Welcome readers to the next chapter of Without My Mask! This story takes place a couple months later as it is necessary for a grand gesture on Beast Boy's part.

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Once again I rose with the dawn. "You know I could get to like this." I took a moment to think that statement over and laughed lightly. No, getting up early may be good for the plan, but doing this all the time would make me look like Robin when he's constipated. Which is kind of hard to tell since that's how he looks all the time.

Breakfast is once again an unremarkable affair and before gel head-I mean Robin starts this mornings training I needed to go through the plan one more time. It didn't pop out of thin air anymore than the other plans. It had just been so long since I had done anything like it that it needed a little extra preparation. Cyborg was suspicious of course, but it wasn't that hard to persuade him.

Yesterday Evening

Cyborg was once again working under the hood of his car probably to make it faster, more powerful or to add some extra gadget to deal with the bizarre array of villains. Then again it could have something to do with the time I switched the washer fluid with bubble bath and hot-wired an iPod from his steering wheel to his car horn so every time he pressed the horn it played "Man I feel Like a Woman." The extra training, chores and lecture from Robin was totally worth it to see his face flush pink from embarrassment.

"Hey Cy. Got a minute?" Cyborg looked at me suspiciously mentally debating whether or not this was part of another plot to do something to his baby. "What is it B?" Okay so not a warm and fuzzy reception, but not the hostility I would expect after that last prank.

"I need a holoring for something I'm doing in town. Can you whip one up for me dude?" Cyborg looked at me long and hard. So much so that I thought he was going to refuse me. "What's it for B? This isn't for another prank is it?" Cyborg seemed to swell to enormous size as he became surrounded by red flames. "Cause if it is I'll turn your green butt into Vegemite."

"No no no! I swear I just want to go into town to hang out that's it!" I made extra sure to wave my hands in front of my face to calm him down quickly.

Cyborg smiled brightly and tussled my hair a little bit in reassurance. "I'm just kidding little man. Just give me a picture and I can get to work. When did you need it?"

"Six thirty. I need to be there by seven." Cyborg moved back under the hood as he spoke, "Okay B. Just drop by then and it will be all set to go.

That had been the finishing touch. The bulk of the work had been long and grueling sessions with Jericho on the top of his mountain. And so it was that I had reserved a spot on the stage tonight for one of their pick-up sessions where I would join in with some random people to just let the music flow. It was always different, but not always perfect. I had often thought of how it would be easier if I just selected a group ahead of time knowing it would be easier to get things right.

But as I walked into the cafe all I could think of was what the lyrics meant for my own life. And when I walked out onto the stage to the hushed crowd I had to take a deep breath to calm myself down. In that breath I caught the scent of lavender and knew that everything had gone according to plan. Now came the fun part.

The first part was the most fun with the electronic effects being provided by a mixing board. Then when it came time for the vocals I sang out loud and clear.

I sang about the wonder of meeting the person I would spend the rest of my life with. The confusion and euphoria that comes with realizing that all the searching and all the questions have faded into nothing in the span of a few seconds. And it was as I sang the chorus for the last time that I saw Raven in her own disguise standing in the back entranced by what she was seeing. Me, the goofball, the klutz singing like I had been born with it. And so I locked her eyes with mine and sang with all my heart knowing she would be hanging on every word.

'Cause nobody wants to do it on their own

And everybody wants to know they're not alone

There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere

There's gotta be somebody for me out there

You can't give up, looking for a diamond in the rough

You never know when it shows up

Make sure you're holding on

Cause it could be the one, the one you're waiting on

Nobody wants to be the last one there

And everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Somebody else that feels the same somewhere

There's gotta be somebody for me out there

As the last lines of the song echoed off the walls the crowd exploded into wild applause. All except for Raven who had her mouth agape at what she had just seen.

Well hold onto your cloak Raven because in the immortal words of B. T. O. "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Day Four Completed.

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