oh, she was asking for it. He caught her by the wrist when her hand reached his shoulder, surprising her.

He kicked her feet out from under her and lifted her by the wrist he had been clinging to. He pinned her against one of the walls, lifting her so that she was nearly optic level with him. He pressed himself against her as his mouth components found hers. The eagerness in his kiss showed how he hungry he was for her, and hunger wasn't a powerful enough word, he was starving.

As the Decepticon tracker kissed her, he slid his fingertips down her arm until his hand found hers still holding onto his back. He wove his fingers between hers and removed her hand from his back. He pressed himself closer to her as he wove his fingers between hers on her other hand. The wall couldn't support their weight and they went tumbling through into the next room. When they landed, Kristen was pinned beneath Barricade, their hands still clutching one another's. They looked at each other for a moment, and when they realized what had happened and that neither of them was injured, Barricade leaned back in and resumed the kiss.

After a few moments, Barricade released one of her hands and slowly traced his sharp fingertips down her torso. Kristen felt a sudden heat between her legs flare up as he did that. Using his free hand, he spread her legs a little farther apart. She gasped into his mouth when he suddenly opened a panel between her legs and slipped one of his sharp fingers inside her. He kissed her neck, chuckling against her throat as he felt her squirm beneath him.

"Does it hurt?" he asked smiling, his voice rasp.

"Yes," she replied, wincing, but at the same time it felt good.

Pleased, he removed his finger only to insert it in her mouth and force her to clean it off. Kristen remembered the time that they went to the gas station and he had emphasized how she didn't want to know how dirty he was. Now she was beginning to see. Barricade didn't just have fun with femmes, he thoroughly enjoyed them.

She was still sucking on his finger when he inserted himself into her valve. Kristen moaned involuntarily as he inserted himself to the hilt, she could feel her muscle cables stretch in order to accommodate him.

"Kristen," he breathed as he took his hand away from her mouth and kissed her instead, "You know this is how it will always be."

"Me, pinned beneath you?" she breathed back sarcastically.

"You," he said gruffly, "Always with me."


He silenced her as he crushed his mouth components against hers. Slowly he began to thrust himself in and out of her. Gradually he began to increase his pace, breaking the kiss as he did so and burying his face against her neck. Kristen held onto the broken bits of the wall for support as he continued to thrust inside her. She could feel her climax coming and groaned.

"Barricade," she breathed.

He looked at her, his face only a breath away from hers.

"I love you," she said.

He grinned and kissed her lightly. He trailed the kiss down her neck onto her chest. He smiled as he felt Kristen quiver beneath him, knowing that her overload was close. It wasn't long until she convulsed beneath him and he came not long after, burying his essence deep inside of her. When he finished, he slowly pulled out and concealed himself, listening as Kristen closed her panels. Both of their systems were whining loudly, trying to cool them. Barricade, using the energy that he had left, lifted Kristen in his arms and carried her over to another part of the warehouse. He propped her up against the wall before sitting down beside her and sighing heavily. She leaned against him and he placed an arm around her.

"Try to get some rest," he said as he let his optics go offline.

"Thank you, Barricade," she replied quietly, "For everything you've done."

He grunted, causing Kristen to smile. She guessed this was how it was going to be from now on, unless Barricade was to receive other orders. But, she didn't care. This was what she wanted; this was what she had chosen. He was her friend, she loved him, and he was the only one who could help her.

"Think the Autobots offlined Abbie?" she asked.

"We'll probably never know, but I would assume so," he said.

"What happens to me now?"

"You stay with me."


He brought his optics back online. "You're my mate, Kristen," he said.

"You mean…"

"You will serve by my side and you won't have to become a Decepticon."

"Is that…is that what you want?"

"I wouldn't have come back for you if that wasn't what I wanted," he said, "I will do my best to show you the ways of the Decepticons, it won't be easy, but if you do as I say, you won't have much to worry about. Now go to sleep."

Kristen let her optics go offline, knowing that this was how it would be for the rest of her life. She was Barricade's, forever, and that was what she wanted. And while she may have lost her freedom to him, she was only just discovering herself.

In the morning, she didn't know where they would go, but for tonight, as it would be for forever, she would enjoy Barricade's company. And in the morning, she would welcome the dawn with a smile on her face.

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