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The soft, misty light of dawn broke gently over the glossy back of the Impala where it rested at the outskirts of the city. The sky was painted with pinks and orange, lightening towards the horizon where the rays of the sun were reaching upwards to snatch at the last receeding stars. The motorway stretched out before them, a long tongue of darkness against the barren feilds. Out here beyond the roar and fumes of the city, it was easy to believe that one day there would be no more demons, no more evil. It was easy to believe that maybe, one day, everything would... would work itself out.

It was a nice thought, but one painted with a ridiculous amount of optimism.

Sam took a deep breath and let it out slowly, the air misting before him in fine plumes of smoke. He settled back against the Impala, pushing his hands deep into his pockets. If he didn't move he could ignore the dull throbs of pain all over his body. He was still on painkillers, but they only took the edge off. They had checked out of the hospital an hour earlier, trying to leave town before the traffic hit and people began to remember their faces. Dean glanced down at his watch.

"They should be here soon," he murmured. "Then we can go, 'kay?"

Sam nodded. It had been a week since he had woken up in the hospital, and he hadn't had a single nightmare since. He didn't know whether it was because he had finally spoken to Dean about it, or because they were about to leave the last survivors of the vampire clan. Either way, the dreams were gone. He glanced up at the roar of an engine in time to see a small car emerge from the city and speed towards them. Sam pushed himself upright as it reached them and pulled over just behind the Impala. He lifted a hand in greeting as Opium and Vicky climbed out.

"Sam!" Vicky ran forwards and hugged him carefully. "I'm so glad you're okay."

"Thanks, Vick," Sam said, hugging her back and grinning at the thought of Dean fuming beside him. Sure enough, his brother cleared his throat loudly and Vicky stepped back ,looking slightly sheepish.

"Hi, Dean," she said, falling into place beside Opium. The vampire nodded to Sam, swallowing hard.

"Sam. Feeling better?" Sam nodded. Opium's nose twitched. "Good, 'cos you stink."

"Sorry," Sam said, smiling. "I'll try to stay upwind."

"So you guys have spoken to Bobby?" Dean asked, glancing from one to the other. "He help you?"

"Yeah," Opium said. "We're headed to Chicago tonight. Bobby's heard rumours of other vampires there who've gone cold turkey."

"Listen, Opium," Sam said hesitantly. "I'm really sorry about your brother. I mean, the way things came out between you two-"

"Don't," Opium said coldly, his gaze still steady. "We both knew it would eventually come down to this. We kept putting it off, but there was no way we could have avoided it. No matter what happens, you can never escape your destiny."

His words sent a shiver down Sam's spine and he bit his lip. People said that he, Sam, was evil and he was doing his best to prevent himself from becoming a monster. Dean had promised to help him. But Sam worried endlessly about those days that might come if Dean truly did go to hell. If he lost his brother, he had no doubt that he would never be able to survive. If Dean was taken from him, he would sink into darkness and would never be able to claw his way back... he shook himelf, trying to pay attention to what Dean was saying.

"We would go with you to check the colony out, but I think its best if we stay away from vampire nests for now, at least until Gordon is a good hundred miles away."

"Are you sure he's not tracking you now?" Vicky asked.

"For now, I think he thinks Sam's dead. Course we'd be damned lucky if he never found out, but that's never gonna happen. But we'll have time enough to get out of his sight."

Opium nodded, his silver eyes flicking between the brothers. "Well, then," he said. "I guess this is goodbye."

"Yeah." Sam smiled. "But you have our number, right? If there's anything, just call us."

"Same to you," Vicky agreed.

She stepped forwards to give Dean a short hug before backing off, lifting her hand in a short wave. Sam and Dean turned as one and slid into the Impala, its soft purr growling into life as Dean touched the ignition. As the car pulled out onto the road Sam twisted in his seat to wave out of the window. Vicky returned the gesture, Opium reaching out to wrap his arm around her shoulders, offerring them a short nod of respect.

"Thought we'd at least get a smile outta the guy," Dean muttered.

Sam grinned and sat back in his seat. His smile faded slightly as that thought crept up on him once more, the thought of being alone, the thought of Dean dead, the thought of becoming a monster, his own life spiralling out of control...

"You okay?" Dean asked, clearly trying to keep his tone neutral.

Sam forced a smile. "Fine," he said. "Where are we headed?"

Dean just shrugged. Somehow, Sam felt sure that Dean could see exactly what was in his mind, that his brother knew exactly what he had been thinking. But he didn't pursue the subject, just kept his eyes on the road. In the warm, secure hospital it had been easy to imagine that everything would be fine, like the dawn breaking over the horizon. Back in the grey, real world things were more complex than, 'I'll always be there.' In the real world, there was always an 'if'.

The silence between them stretched on.

Gordon glanced over his shoulder as his mobile began to ring. He felt in his bag which lay on the passanger seat of his car, keeping one eye on the road as he drove. His mobile tone rang on insistently.

"Coming, coming!" he muttered, scowling as his hand clawed through the bag. His fingers closed over the mobile and he dragged it out and put it to his ear. "Walker," he said.


He frowned. "Kubrick," he greeted. Kubrick had called him just that morning with news of a vampire nest, one he needed help with. "I'm on my way now. You know how to arm against those fangs 'till I get there, right?"

"Its not that," Kubrick replied quietly. "I checked with the hospital like you said. The one that took in Sam Winchester after his fall."

Gordon's stomach clenched. Slowly, he pulled over and sat back in his seat. "Tell me the bastard's dead."

Kubrick paused. "He was released this morning. His brother checked him out."

Gordon sat motionless for a few seconds. Then he slammed a fist into the wheel of his car and swore loudly. Kubrick bit his lip.

"I'm sorry, Gordon-"

"No, s'my fault," Gordon muttered. "I should've finished the job properly. Should've known it was too good to be true."

"What're you going to do?"

Gordon thought for a moment. "The Winchesters will be long gone by now. I'll get to you and we'll torch that nest. Then I'll start tracking them again."

He hung up and fixed his eyes on the road, his mouth set in a firm line.

"One of these days, Sammy," he growled sourly, "Your luck is gonna damn well run out."

Then he spun the wheel and veered out into the road again, his lights quickly melting into the darkness.

The End.

That's the end of this one. I always seem to have loose ends at the end of my fanfics, and if anyone wants a sequel to this one... well, you'll just have to give me some ideas for it!! :D Hope you enjoyed this story!