Chapter 1:

Unexpected Challenge

"Thank you!"

A brunette exited a Laundromat in Floaroma Town, clutching a bag over her shoulder. The bag held a dress; a lilac one at that. The brunette hummed a sweet tune while skipping back to the Pokemon Center. Yet, she did not notice the by passer who she bumped into.

"Oops I'm sorry!" The brunette (whose name is Anastasia) said. The violet haired stranger glared at her. "Watch where you're going, klutz," the violet haired teen said. Stacey's cheeks puffed with anger. "I'm not a klutz, I just wasn't looking!" she yelled at him. He smirked. "Whatever, I have more important things to do." He walked off, leaving an angered Stacey.

"Stupid Boy…."


Stacey arrived back at the Pokemon Center, just in time to do some more training for the contest tomorrow. "Alright," she said, pulling out a pokeball from her belt, "Time to do this thang!" she threw the pokeball. "Aurora, let's start the show!"

An Espeon entered the training field, looking confident and slightly sassy. "Okay, Aurora, use Swift!" Stars surrounded the pink pokemon. "Now, Iron Tail!" the stars collided, making sparkles surround Espeon. "Great Job Aurora," Stacey said, pulling out a Poffin. "We are so gonna win that Contest tomorrow!" Stacey petted the Espeon. "Espeon!" she agreed happily.

"Hn, Not you again."

Stacey turned around to face the violet haired male that rudely insulted her earlier. "I would say something back at you but I don't know your name." she said. "The name is Paul, klutz." He replied. "I AM NOT NO KLUTZ, MY NAME IS STACEY YOU STUPID EMO DUCK!" Stacey yelled. Aurora sweatdropped. "Then prove it. Have a battle with me." He said, walking to the other side of the field. "Fine then, two on two." Stacey said, getting ready to battle. "Whatever, you call first." He said, looking rather bored.

"Aurora, let's beat this fool!" she told her Espeon. "Espi!" She nodded, looking determined. "Chimchar, stand by for battle." He called out from his pokeball. "You, go, now." He demanded.

"Aurora, use swift!"

"Counter with Flamethrower, Chimchar

The flames stopped the stars easily and scored a direct hit on Aurora. "Aurora!" Stacey exclaimed, concerned. "Hn. Not so great are we?" He taunted. Stacey clenched her teeth.

"Chimchar, flame wheel."

"Aurora, Iron Tail!"

Chimchar and Aurora were both evenly matched. "Okay, Aurora, Psybeam now!" the colorful waves hit Chimchar directly, causing him to knock out. Paul looked disgusted. "Good Job, Aurora, you deserve a nice rest." Stacey said, pulling out her only Luxury Ball. "Return," Paul said emotionlessly. "Pathetic." He spat to the pokeball. Stacey glared.

"Hey, it did a good job, compliment it!" Stacey scolded. "I need no advice on how to raise my pokemon by a poor excuse for a pokemon trainer like you." Stacey's eye twitched. "For your information, I have won 2 contest ribbons and I made it to the semi finals in the Kanto Grand Festival!" Paul raised a single eyebrow. "I don't care what you've won; just call your next pokemon." Stacey narrowed her eyes. "Fine."

"Honey, let's win this!"

"Elekid, stand by for battle!"

Both pokemon stood (and floated), ready for battle. Stacey's Mothim, Honey, let out a cute cry while Paul's Elekid spun its left arm. Stacey squealed. "So cute!" Paul rolled his eyes. "Just call your move, klutz." Stacey pouted angrily. "Fine."

"Honey, use sliver wind!"

"Dodge and then use brick break."

Honey launched its sliver wind but Elekid was faster and scored a direct hit. Mothim still stood strong.

"Elekid, thunder."

"Send it back using confusion, Honey!'

The bolts quickly soared toward the Mothim but it sent it just as fast back to the launcher. "YEAH! I got this one in the bag!" Stacey said, doing a victory dance. "Not quite." Paul replied, ignoring her stupid antics. "Huh?" Stacey asked, confused. She saw the Elekid absorbing the power of the thunder. "Oh chicken nuggets." Stacey said, frightened.

"Finish this with a Thunder attack."

"Honey, Ariel Ace!"

Elekid dodged the Ariel Ace easily but Honey didn't dodge the Thunder attack, causing him to knock out. Stacey sighed.


"You did great, Honey, take a nice long rest." Stacey returned the pokemon to its pokeball. She clipped the pokeball on her belt and walked over to Paul. "Great battle!" she said, smiling. Paul turned and walked away, his Elekid following the suite. "Whatever, klutz." Stacey puffed out her cheeks again in anger. "I am not a klutz." She told herself as she walked back to the pokemon center. She tripped on a stray pebble.

"Okay, maybe I am."


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