Night: Sorry, this may be rushed. This story contains OCs and pairings are to be decided later, though you will get hinted who...

This also takes place in Kingdom Hearts I with many mentionings of Naruto and the involvement of the characters.

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Wasn't it enough? Just who the hell does he think he is, running into the mass chaos that used to be our home? It was enough that he had come home after being nearly kidnaped by the akatsuki. It was enough when he blindly attacked Kabuto, the traitor and nearly dieing in the process. But this? This was too much.

What was left of Konoha was nothing but a mass of land, wood, and broken parts of buildings. A deep maroon-ish-purple hole, or thing, was sucking up anything and everything in the once star-filled sky.

My steps quickened when I met my brother outside with his fellow grey-haired jonin. Fuyukazu Keiichiro, or Kei, was a tall 5'11 teen with long blackish-blue hair and golden-grey storms he calls eyes. His usual casual smile was completely wipped clean from his face, a deep scowl replacing it.

Hatake Kakashi on the other hand seemed as calm as a lake after a storm. He stood equally tall at around 5'10-11 with dark gray pools, and silvery-gray hair. He stood calmly with his favorite book out.

"Where's Naruto?" Kei didn't seem as surprised as I'd though when he mention the missing blonde. I gave him a slight guilty look followed by a grimace.

"He ran off the minute those dark creatures started to attack the village. No matter how much I protested, he just ran off." I replyed as calmly as I could. Kei 'tch'ed then motioned to Kakashi who nodded.

"Listen very carefully. We might all end up being split up, so you two need to stay together as long as you can. We have about 20 minutes until that thing up there sucks us up. Stay together, find Naruto and try not to get over-powered by these hungry black demons if you call them. This'll probably be the last time in a long while that we see each other so take care of yourselves. I know you two weren't promoted as jonin at such young ages for nothing, but still keep an eye out." Kakashi eyed us one more time before smiling and vanishing with a final 'good-bye'.

I looked up to Kei and nodded before we both turned and ran at full speed towards the training grounds near Hokage Mountain/Monument.

~What are these things?!~

Man, only 5 minutes out of the apartment, and already was I attacked about 20 times by those wierd black things.

~I just hope the others are ok...~

We've searched almost all the training grounds with no luck. I was getting frusterated with every ticking second, and it wasn't pleasant at all. The village was deserted. No one was around, not even the normal ANBU. It was very strange indeed.

"Any chance you think he's on top of there?" Kei spoke up quietly. He then pointed to the top of the monument, where a glowing mass of black was situated. Not to mention the it was practicaly the center to the wierd storm.

"Oh yes. considering there's a mass of an orange blob. Target found. Let's go." Kei gave a slight nod before we quickly concentrated on the soles of our feet and scaling the giant face of the 4th Hokage.

~We've waisted more than half of our estimated time. That better be him or else... Well what do you know, I don't even know why we're looking for him if we're probably all gonna end up separating anyway. Ah screw it. Might as well say good-bye to my blonde cousin slash adoptive brother-person.~

As soon as we reached the orange mass, I took out a long katana and slashed at the air, which in turn created a wave of wind that blew the dark creatures away. The orange blob, now known as our target quickly stood up and ran towards us, a paniced expression across his face. I quckly noticed why. We were out of time.

Large trees, rocks, and parts of buildings were being sucked up into the air, some small black creatures along with it. I turned around sharply, only to be missed by mere milimeters a tree branch that would've surely decapitated me.

"Sis! Take this and make it of good use! I know we'll be seperated, and I also know you'll probably need it more than I do!" Kei yelled and tossed a shiny black case into my hand, his voiced slightly muffled be the now roaring winds.

"Naruto, you better behave yourself too! We won't always be around to save your skin!" Kei gave a small, sad smile before continuing, "so this is a good-bye huh? Never thought we'd end this way."

Both Naruto and I took turns looking slightly infuriated. Kei stepped up and pulled us both into a strong hug.

"No. I promise, wherever we end up, I'll find you guys! You're my familly and I'm not gonna give up! Believe it!" Naruto pulled us closer, if possible.

"I agree. This isn't good-bye. No matter how far apart we are, no matter how torn up we are, no matter what happens, I know we'll see eachother again. I'll not rest until I find you two either! So I'm not saying good-bye, instead, 'so long'. The next time..."

We stood for a good minute in eachother's embrace before we were finally sucked up. I felt a strange sensation in the pit of my heart, before I felt my eyes close.

I no longer felt the warm embrace of my brothers', but a floating nothing-ness around me.

Is this it? No, I know it's not. I'll find them again. Just you wait and see.

"...The next time I see you guys, you better be prepared. 'Cause it's not the last we see eachother. I know it. No matter what happens, we'll always be in eachothers hearts."

The next time we see eachother, I'll be sure to say 'hello'.