Without My Mask

Hello everyone! Perhaps there are still some scant dedicated souls waiting for the update to It Ends in Blood or the ever more likely impossibility of such a fact. Either way I have decided to do something I have wanted to at one point or another. It has been done of course in small amounts and even some carried it further. But as egocentric as it may sound I believe I can bring something of my own to the vast table of nourishing literature.


My name is Garfield Logan but most know me by the codename Beast Boy. You know the one. The joker. The goof-ball. The human tennis ball (I don't know if someone's said it but people are jerks so it's only a matter of time before someone does). I'm all of these things. But they are just a part of my mask. And it isn't just me.

You know that the leader of my current team wears one on his face and that's to hide his eyes, but he also wears another mask and this one is called control. Control over his emotions, his team and even his girlfriend Starfire.

Speaking of which Starfire wears a mask as well. Hers is a mask of eternal happiness. I don't know enough to give a psychic profile on her, but with Blackfire hunting her down and being kidnapped by the Gordanians it's safe to say that she has some scars that go deeper than any she's had inflicted from battle.

Then there is Cyborg, true name Victor Stone. He wears the mask of the jock. Someone who loves to compete and revels in athletic triumphs and in a sense he does. But I've seen it first hand how he has sagged to the ground as if the weight of the world is on his shoulders and you can almost see his past before his horrible accident playing out before his eyes.

Then there is Raven. Her mask is the strongest of all. If the mask was a material it could never be broken by forces below that of God. What is hers you ask? Void. A complete and utter lack of emotion. She pretends she is an island without feeling or care. But I see cracks in the mask. I see them everyday when she loses her temper while I try to get her to acknowledge me as more than a parasite. I see it when she remembers how she almost ended the world. I see it when she is drinking her tea. I have found myself fascinated with the person I see through those cracks and I want to see the entire person.

But I can't see it with my current approach. I need something that can't be ignored, something that even the mighty Raven will have to recognize as fact.

I have to remove my mask. I have to let everyone see what they think they want to see. And who I really am.

Are they ready for it? Probably not. But they need to realize just how hypocritical they are being. And nothing is more convicting to those with a conscience than the truth.