Alright my fellow book monkeys, today we have a story that has been lurking in the back of my mind for some time and it finally convinced me to let it out.

This is a fantasy scenario/crossover with the warhammer 40,000 universe. I know…some of you are going, "What the hell is he thinking?"

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Naruto has failed to retrieve Sasuke…for the first time…but a bit of chaos ensues. Betrayed by his sensei, and the woman he thought he loved, what will he do? Strangers from another place offer him something he has always strived for, respect…if he can earn it.

INFO: This is a POWER Naruto story. He will not be godlike but he will be scary.

Characters and pairings: NarutoXHarem(With my favorite ladies and a few surprises), Sakura bashing and Sasuke bashing(Not for the entire length of the story) Almost everyone OOC(because I can) and technology will abound. If anyone wants a personal explanation of something you don't understand in the story, write me an email and I will answer all. I will also explain as much as I can within the story without drowning it in gobbledegoop that even I don't understand.


This is rated mature for a reason. There will be graphic descriptions of injuries, there will be talk of torture and actual torture, there will be Implied scenes of rape, (I do not write rape lemons, but you will know it occurred), there will be actual lemons, and there will be foul language, mental, physical, and emotional cruelty, and of course violence. If I can think of anything else, I'll give fair warning. IF you have a weak stomach, are not mature enough, (Meaning if your thought process operates below the age of 16 and you are 20) or if you are one of those people who think people on fan fic should be writing on a professional/college level…GO AWAY!

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What If…

Chapter 1

A large bald man sits staring into a view screen intently, watching a scene unfold in front of him.

His stare is neither upset nor satisfied…it simply is.

His garb is odd to say the least, a white cape, with a black jumpsuit, which appears to be casual, but has an air of functionality to it.

He looks up and nods at you as you get closer before he actually greets you in a neutral manner.

"Greetings to you who will be observing…I am the watcher, (I know…shameless theft but…who cares. I don't own the character and don't claim to.) and I spend most of my lifetime watching the lives of others as does the rest of my kind.

Why you may ask? That is unimportant and irrelevant. But since you must know something suffice it to say I do not observe as you do…I see different areas, different things, different…times.

In my observations it has always been a curiosity to see how chaos changes things. In this one such circumstance we have a world where the elemental nations rely on their ninjas to both defend and attack each other. Their technology level is not as advanced as some other races, but they make up for it with an ability to control their inner power if you will…they call it, "chakra". Through the use of this power, they can perform incredible feats and skills…in their eyes. But I digress.

The interesting thing is how one event, no matter how simple, could change everything for the better or worse."

The watcher reaches out and touches the display, and a black spiral appeared over the planet, and through it bursts the most chaotic and demented form of a space ship ever seen. The watcher turns back and nods.

"In this instance, I have introduced a vessel from another universe…a universe far advanced in technology, but also advanced in the use of psionic powers, similar to the ones used by the inhabitants of the planet below them. The men, women, and children from this universe however are in some cases barbaric, horribly twisted from what they originally were…and often cruel and malicious."

The watcher turned back to the screen and nodded as something detached from the "hulk" and drifted into the atmosphere before righting itself and dropping on a more aligned course for the planet surface.

"The beings now approaching will touch down in what is known as the fire nation…and from there the campaign of change will occur…but before it happens I ask this one question for you to ponder as we watch events unfold: "What if Uzumaki Naruto met The Chaos Legion?"


The rest of the genn

ins had already returned. They only waited for the one.

Uzumaki Naruto had been gone the longest, and while Tsunade was worried about him, she was still in surgery with Akimichi Choji, who's operation had been touch and go for the four hours they had worked on him.

The best surgeons and medics, and they had to struggle constantly just to get him where he was now…critical condition.

Whether he survived the night was anyone's guess right now, but all they could do was monitor, and hope.

Of all the genins that went out, Choji and Hyuga Neji were definitely in the worst shape.

Neji had taken some serious wounds, and they had to almost literally dig some golden material out of his back and arms and legs. It wasn't that they were particularly deep…well a few of them were, but the things were viciously barbed and they had to cut in two different directions just to remove them.

He suffered severe blood loss, and when they had found his body he barely had a pulse.

Right now he was also listed in critical condition…and everyone was worried to no end.

While Tsunade's thoughts flitted from her patients to her missing brother, the sand siblings sat in the lobby of the hospital and fairly wondered the same things.

They were about to depart Konoha after delivering the newly signed treaty between the leaf and sand village, when Tsunade asked for their aide. They were reluctant at first…but when Tsunade mentioned who was on the mission, Gaara's eyes lit up briefly and he nodded before his monotone voice drifted quietly to her. "Yes…we will aide you. It is the least we can do for our…allies."

Now they all wondered of the missing nin…what of Naruto?


Kakashi, was disgusted and finally at his patience's end.

When he found the remains of Naruto, his first instinct was to send out his dogs to find Sasuke. To the copy nin's immense disappointment after only a few moments they returned, tails tucked between their legs.

Sasuke it seems used something to mask his scent, and the dogs had no idea which direction he headed after he stepped into the undergrowth.

Kakashi was tempted by two thoughts, neither good.

The temptation to leave Naruto where he lay was very strong, but an even stronger thought was to finally end his bungling.

Clumsy, inept, compounded by stupid does not make a good combination.

Kakashi was almost positive that if the boy didn't carry the Kyubi no Kitsune, he would have never made ninja.
Looking down at the boys wounded body the temptation to kick him as hard as he could struggled to get out of him, but he had to maintain his composure for obvious reasons.

The little pug nosed dog looked at him curiously then looked at the boy again. "Hey Kakashi…the kid is still alive…but his vitals are weak…shouldn't we you know…get him to the hospital?"

Kakashi looked down and growled at the Pakun member then shook his head with a defeated sigh. "Yeah…let's get him back." Kakashi said as he reached down and maneuvered Naruto onto his back.

Kakashi frowned the entire way back to Konoha, quietly whispering prayers of forgiveness to his dead master for his worthless son. If sensei were alive he probably would disown the boy. He thought to himself as the gates of Konoha came into view and Kakashi slowed to a stop and began walking.

With a deep breath and a sigh he dismissed the pug and walked through the gates to the hospital so he could dump his burden.


The hospital doors opened and Kakashi stepped in, on his back a comatose Naruto. Gaara was first to react as he felt a surge of some never felt emotion run through him, which was immediately followed by unbridled fury as the copy nin dropped Naruto unceremoniously to the floor.

The shock on Temari and Kankuro's face at Naruto's rough treatment was the first thing anyone paying attention would have seen, closely followed by their look of terror as Gaara's killing intent jumped through the roof and a sand claw slammed Kakashi into the wall behind him. Temari wanted to reach for him and calm him down, but she had seen him like this enough to know that there would be no calming him immediately. Hospital staff stopped and watched as Gaara walked up to Kakashi, still holding him to the wall. "Explain yourself jonin…why would you do such a thing to Uzumaki?"

Kakashi smirked as he wiggled and realizing he couldn't move anything, but blinked at Gaara as he dropped into his usual cavalier attitude. "I don't have to answer to you Gaara of the desert. I did what I did."

The sand nin cocked his head at the copy nin then called over his shoulder. "Temari…does he still live?"

Temari jumped to her feet and checked Naruto's vitals. She found a very weak pulse, and his breath was shallow, but he still lived.

"Yes Gaara…he's still breathing, but if we wait to long..." And at that Temari shrugged, not really sure what Naruto's healing abilities were like.

Gaara turned and looked at the nurse behind the counter. "YOU."

The woman almost jumped out of her skin as she turned to him. "Y..yes?"

Gaara felt his temper rise as he realized no one seemed to care…no one but Temari had moved to check on Naruto, so he would probably have to make them care. "Attend to Uzumaki…and I warn you…if he dies due to some action or inaction of yours, I will take this hospital apart brick by brick to get to you."

Even in the monotone voice, no one doubted any of the words that came out of the sand nin's mouth.

The nurse called for help and a gurney was immediately brought and Naruto was surprisingly lifted gently onto it and wheeled out of the emergency entrance.

When the excitement dying down to a dull roar, Gaara turned again to Kakashi, but it seemed someone had alerted Konoha's forces, as ANBU began to pop up at the entrance.

Temari to her credit pulled her fan from her back and stood ready while Kankuro had crow doing an odd jig in front of the ANBU…as if trying to goad them into attacking.

Kakashi smirked before he looked at Gaara again. "I guess it's time you let me go."

Gaara smirked without humor and tightened his grip on Kakashi making him groan in pain as his joints began to pop from the increased pressure. "I don't think so…you still haven't answered my question jutsu thief."

Kakashi groaned but gasped out a reply. "I already…told you…I don't…answer to you…"

But a new voice made everyone but Gaara look, and this voice was not at all happy. "No…but you do have to answer to me Hatake Kakashi." Tsunade walked up next to Gaara and stood there with her hands on her hips. "Please release him Gaara, it would not do to have tensions so soon after signing a new treaty."

Gaara frowned deeper, but nodded before he let Kakashi drop to the floor in a similar manner that he let Naruto do earlier.

Tsunade waited until Kakashi regained his feet then stood between the two of them. "Now what's this all about?"

Gaara glared at Hatake Kakashi then growled out, somehow still in a monotone voice. "He was carrying Uzumaki and as he got into the doors he dropped him on the ground."

Tsunade's face turned red with anger as she turned on Kakashi. "Is this true?"

Kakashi did some quick thinking then shrugged. "I just ran all the way back from the valley of the end carrying Naruto. He slipped from me, I didn't drop him."

The sand siblings all bristled up at this, Temari and Kankuro shouting in anger, and Gaara increasing his glare. Tsunade held up a hand as she frowned at Kakashi. "So you are saying he…slipped from your grasp? Fell accidentally?"

Kakashi nodded once, briefly. "Yes…that is what I'm saying."

Tsunade instinctively knew there was more too it then that, but could not in good conscious dress the jonin down right there. "Kakashi, report to my office tomorrow morning first thing…dismissed."

Kakashi nodded then disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Gaara turned and looked at Tsunade. "Do you think that was sufficient? Uzumaki did not deserve to be treated in such a manner." A hint of emotion could be faintly heard in Gaara's voice, but anyone who didn't know him would never have caught it.

Tsunade nodded then sighed before she looked at Gaara. "I am sure he isn't telling the truth, and I will find out in the morning what really happened and punish him accordingly."

Gaara was less then thrilled by this, but nodded slowly in acceptance. "Uzumaki…will he be alright?"

Tsunade frowned as she shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know…he has survived a lot in his life, but this is possibly the worst wounds I have ever seen, I'm almost out of chakra, but I am going back in now to see what I can do to help his "friend" to heal him…I just hope it will be enough."

Gaara nodded as Tsunade turned and stalked off before he went and sat on the couch again. Kankuro and Tamari sat next to him respectively for a few moments before Kankuro broke the silence. "Um…Gaara I'm hungry. Can we go get something to eat?"

Gaara's eyes shifted to look at Kankuro, no emotion showing. "Go and eat, get some sleep…I will be here."

Temari looked at Kankuro and he looked at her and shrugged. "You want us to…" Was all she got out before he waved his hand in a non-committal manner. "No. Go."

At this, Temari and Kankuro got up and left the emergency room while Gaara stared straight ahead. They had only just started to get the "nicer" Gaara in their lives, they sure as hell didn't want him to go back to the way he was.


Tsunade, Shizune, and a few other medic nin worked on Naruto for three hours. Tsunade was not sure how he was still alive, but was grateful he was. It was almost like they had to coax his healing along. Most of the major damage was healed or healing, but the majority of his injuries were taking forever to close.

He had a severe skull fracture and damaged vertebrae in his neck, third degree burns in his right shoulder going through to the other side, and his heart had practically exploded in his chest!

She could only guess what was done to him, but she knew it involved the traitorous Uchiha.

They were able to close most of the wounds, and as they watched his heart slowly began to regenerate…but it seemed to slow to Tsunade. She was used to seeing Naruto bounce back from wounds continuously…but this seemed different. It was almost like the damage had overtaxed his already over worked system. They had done as much as they could…now the rest was in the hands of Kami…and the Kyubi.

As she walked out of the operating theater Sakura and Hinata, both sitting side by side jumped up with very similar questions.

"Lady Tsunade, is Naruto-kun ok?" Hinata asked, a tremble in her voice.

Tsunade looked at Hinata and frowned. "He will be in critical condition for the rest of the night…if he survives the night, then he might make a full recovery…I can't say more then that, his injuries were extensive…and I am surprised he survived this long."

Hinata gasped as her hands came up to her mouth and tears dropped unbidden from her eyes.

Sakura waited until Lady Tsunade turned to her before asking the two questions that the hokage had not wanted to hear. "What room did they put Sasuke in? Is he ok?"

Tsunade frowned deeply then shook her head. "They couldn't bring Sasuke back…as far as I have heard, he escaped and his status is unknown."

Sakura's face fell and she nodded dumbly as Lady Tsunade patted her back wearily. "I'm sorry Sakura…they did their best."

Lady Tsunade turned and walked down the hall, but Sakura didn't notice as she thought of Sasuke maybe lost or hurt out there all by himself…and her Baka teammate lying in a comfortable bed.

Her thoughts were not very friendly.


The next morning, Naruto's eyes fluttered as the light filtered onto his face, and while he usually hated the sun peeking through his windows at him, today he didn't mind it so much…it actually made him feel better.

His dreams that night were horrible images of his friends being hurt and he himself fighting against his best friend, and losing because in his heart he couldn't do it…he couldn't kill…"SASUKE!"
He screamed as he sat bolt upright in bed, then all the strength left his limbs and he fell back on the pillow in a fit of pain and chest tearing coughs. His vision began to spin, and he felt pains in the various areas where he was hurt the most severely.

As he lay there trying to breathe, Naruto's memory slowly caught him up to speed, and his heart fell. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't a nightmare. It was true.

"H..he's really gone…"

"Of course he is baka."

Naruto's senses were slow to respond, but he recognized the voice of Sakura. He turned his head and there she sat, eyes red, and puffy as if she had been crying all night. Next to her squatted Kakashi…and while he was fresher then Sakura, there was something in his eye that Naruto had never seen before.

"Kakashi-sensei…Sakura-chan…you guys watched over me all night?"

Naruto's question was innocent and he really felt touched as he considered his teammates…but Kakshi's look of disgust, and Sakura's anger stopped him from saying anything else.

"Oh please Naruto. Do you really think you are that important to anyone? I just got here after I talked with Lady Tsunade and explained your failure to her." The words from Kakashi's mouth were some of the most venomous and hate filled things Naruto had ever heard and he was having trouble wrapping his mind around them. Was he still dreaming?

Sakura stood up and took two steps until she was within arms reach of Naruto, and he expected something…a hug, a smile, but the chakra powered slap was nothing near what he expected.

"Bastard! How dare you call me Sakura-chan when you broke a promise to me? You said you would bring him back!" Tears raced down Sakura's face as she stood there with her hands clenched into fists.

For Naruto's part…his heart fell. He thought maybe, just this once, someone in his village would appreciate what he did…would applaud his efforts…but once again he was the goat. It was all his fault once again…and the weight of the world somehow got a little heavier on his shoulders.

A tear crawled down Naruto's cheek, cooling where the hand had stung him, but this seemed to infuriate Sakura more. "Why are you crying? You don't have the right to cry! I lost my future when you failed, once again, to do what you were supposed to do! Why are you so useless? Why can't you do one simple fucking thing right?"

Naruto's mouth opened but his head was rocked again as she struck him even harder this time.

Naruto tried to get the room to stop spinning when Kakashi's words pushed his heart even further to his feet.

"You know Naruto…it was the council, Iruka, hell even Sarutobi's hope that you being on the same team as Sasuke would level you out, and you would become a better ninja. The only thing you became was an even bigger failure then you already were…so I guess there is a good reason why you were always the dead last. He would be so ashamed to see you now…to see what you have become."

Naruto frowned as a few more tears rolled from his eyes, but he was able to croak out a question. "Who? The old man?"

Kakashi laughed in Naruto's face before he stood up. "No Baka…your father. I'm sure wherever he is now, he's crying tears of blood. You are a pathetic waste of skin Naruto, and I will not waste any more time on you."

Naruto blinked in confusion as the words sank into his clouded mind. "Kakashi-sensei…wait!"

Kakashi did pause at the door and looked briefly over his shoulder. "All you did was slow us down Naruto, hold us back from being a truly great team…I'm glad to be rid of you."

The door closed behind him and Naruto's hand fell to his side as what his sensei said reached all corners of his mind. He couldn't believe what he heard! Never had anyone ripped him apart so thoroughly and easily.

In his shock he had forgotten someone though.

"Kami Naruto…Kakashi-sensei's right, I had thought you would get better…that eventually you would smarten up, become a better ninja, but only a complete moron would stay the same when a great teacher and a clan prodigy are on their team."

Naruto turned to look at his crush, but all he could see was a spoiled, evil child, throwing a tantrum because she couldn't get what she wanted. At that point, a blackness crept into Naruto's heart, and it would forever change the way he looked at his one time crush.

Sakura shook her head at his expression, thinking him to stupid to comprehend the honesty that she and her sensei had revealed, so she drove the final nail in his hearts coffin. "Why don't you just go somewhere and die Naruto? Save us all the grief of your existence, it's not like you would have ever become more then the village idiot anyway. You never should have been born."

With a disgusted shake of her head Sakura turned and stalked out of the hospital room, not noticing the pale girl behind the door, with the tears in her eyes.


Hinata had a jar of healing paste and a small basket of flowers in her one hand, but she was chewing on the index finger's second knuckle of her other hand, trying desperately to stifle the sobs she wanted to let loose.

She couldn't believe the mean things his own team had said to him…the twisted hateful words that came from them.

At first she wanted to charge in and scream at them to leave him alone…but Hinata never did have the strength to stand up to anyone…not even for the person she secretly loved.

So she stood in the hallway, hidden behind the door until it closed, and her heart fell as did her crushes at each spiteful utterance.

In truth, she had loved Naruto for years now…it had only recently revealed itself to her for what it really was. Sure. She admitted to herself. Naruto-kun isn't the most nimble, or the fastest…and he does have tendencies to be annoying. But Naruto-kun is the most generous, friendly, and has the strongest will of all the people in Konoha.

She knew to some that this would not make a difference at all in how they felt about him, but in Hinata's heart and mind, that was all that mattered. She would willingly give up anything and everything just to be with him…if only she had the courage…

In sudden anger at her self, she wiped gruffly at her tears then shook her head. No…stop crying you little wimp! Naruto-kun needs someone to care for him now more then he ever has before! Be strong…be brave! You can do it…you can do anything for him…for MY Naruto-kun!

Hinata nodded as she grabbed the handle to the door…it would have been splendid for her to walk in and admit her love for him, or at the least to hold him in her arms without fainting and comfort him after the verbal and emotional beating his last two teammates had given him…but it is truly too bad she didn't come to her senses sooner.


Naruto's mind had endured so much he couldn't process it all at once…it was just too much. All he could feel was the pain…the loss of his best friend, the same best friend trying to kill him, his sensei ripping him to shreds, and the girl he had a long time crush on hurting him to the very core of his being.

In a flash of sudden hate, Naruto climbed slowly, painfully to his feet, and reached inside of himself.

"Alright you bastard fox…now you listen to me! I know you are slacking off on purpose…you should have healed me by now, but that's cool, I'm not gonna bitch at you about it. But I'm telling you now, fun time is over. You fucking heal me right god damn now, or so help me you and I are going to fight at Kami's gate, because I'm taking you with me!"

The great Myobu stirred and looked at Naruto as if bored then yawned.

"Hmmm? What is this? Are we showing some backbone finally? Very well whelp…it should be amusing to see where this is going to go…and I have not had a good laugh since before your fight with the Uchiha boy."

One of the great fox's tails slapped the ground and suddenly Naruto felt better. His energy returned, and he could feel the wounds closing on his body. With a feral grin Naruto began ripping the bandages from his person, and all the time his mind raced in angry circles.

Useless am I…embarrassment…shouldn't have been born? This is bullshit! All my life I have endured all of their crap…but no more!! IF the leaf won't respect me…then by Kami's virgin ass they will FEAR me!! I'll show them…"I'LL SHOW THEM ALL!!" He screamed as he hurtled through the window in his room.


Hinata burst into his room as she heard his scream and then the window break, only to catch the barest glimpse of him as he landed on the building across from his window, and bound off into the distance.

Hinata whined as her hand reached for him, but all she could do was watch him go.

"Naruto-kun…" she whispered as the curtains stirred in the breeze.


The warlord sat upon his throne, a grand thing with a cascade of skulls all around it, and the throne itself made from bronze with the symbols of chaos undivided carved all over it.

He surveyed his surroundings then growled in frustration. It had only been a few days since they landed, and setting up was going slower then he would like.

Although he could lay the whip to his minions, he chose not to. This was not done in softness or mercy, because the warlord would kill anyone in an instant if they suggested it. It was done because he had even more extensive plans for them soon.

The "earth tap" was almost established, and once it was they would have unlimited power for the body banks and the soon to be assembled earth works. Then and only then would they begin their long march to pacify this planet...and then they would begin shaping it to their liking.

His immediate discomfort however had him angry at anything that moved. They immediately noticed that most of their technology failed as soon as they were in the atmosphere…some strange field prevented them from using their more advanced technology such as their beam weapons and targeting systems, so an orbital bombardment was out of the question, even if they could regain orbit, which he sincerely doubted. There was hope for them though as the initial readings showed that this planet for some reason was strong in the influence of the "warp".

Everyone knew all chaos came from the warp…the greater demons, daemon princes, the chaos gods…everything was possible with the warp. Yet somehow this planet, so far away from where the warp originates, was like a beacon to their space hulk as they emerged here.

As he looked out over his minions again he glanced at his battle claw with a sigh. The built in plasma gun wouldn't work, but the claw itself was still a mighty weapon. As he thought about it, it closed with a whine and sinister clack before he smirked. The interior pincer surface of the claw was sharpened to a nasty edge, because he liked to watch his enemies limbs fly as he cut them off. But this was off his original thoughts as he looked towards his more adroit minions with a self satisfied smirk.

In the meantime…he would send out some scouts to see what sport could be had before they got down to business.

The warlord stood and his womanish voice boomed around the cavern. "Harpy squad!"

The commander ran over and dropped to one knee before the warlord. "How may I serve?"

The warlord nodded at the harpy commander, one of his best. "Scout the area around us…find us some of the indigenous life forms and bring them back for study…and sport…but leave no witnesses."

The man in oddly decorated battle armor stood and let out an undulating cry and within seconds four other warriors answered that cry and were forming up on him, before with an explosion of sound all five launched into the air on rising plumes from the exhaust of their jet packs.

The warlord grinned as he anticipated an interesting night…he had no idea.


Tsunade sat with a frown on her face at the stack of paperwork in front of her.

Disgusted to no end, she was tempted to just shove the whole mess in the garbage can and pretend it was never there…but with her luck Shizune had everything copied in triplicate and it would just be on her desk in the morning again.

With a sigh, she pulled the first paper on the stack down and began to read through it when Shizune's voice shouted out. "Hinata wait, you can't go in there!"

The door flew open and a hysterical Hinata tumbled in with Shizune hot on her heels. "I'm sorry lady Tsunade, she caught me by surprise!"

Tsunade frowned but waved Shizune off as she came around the desk.
"Hinata? Are you alright? What's wrong? Is it Naruto?"

Lady Tsunade frowned in worry. He was alright when she saw him earlier that morning, still sleeping in fact but it was entirely possible he took a turn for the worse.

Hinata gasped for air as she shook her head, then handed Tsunade a piece of paper.
Tsunade let Hinata be while she smoothed out the paper and read it carefully.


I know that I haven't always been the ninja people have wanted me to be, but even through my stupidity I tried to be the best I could. It's obvious to me now though that my best will never be good enough…for the villagers, for my friends, or for my team.

I wanted to bring Sasuke back, I really did, but I guess he wanted to go more then I wanted him to stay…that and a chidori through the chest makes it hard to drag someone back.


Gomen…a little dark humor there.

Even though I have been called an embarrassment, a demon, and a whole bunch of other names I don't think I deserved, I used to have a big soft spot for this village and it's people. Maybe I partially understand why Sasuke-teme left now. Well only partially. I don't want power to protect the people I love anymore though.

It's obvious that no one really loves me…that I will always be a demon, or a screw up to everyone…so I'm leaving the village, leaving so I don't hurt anyone, leaving so I don't hurt anymore.

I don't know where I'll go…but I will get stronger, I will get better, so good that no one will recognize me from the old Naruto!

I hope then that it will have all been worth it…the pain, the lies, the attacks…I will try not to hate the village, I know the old man, and you wouldn't want that…but right now, I think the village and the villagers are the last things I want to think about…and right now it would be so easy to hate everyone.

I'm sorry Baachan…I really am. I think you are the only one who really did care about me, though you would never show it…and I want you to know I love you too.

Take care.

Uzumaki Naruto

Tsunade opened the piece of paper until a picture fell out, and seeing it made her laugh, but at the same time worked against her heart strings. Naruto sat in the middle of her Shizune and Jiraiya. It was after their fight with Orochimaru and she had forgotten about it. Tsunade frowned as she read the letter again then sat behind her desk and fought the instinct to rage or ball her eyes out until she understood the motives. "I don't understand where this is coming from?" She said aloud.

Hinata cleared her throat and Tsunade looked at her with a frown.

"It was Sakura and Kakashi…they were in his room with him and…and they weren't very nice."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, first at the obvious disrespect Hinata showed to Sakura and Kakashi, but more at the manner she spit the words she had a bad taste or mucus in her mouth and had to get it out.

The hokage folded her hands together, the look of sternness returning as she prepared for what she had a feeling would be the worst. "Tell me."

In a few moments, after Hinata revealed the bulk of what she had heard, Tsunade's voice traveled across the city and back.
"They WHAT??"

Hinata shrank back from Tsunade as she blew her stack, than screamed for her personal ANBU. "Get me Kakashi and that banshee Sakura, bring them here by any means necessary…NOW!"

Without a word two of the ANBU shun shined away, leaving the other two standing there. Tsunade looked at them before making up her mind. "Find Uzumaki Naruto. He is not to be hurt or molested in any way, do you understand? He is to be brought back, in the best care as possible, and Kami help you if you disobey me…FIND HIM, and don't return to Konoha until you do!"

Both ANBU nodded then disappeared as Tsunade sat in her chair and tried to reassure the crying Hinata. "We will find the gaki, don't worry."

But in Tsunade's heart, she worried that it may be already too late.


Naruto was well outside of the city walls, problem was now he wasn't sure which way to go. The guards never noticed as he walked out, or probably didn't care.

Now he was at least four to five miles away, and he wasn't sure what to do.

Naruto, always being unpredictable, was now having that unpredictability working against him.

I could go to wave. He thought. But I don't know what I would do there…they have no ninja for me to train with so I guess that would be a bust. I could offer my services as their protector…

But Naruto's recent ego bruising made him reject that idea.

Naw…I'd probably just make them all mad at me too.

Naruto looked back once then frowned as he considered what had happened and what he would do.

He would miss Konoha…but it seemed Konoha would not miss him.

Oh sure…Tsunade Baachan would miss him…maybe…but no one else would it seemed.

Iruka…but he was nice to Naruto because of all the trouble he caused…negative reinforcement they called it, or something like that.

Hard to believe an entire village didn't care about him, but the truth was obvious.

With a sigh Naruto shouldered his pack again and started walking. No clear direction or purpose, just wanting to get as far away from his heartache as possible.

A loud sustained booming sound made him look up as five figures with wings were streaking by overhead, but Naruto didn't know what to make of it.

He stood flabbergasted as they circled above him.

He had never seen people flying before…and it was in a way beautiful as he stared.

Their wings didn't move, but they spun in a circle above him and the noise got louder as they seemed to be coming closer to the ground.

Naruto blinked as one of the figures banked, then streaked towards him, and at the last minute Naruto thought to dive out of the way, but a wave of noise, almost like the cry of a bird of prey hit him, and his nervous system seemed to shut down as he collapsed to the ground.

Naruto fought with his body, but he couldn't do more then blink as the man-like being landed next to him and roughly turned him over.

The cold metallic hand brusquely turned his face from left then back to the right and snorted in disgust.

"Just a child…"

The man frowned from in the confines of his helmet, then shrugged as he wrapped Naruto in a net, then flung him over his shoulder.

With a thunderous boom, the man and his burden launched into the sky, flying back to the base where Naruto's fate would be decided.

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