Sighing, she ran a slender, pale finger through her unnaturally white hair before she zipped her black boots and grabbed her gray, white, and black side bag and black gloves. She followed the narrow hallway that lead to the small living room of her one bedroom studio apartment, and took a deep breath as she grabbed a handful of cashews and locked her front door behind her. By the time she reached the sidewalk below her window, the sun was bright overhead, and the chill she had woken up to had vanished. She unfolded a small post-it, and silently read some words to herself before looking back up at the street sign in front of her. She looked left, then right, then decided going left was a better choice. She made a few turns before finally landing at a bus stop on a corner of some street she didn't care to pay attention to. Within a few minutes of standing awkwardly at the stop, a school bus turned the corner and stopped in front of her. She boarded the bus and found an empty seat in the third row from the front. The ride to school was uneventful, and the best part, she noted silently, was the screaming of the other students when the bus took off flying into the cool, crisp sky.

Walking out onto the floating school, floods of memories washed into her mind, temporarily erasing any other thoughts. She sighed, lifted her chin, and strode towards the front entrance of Sky High. She made her way to the gymnasium, vaguely remembering where she was and how to get there. Pushing the double doors open, she was met with some cautious, nervous, and intimidated stares. She felt a light touch on her left shoulder, and immediately jumped back from it. When she regained her composure, she looked up to see the kind eyes of Principal Powers, or more affectionately known as Auntie Evelyn. Principal Powers gently laid her hand back on her shoulder, and gracefully lead the way to the group of students that had continued with their Power Placement through the disturbance.

Once all the students had left the gym, Principal Powers looked at her and smiled that warm, caring smile she had always given her. Principal Powers looked up at Coach Boomer, who had gone pale in the face while staring down at the beautiful white-haired girl in front of him.

"Is it really necessary for you to see her powers, Coach?" The Principal asked in a polite mock-tone.

"N- n-- no." He shook his head, and stammered through the two lettered word as if he were trying to say "supercalifraglisticexpialidocious". He looked back at the gray-eyed girl, and smiled weakly. "Hero," he squeaked.

Principal Powers smiled to the coach, and after her niece had turned to leave the gym, she mouthed a silent "Thank you" as Boomer continued to regain the color his face had lost moments before.

Outside the gym, students were busy finding their new classes, and retelling stories from the summer that had passed all too quickly. Once the gym doors closed behind them, Principal Powers looked at her niece and smiled that loving smile one more time.

"You'll be fine, Ivy. I promise." She gave Ivy a reassuring pat on the shoulder, and handed her a small piece of paper. "You remember your way around, I assume?"

Ivy nodded gently, her white hair bouncing slightly.

"How long has it been since you've been up here?"

Ivy's small lips curled into a tiny smile as she smirked, and she lowered her eyes to the floor in an attempt to reject the question non-verbally.

"It's ok. You don't need to answer. Come by my office if you have any problems, or if you just want to talk, alright?"

Ivy nodded one more time, and her Auntie Evelyn left her side.

Right. Talk.

She smiled to herself and looked down at the sheet of paper she still held in her hands.

"English - Senior Composition for Heroes" She read to herself.

She looked at the slowly deserting hallways, glanced down at the paper one more time, then left in the same direction her aunt had taken just a second earlier. She made her way through the familiar hallways slowly, once in a while taking her time to look into a classroom, or back down at the now crumpled paper. After a few more minutes of walking and turning corners, she landed in front of a classroom. Ivy took a deep breath, and opened the squeaky door.