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After Tonight

Chapter One: Meeting...

Day gave way to night, and habit dictated that a black-haired man be at the bar of a high-end hotel. From a comfortable couch, he observed the crowd.

Sasuke Uchiha didn't get involved in relationships, having long ago found them all too troublesome. Instead, on every Saturday night, he would find himself a "partner"; it was, according to him, much simpler and infinitely more convenient. And of course, he could have anyone he wanted.

A little cloud of pale pink entered his line of vision, and his interest was, all of a sudden, piqued. Wearing a little black dress, she sat at the bar and searched around the lavish room, anxiety and excitement written all over her lovely face.

She's waiting for her date, he concluded, keeping her in his peripheral vision. It didn't matter to him either way. Taking the last sip from his drink, Sasuke Uchiha set down the glass and stood up.

Time to find out if she's naturally pink-haired, he allowed himself a perverse little joke before approaching her. Then, suddenly it seemed, her facial expression changed. From excitement to shock, her flushed complexion considerably paled. He stopped in his tracks and followed her eyes to the scene she couldn't seem to look away from.

Across the room, a tall, handsome man slipped a hand around the waist of a red-haired woman, his intentions made clear by the way he whispered in her ear. His companion didn't seem to mind, a playful smile adorning her full lips. Immediately, Sasuke put the situation together. He continued to observe as the other man, having spotted the girl (for no one could overlook her pink hair), walked towards her. Slowly and cruelly, he looked down at her and said the two words, his lips forming "it's over". The next moment, he was gone along with the other woman.

Shoulders slumped; she turned to the bartender, and downed the drink when it came to her. It quite surprised him that she wasn't crying, for the fragile and delicate thing that she was. Shrugging to himself, he went to sit down next to her at the bar counter.

"He left you." It wasn't a question.

Sakura Haruno looked up in surprise when she heard the velvety voice, mood worsened by the statement. She found herself staring into bottomless black orbs adorned on a gorgeous face, and felt a shiver make its way down her spine. The man's lips were pulled up into a smirk; amusement twinkled in his eyes. Though she was sure she didn't know anyone nearly this good looking, Sakura found the face familiar. At the moment, however, she didn't think much of it.

"Is that any of your concern?" In no mood to be a stranger's laughingstock, she returned to her second drink, gulping it down.

He stood, "No. But now, you should feel a little less guilty about this…"

"What—?" The rest of her words were silenced as his lips touched hers.

The kiss wasn't forceful, nor was it very long, but the tingling sensation left Sakura wanting more. She looked up at the stranger, questioning him. He took out a key card from the pocket of his fine leather jacket.

A powerful hand snaked around her waist, pulling her to him, "Ten o'clock," he murmured in her ear, "and I don't take kindly to tardiness."

And then, he was gone, leaving there a breathless girl. Sakura wasn't so naive, she was twenty-three, after all; she knew what he wanted. She didn't even know his name, and yet there she was, actually considering his offer. Feeling a little overwhelmed, she swallowed another glass of delightful liquor given by the bartender.

Maybe the breakup left her more vulnerable than she would have liked, maybe the alcohol was going straight to her head, or maybe it was the combination of the two. For whatever reason, Sakura Haruno stood in front of the door to a hotel suite, key card in hand; she was about to do something she'd never even dreamed of doing.

The door clicked open, "Ah, you came." Sasuke Uchiha hid his relief well.

To be honest, this was the first time he'd had doubts whether the other person would show up. It was also the first time he'd waited for someone. Usually, they'd be in the room early, eagerly awaiting his arrival.

He could tell by the uncertainty in her eyes that she'd never played this game before.

"I only have one rule," He walked towards the girl casually, leaning in, "What happens tonight disappears in the morning. Don't expect anything beyond this."

She was taken aback, innocent green eyes widened at his bluntness. After a moment of thought, she nodded, biting down on her bottom lip. With that, he took her in his arms.

Silver moonlight streamed through the glass wall, the night was still young…


When Sasuke woke up, the young woman was still sleeping peacefully, cuddled up to his warmth. He frowned; they're usually gone before he woke up. But then, he smirked, she must be tired. It happened more than once. He didn't know why, but her scent, her body, and the sounds she made: everything wonderful thing about her filled his senses and drove him wild. He'd never lost control like this before.

To his surprise, the nameless girl was chaste; it really was rare for that age (she couldn't have been much younger than he was). He discovered himself pleased with that fact, for the thought of her writhing underneath another man irked him.

It was a good thing he would never see her again; her influence over him—however brief—was undesirable.

Getting out of the satin-laden bed, he quickly showered and dressed before leaving the suite.

When Sakura woke up, the man was already gone. Her head ached slightly from the alcohol of the previous night, and her body ached slightly from…well…With a start, she sat up, having realized exactly why she felt that way. Memories came back in excruciating detail. Grabbing her own pink tresses, she dove into a plush pillow head-first and let out a blood-curdling scream.

Twenty-three years. After twenty-three years of waiting for the right person and defending her own innocence from various friends, acquaintances, neighbours, boyfriends, and unnamed perverts, she was deflowered by a stranger! (A stranger that looked like a sex god was, nevertheless, a stranger.) Even worse was the fact that she enjoyed it, and had no trouble letting him know exactly how much.

For the first time in many years, Sakura felt like crying.

Don't expect anything beyond this.

His words echoed, and the girl could not help but feel hurt. It meant nothing to him; she was sure he'd been with many women. But to her, this was memorable. Even if she knew nothing about him, a girl never forgot her first time.

She laughed at herself, taking in the irony: the situation, in a twisted way, resembled her favourite fairytale, Cinderella. When morning came, the glamour of night faded and made way for reality.

Sighing in defeat, she took a much needed shower and left for her apartment.

Upon arriving at her home, Sakura found that she came face to face with roommate and friend, Tenten. The brunette, hands placed on her hips, scrutinized her closely.

"So, young lady," the older girl began in a stern voice, "would you care to explain exactly why you didn't come home for the entire night?"

At this question, Sakura seemed to shrink in size.

"Well, you see…"

"Don't even try! You did not get abducted by aliens; I'd already called them."


"You didn't stay with Ino either; I called her."


"And I know it's over between you and that scumbag; I called him too."

"Oh, alright! I give up," she felt herself getting smaller and smaller, "I'll tell you, but promise me you won't yell …I don't like it when you yell…"


Sasuke Uchiha narrowed his eyes. He'd already forgotten how many times he lost his place in the obscenely thick report. Frustrated, he threw the pile of papers onto his desk. Never before had he lost focus. Saturday nights were meant for relaxation and alleviation of stress, so he could concentrate better afterwards. Clearly, though, this week it was doing quite the opposite.

"So, how was she?" An irritating voice sounded at the door, and Sasuke wondered why he became best friends with this idiot of a man.

"Hn." One syllable caused the room temperature to drop.

Naruto Uzumaki was unfazed. He ran a hand through brilliant blonde hair and entered the large office, making himself comfortable on the leather sofa.

"She was good, wasn't she?" The man laughed perversely, glint in his cerulean blue eyes.

"Quiet. Go away. Working."

"Like hell you are."

"Don't you have work to do?"

"Ha! I finished mywork, because I was focused."

"Because you didn't get laid last night."

"Aha! So you were thinking about Number 72."

Sasuke cringed, damn that memory of his.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun," Naruto saw his friend twitch, "why not save yourself from hours of pestering and just tell me the truth?"

He sighed, the idiot had a point.


"You…did…what?" Over the noise of the television, Tenten almost shrieked the last word.

"Remember…You promised not to yell."

"But you…with a stranger? What happened to waiting? I thought you wanted your first time to be special?"

"I was upset…and kind of drunk…and…he came and…"

"Okay, stop. Do we know anything other than the fact that he's attractive and great in bed?"


"…His name, for starters?"

Sakura hung her pink head in shame, when, suddenly, she caught sight of a face on the television screen, a face that had also appeared on countless magazine covers. Her head snapped back up, eyes widening from shock.

"Oh. My. God."

Tenten seemed to pick up something from this as well.

"You…he…with the…Oh my." She was dumbstruck as well.

The breezy apartment was silent for a moment, except for a female voice on TV, "Continuing our countdown; the number four reason why we love Sasuke Uchiha is…"

"So when you said that he looked familiar it was because…"

"Yep." Sakura seemed to sink into the soft sofa.

"And you didn't recognize him?"


"So, you know what we have to do now, right?"





"Dude. That's like, so wrong."

"How so? She consented."

"She was on rebound, would've said yes to a table."

Sasuke glowered, his pride hurt, "I doubt that."

"You took advantage of her, teme." Naruto sighed, using that special term of affection, "She was probably waiting, you know."

"What for?" At this point, it was hard to hide his annoyance.

"Someone special and all that." the blonde shrugged, "If she's abstained for that long, there must be a good reason."

He hated when Naruto made more sense that he did (which didn't happen often, thankfully).

"You should take responsibility, you know, marry her or something." Half-jokingly, Naruto pointed out.

"That's unnecessary. She understood me just fine."

"Oh, did she? My mistake, then."

Letting those words linger in the air for a moment, the plasma screen television mounted on the wall of the office was switched on.

"Well, ladies, it's the moment you've be waiting for! The number one reason why we love Sasuke Uchiha is…his cold exterior! We just know there's a little puppy hiding underneath it."

"Turn that off."

The blonde didn't hear—he was laughing too heartily for his own good. When he'd stopped, a mischievous grin appeared.

Naruto seemed to recall running into an old friend a few days ago.

"She had pink hair, you say?" There was no answer.


To be continued.


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