Journal Entry 1

Our forces have been stretched thin with Orochimaru, the Akatsuki, as well as other missions to keep the cash flowing in, so I've been assigned to help investigate a couple murders. Shikamaru nara, age 15. I'm using this journal in case someone else comes along who can take this off my hands. Oh well, I said I wanted time off the "rough stuff". Finding a few clues and finding someone, a lot easier and safer then battiling Akatsuki agents or sound ninja. Still a drag though.

A couple of bodies were found this morning, belonging to Echibo and Shizumi Koyoto. They were found in a stream and discovered by a young woman. Echibo was the owner of a book store, Shizumi was a housewife. Hope I have things as simple as Echibo did one day. Without the murder.

These people aren't rich and don't have any political ties. It's probably just some psycho. Holes were found in their chest, a typical stabbing. No weapon was found.

Went to the stream where they were found. A bunch of footprints, I can't tell any unique ones though. The ground is muddy the footprints look fresh. ANBU weren't here more then an hour before me. There isn't much I can find myself.

I went looking for Neji and requested his help, through Tsunade of course. Too troublesome to go up to the mansion on my own. Neji wasn't busy thankfully. His byuakuguan is a lot stronger then most of the hyuugas so I was glad I got him.

He found a piece of cloth buried under some mud as well as a few glowing black stones. Cloth might possibly have some DNA. The stones have my attention though. Where did these come from? They're unlike anything I've ever seen before. Might be a clue. Certain rocks harvest in certain places. They aren't from around here. It's too strange to ignore.

I went to the library and went through entire books on rocks, they don't have anything on these things. I decided to bring them back for analysis. It might be helpful.


Neji stood in a dark tunnel. It was the most abrupt sensastion, he didn't walk into it, he didn't flash to it, he was just there. He stood for a long moment letting it sink it. There was just enough light to see his way through. The cave was made of pure stone with soaked walls. The more jagged rocks dripped water, yet he could not hear them drip. This small detail made his heart skip a beat.

There were some familiar cackles echoing through.

"Whose there?"

The cackles became even louder. "What's going on? Why isn't my Byuakuguan working?" he thought.

The cackles became louder once more. Neji walked ahead caustiously, his hands raised, constantly looking behind him. Cold sweat began to drip down his face despite the ice cold feeling through his entire body. It was a short distance but it felt like a very great one. As he came closer to the end, the lights began to gradually brighten, just enough to see more but at a rate that didn't harm his eyes.

As the light grew brighter, his heart began beating faster. He looked behind him, there didn't seem to be anything but endless path should he turn back. He purged on ahead.

He could make out a figure his exact height in front of him. With his exact hair length even. The light began to showcase him further and further, until all Neji could see in front of him was himself.

"It's about time you came to visit me. I've been waiting a few years to talk to you."

"Who are you?" Neji asked.

"Do you trust the main branch?"

"I asked who you are"

"You didn't answer my question either. It's because we know the answers but neither of us like it. You can't tell me you think this ideal life of yours is coming without a catch. You haven't been accepted into the main branch yet"

Neji stepped forward. "I want an answer, who are you and what is this place?"

"If you want answers, you have to give me answers. They're easy questions. Now tell me, do you trust the main branch?"

"Yes, our grudge is gone. I've moved on from that"

"You think you've matured past me yet you give me such a naive answer. The byuakuguan allows us to see a lot, more then many of the hyuugas. However even that's not always enough to see the obvious"

"Our byuakuguan? The obvious?"

"Did you think the main branch would roll over and accept you? They won't! There are people who want you ousted, trying to find anything to discredit you! Our cousin Hanabi, she wants us gone! You think Hinata dosen't hold a grudge? She might not be as nice as we thought"



"Well what?"

"So do you accept me?"


Journal Entry 2

Another murder happened, this time at the hyuuga house. I had to go there this time, how troublesome. Stabbed through the heart with a kunai. The body was dumped about 50 kilometers away from the hyuuga mansion. The body is identified as Meroku Hyuuga from the main branch. He's usually assigned to guard Hanabi at night. No one was alerted, no one saw anything. Almost all the hyuugas have been interviewed by ANBU. I interviewed Hanabi herself but Hiashi didn't let her talk long and she didn't seem to know anything. Everyone's tight lipped it seems.

Neji acted a little weired. He acted like he was too good to be interviewed for this, a little too good. Not enough to go on though. Besides, I'd prefer to think Neji wasn't like that at all.

I went back to see if the analysis on those rocks and cloth brought anything back. All the people who did an analysis were dead. A few ruled as suicide, others murder. Everyone's freaked, and I'm starting to wish I was out there battiling Orochimaru or something. This mess is becoming a chore to handle. They told me to go talk to Hinata who had just returned to the hyuuga house. When I found her, she was pretty shaken. Maybe she found something, they just wanted to make sure. They couldn't believe Hinata did it. It wasn't a long talk and she really didn't know anything. She had found another one of those rocks though. I told her to throw that away for now and she listened.

I went back to confirm if Hinata was indeed out on mission. It had been done for me, Kiba could vouch for her. Not that I believed it anyway. I'm thinking it was possibly the same person since that stone was there. Might be a calling card.

Whoever it is, I really hope it's not a girl.