Chapter 1

Madge woke up at five am everyday. She went to the bathroom, showered, and got dressed for the day. She went down to her neat and orderly kitchen, Floo'd to her office at St. Mungo's, then proceeded to Floo to another location. This was where Madge Damson's life got weird.

St. Mungo's would provide at home care for terminally ill patients or long term patients. They always kept a record of who these people were and who their primary care takers were.

There were no record of Jack and Lavender. Madge didn't know who they were, why they were in magical coma's and lastly she didn't know if Jack and Lavender were even their real names.

Madge's work with them was completely private. Not even her husband and children knew she went to this house everyday at six am. No one knew she did only a few spells while in this house. A Life Vital's spell, an Anti-Atrophy spell, basic sanitation cleaning spells, and a few Nutrition spells to last until the next day. Everyday for the last decade and a half Madge did this then Floo'd back to her office and on her days off she'd Floo back to her own home.

Everyday before she left the little house, she'd glance at a small table in the room with the two mysterious people. The small table held a letter. Madge didn't know to whom it would go to. All she knew was that when the time came, it would deliver itself to the next person who would care for these helpless people. She always wondered who the letter was for, but she knew that if she were to try and read it no words would appear for her. It wasn't for her so she didn't bother with it. Still, she wondered.

Madge remembered the day she got this strange job. It was many years before. Her predecessor had died in a Death Eater attack after little Harry Potter killed You-Know-Who. It was a freak accident that Madge was never told the details of, only that the one who worked this job before her had died and how.

She was given the choice, take this job and earn three hundred Galleons a month extra in pocket change, no taxes, or don't and be Obliviated of the meeting. Of course a young woman who was just starting out in the medical career, freshly married, no kids, and lots of bills a month would never say no to that kind of money. Even if the whole situation screamed illegal.

The only things she had to do were few. One, never tell anyone. Two, keep them alive. Three, leave the WWN on at all times for them to listen to. Four, never wake them from the magical coma they were in. Finally, five, never call them Jack and Lavender out loud.

Of course in actuality the list was slightly longer. Keep them alive was a bit harder than that. Each of them needed the right spells placed on them daily at the same time.

Never tell anyone was a bit easier said than done also. Not even her husband was to know and since she had to go there everyday, she essentially was lying to her husband of twenty years everyday when she told him she went to her quiet office to meditate and get ready for the day. She was only there for just over a half an hour, so the story was believable. That and she also kept a Muggle Yoga mat in the corner of her office and at home and frequently used them for exercise.

Number five however was why she figured that Jack and Lavender were not their real names.

Fifteen years Madge had traveled to this house everyday and cared for the two people. Fifteen years she had wondered.

Tomorrow, she'd learn the truth.

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