Chapter 7

By the time Giles had explained everything to the Scooby gang he could hear the fax machine running. Going over and grabbing the picture off the machine, Giles takes the it to the table. "Find out what demon this is."

Willow takes the picture and puts it in the middle of the table, then starts passing out some books. At this Giles walks back into the training room. He watches as Duncan and Methos spares with their swords. He sees that they really know how to handle themselves in a battle. The sparing comes to an end when Methos gets the upper hand and put his sword to Duncan's neck.

"That's a new move. I never seen you use it." Duncan said laughing as he gets up off the floor.

"I learned that one from Errol Flynn. Never thought I would have the chance to use it." Methos laughed as he helped Duncan off the floor. "So, Buffy have you had any training with the some of those swords on your wall?" He asked turning to her as Methos put away his sword.

"Ya Giles has taught me a lot on how to use each of the weapons on that wall." She said pointing to the wall with all the weapons.

Giles smiled at Buffy's praise but knew his skills paled in comparison to Duncan's or Adam's. "I've got the gang looking into the demon using the picture your friend has sent. Is there anything else you can tell us about it?"

"Only that the demon knew that we can't fight on holy ground and definitely took advantage of that fact." Methos said with an angry tone in his voice. Looking from Buffy, to Giles and then to Duncan. Without a word Duncan nodded his head. "Well if Duncan said you are trustworthy." He said sitting down. Taking the cue, everyone sat on the floor and waited for him to talk.

"There are many of us but, the number goes down all the time." A perplexed look came over Buffy's face. "Yes, Duncan has not told you everything. We call it 'The Game', and the only two rule one is no fighting on holy ground."

Before he could say what the second rule was Buffy chimed in, "what happens if an immortal fights on holy ground?"

"The last time immortals fought on holy ground Pompeii happened." Methos said with a half-smile.

"What happens if you are attacked by something other than an immortal?" Buffy asked trying to wrap her head around what Methos was saying.

"I was not there but, I read that in 1906 one of an immortal was attacked by five men in a grave yard in San Francisco. When he fought back the 1906 San Francisco earthquake happened. Needless to say, bad things happen if any of us fight on holy ground."

"Got it no fighting on holy ground of any kind." She said with a nod of her head. "Ok, what is the other rule of your 'Game'?"

"There can be only One!" Both Duncan and Methos said at the same time with sadness in her voice.

"Are you telling me that if you two were the last immortals then one of you will have to kill the other?" Buffy yelled.

"Unfortunately, yes." They say sadly.

"You told us the rules of your 'Game' but what is the prize and the end?" Giles asked standing up and cleaning his glasses.

"That immortal will get it all. The knowledge and power of those that had come before him." Methos said with a smile that did not reach his eyes.

Before anyone else could say another word, Willow hurried into the room. "Giles, we found the demon. It is the Rabisu that attacked those men. So, Buffy was right they are connected." With that said Willow leaves the room.

"Well Mr. Pierson it looks like we need to get the translations done." Giles said as he walked to the door.

"Play time is over time for work." Methos said as he followed Giles.

Methos walks to the table and notices there were two empty chairs on either side of Buffy's sister Dawn. He chose the chair between Dawn and the female called Tara.

After he makes himself comfortable Tara leans over and whispers, "how old are you? I sense you are more than two thousand years old."

"How do you sense that?" He asked saying it loud enough for Dawn to hear.

"That's easy Tara is a witch. So is Willow they are pretty powerful." Dawn said with pride in her voice.

"She is right you are very powerful if you can sense my age." He said with a shocked look on his face. "We must talk more after all this translating is done."

"Mr. Giles may I have some of the books that you need help with." He said holding out a hand to Giles.

Giles hands Methos the largest of the books. Making Methos have to grab it with both hand

"Please find anything that references the demon Rabisu or any references to the key." Giles asked Methos as he handed Methos a legal tablet and a pen.

"The Key? Are you talking about the one the Monks of Dagon are protection?" Methos asked with his eyes going wide with surprise.

"Yes, about a year ago the monks sent it to me to hind." Buffy stated before Giles could say anything.

Using logic, he says, "they would only do something that drastic if someone was attacking them." He turns to Buffy, "If you have it then it's safe and there is no need to tell me where." He said with a bright smile. He then turns back to the table opens the book and starts reading.

Buffy moves to the counter where Giles is reading. "We are going to have to tell him about Dawn." She whispered to Giles. "If he agrees to help protect her that is."

"True but let's see what kind of information we can find first before we tell him." He whispered back, then turned his attention back to the book.

"Duncan I'm not much for the books would you care for a little sparing in the training room?" Buffy asked with one of her hundred-watt smile.

"That sounds like a good idea." Turning to Spike who was standing next to him, "want to join us for some sparing?"

"Sure," was all Spike said as he turned and walked towards the training room following Buffy and Duncan.

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