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What If?

Chapter 19

The corridor echoed as Naruto's boots clicked against the stone floor. It was late in the afternoon the day after the defeat of Iwa and while he was not happy about certain events that had happened, overall he was pleased.

Iwa had fallen, in his custody was one Sakura Haruno and he had more planned for her (if she could still walk), he had enlisted more nin to aid his cause, and despite an escape and a traitor fleeing he had more nasty surprises in store.

As he smirked to himself a figure fell into step with him without a word at first but after a few feet spoke a simple sentence in a monotone voice. "All is prepared warlord."

Naruto nodded as he glanced at the sunglass wearing nin. "Excellent. Will you be able to handle this mission?"

Shino stopped and lowered his glasses, showing Naruto why the Aburame didn't reveal their eyes to outsiders. Shino's eyes closely resembled the eyes of an insect. While he still had an iris and pupil, his eyes themselves looked as if they were multifaceted and it was obvious why some people would shun the clan.

"There will be no problems warlord."

Naruto chuckled then nodded his head once to the nin who turned and walked back the other direction they had come from.

Naruto was a little leery at first for this particular operation, he knew that none could handle it better than Shino could and he was glad he was able to recruit him.


Shino was surprised that he had not been tortured or at the very least beaten into submission. He was fully aware of intimidation tactics and while he didn't have critical information to the leaf, he did have knowledge that the warlord's forces would want he was sure.

When he was brought before the man, and even his chakra restraints were lessened so his hive would not suffer, Shino was both surprised and impressed by the man…but he also knew that this could be a tactic, a calm before the storm if you will to get him off his game and easier to break.

"There is much I could offer you to cooperate with me," the man said as he gazed down at Shino's bound form, "but the look about you and what I know about you and your clan makes me realize that killing you would be easier than trying to break your will."

Shino while normally severely serious, found humor in the situation and since he was bound to be tortured anyway found no reason not to be flip. "I suppose this is where you try to win my confidence? Convince me it is in my best interest to work with you or for you? How unimaginative. I was expecting at least thumbscrews and fingernail pulling."

The warlord laughed long and loud within the confines of his helmet, much to Shino's confusion before he looked at him again. "Now that's a kick in the head. An Aburame…cracking jokes that aren't drier than Suna's desert? Amazing. I will definitely have to remember that some of you aren't all stiff as a board…but I digress."

Shino frowned slightly and tried to push one of his beetles out of his skin, but found while they had tried to make him more comfortable, they didn't give him enough leeway to do anything even slightly offensive. The restraints were only lowered in power enough that he and his hive weren't uncomfortable. After a few seconds Shino shrugged. "Well…while I do not see a logical reason to maintain a uncaring demeanor, this conversation such as it is is getting neither of us nowhere. What is it you want, and I will answer whether it is possible or not."

The warlord smirked to himself then nodded. He could afford to play Shino's game. "Fair enough. I do not think being a gennin that you would have any sensitive information, but I would want more that you joined my cause. While I am not saying anything you know would be useless, I already have a clan head, two jonnin, a chunnin and a handful of gennin from the leaf in my ranks that certainly have more information than you are capable of giving me so as you can see, for that aspect I do not need you."

The last was said in an ominous sounding voice and Shino despite what he wanted to show swallowed briefly before answering. "I see. Would you be willing to show me some proof to this? Maybe let me speak with them myself? I am not calling you a liar by any means, but I would just need more to make a proper informed decision."

This was said extremely politely and Naruto grinned into his helmet as he nodded than gestured to the ladies on his left and each stepped forward and removed their mask as they were introduced. With a snap of his fingers the lady to the far left took off her mask and Shino was appalled to see who was there. "The clan head is Tsume Inuzuka, the chunnin is Hana Inuzuka."

With another snap of his fingers the last two on the left stepped forward and when the masks came off Shino was unsure of what to say. "The jonnin is Anko Mitarashi, and one of the gennin is your old teammate Hinata Hyuuga…do you believe now?"

Shino frowned in thought before he looked at those who were once considered comrades in arms. While he knew little about the Inuzuka's he was inwardly shocked that Hinata stood at the side of this unknown commander of this army. After a few seconds of internal deliberation he decided that he had nothing to lose to play along. "If I may I would like to ask a few questions of the women with your permission warlord?"

The warlord nodded before he looked at his women. "Answer all questions honestly. We have nothing to hide."

All of his ladies nodded in return and looked at Shino expectantly. After a few more seconds of thought Shino looked at Tsume and asked the most prominent thing on his mind. "Don't you feel as if you betrayed the leaf village? Haven't you turned your back on the things you swore?"

Tsume grinned at Shino before she shook her head. "You speak of things you don't understand. While I have left my clan and the village, I believe the warlord has a plan for the future that would benefit all, not just the few privileged who cling to lingering power. My clan is a far cry from what it once was. The village betrayed us most heinously when we were put on the front line to blunt the kyuubi's attack, while the Hyuuga and Uchiha were held in reserve. That by itself has left a sour taste in my mouth for years and the losses have still not been made up and in truth, there is no betrayal on my part...I consider it equal payment for my brothers and sisters that were abandoned on the battlefield. If you check the village charter you will see that there is a clause for all clans that if it's current strength is reduced to a quarter of its members or below, they have permission to leave if they so choose or invoke the CRA to restore losses. The Inuzuka clan is below twenty percent of its effective fighting force. That is one of the main reasons my daughter and I left Konoha and will soon be joined by the rest of our clan…minus certain elements of course."

Shino was frowning but was partially aware of that provision. Since his father had been grooming him to one day take over as clan head, he had been studying the charters and rules surrounding membership in the leaf and various rules and regulations. "While your story rings true…I find it disturbing you would abandon your clan like this. What of those left in the leaf? What of your own son…Kiba?"

Tsume smirked before she stepped back again. "When a village shows it cares more for the money its shinobi brings in and less for the people that is bringing it in…then a change is needed." Tsume looked thoughtful for a moment before she shrugged, surprising Shino. "Kiba made his choices. I have mourned him but it is time to move on."

The implications from Tsume's speech made Shino frown as he filed that further away in his mind to pursue later, he wanted to ask other questions now to hopefully throw them off balance.

Shino turned his head to Anko and licked his lips before he spoke. "I understand that you were not treated in the best possible way while you were part of the leaf…but why would you turn traitor as your master did?"

Anko's eyes narrowed at Shino in anger for a moment before her icy voice made Shino realize he may have gone too far. "My EX master Orochimaru betrayed the leaf because he was performing inhuman experiments on people that he swore to protect…all because of his ambition. What I have done is not even close to what he did or has done! I have found the warlord's vision of the future to be more appealing than what I was being fed by the "leadership" at the leaf! I turned my back on Konoha because even after eight years of dedicated service and mind numbing abuse all I have been and ever will be is the apprentice of a traitor or as they like to call me the "snake whore!" As Anko got angrier she got closer and closer to Shino until she was almost nose to nose with him. "I left the leaf because only in a village of morons, in a world of bigotry and hatred can a child grow from a baby until today and be treated like a monster, beaten, threatened, and abused…and no one sees anything wrong with it!"

By the end of her diatribe the snake mistress's hand was cocked back in a fist and the blow she planned would easily have taken Shino's head off if not for the voice of one person. "ANKO!" the warlord shouted as he came to his feet and Anko was breathing so hard in anger Shino's glasses had fogged up. But even under these conditions, Shino's only show of fear was the drop of sweat that rolled down his forehead to drip off the end of his nose.

They stood frozen like this for a few seconds with neither moving until Anko slowly stood up and turned and stood next to Hinata again. "I am sorry warlord." Naruto reached over and gently pat Anko's backside before he looked at the last gennin from team eight. The warlord sat on the throne again and relaxed back before he gestured to Shino again. "Continue, but I would be a little more cautious if I were you." Reaching a hand over and giving Anko's lower back a reassuring rub, bringing a soft smile to her features. The one thing Shino noticed which made him stop and wonder as at the end with Anko he was sure he noticed a moisture build up in her eyes. Was she expressing what had happened to her?

Shino nodded slowly and decided that Hinata might be a safer bet. "Hinata we were teammates, so I believe I can judge your words better. What would make you turn your back on the leaf village to follow this person?"

Hinata grinned at Shino before she bent over the arm of the throne, showing off one bare leg as well as how curvy her body really was without the bulky jacket and baggy clothes. "Well for starters no one ever really saw me as anything more than the Hyuuga princess, the heir to the most prestigious clan in Konoha. No one ever looked past the title, and the ones who did only saw how I was shy and when they saw even that much they saw it as weakness and assumed that I would never amount to anything. Only one person ever saw potential in me. And he isn't even in the leaf anymore…so why would I stay?"

Shino nodded before he tried to capture Hinata's pearl colored eyes with his sunglass covered ones. "You mean Naruto…but why would you dishonor his memory like this? Wouldn't you want to be there to see him achieve his dream of becoming hokage when he returns? The hokage was very angry with Haruno and Kakashi for how they behaved…even now she would give anything to have him back. How could you face him with the knowledge that you turned traitor with people who are bound to hurt the leaf?"

Hinata threw back her head and laughed long at this, a high pitched belly shaking laugh before she looked at Shino again. "Oh I think you will be surprised as my reasoning becomes clearer to you. Besides…why would I want to see a boy become hokage when my master will reshape this world?"

With that she squealed with a slight blush as the warlord goosed her good.

Shino frowned in a rare display of emotion, what appeared to be disappointment on his face before he looked at the warlord. "So you have convinced them all to betray their beliefs…but that won't work on me. There is nothing you can offer me that would make me betray the leaf."

After a few seconds the warlord gestured and Hinata removed his helmet and Shino got another shock for the day as Naruto grinned at him. "Are you sure about that Shino? Are you one hundred percent positive I can't offer you your heart's desire…or at the very least the one thing that has eluded you?"

Naruto leaned forward on the throne of bone and looked at the bound Nin below him before he spoke in a quiet voice. "It sucks being shunned because your different doesn't it Shino? To have people look at you with fear and revulsion, even hate in some circumstances. While I have found acceptance with the few that know my secret, you would have to find a very understanding woman indeed wouldn't you?"

Shino said nothing so Naruto continued. "I mean…I would know better than you what that is like…but I know you have had your share of pain. My question is what would you be willing to do to get the pain to end? To feel normal…accepted…even wanted?"

Shino frowned for a moment but then answered almost immediately after. "You cannot offer what I want. It isn't within your or anyone's power."

Naruto smirked before he walked down the dais and stood before the bug user. "Try me." He said with his trademark grin and Shino blinked at him with a glimmer of hope before he nodded to himself.

"I…I need a mate. But no ordinary woman will do. She has to be to my exact specifications. You see my father and his father had a genetic mutation where his gene pattern would constantly change. Now with this occurrence his sperm would also mutate and a side effect of this was that unless the female he mated with could adapt to these changes, any egg he attempted to fertilize would die within the first trimester. My father was lucky because he found a female that had almost his exact genetic trait at the time so that he could breed her before he changed again. In the end it was successful and I was born, but that leaves me with the unenviable task of trying to find a woman who I will also be able to bear offspring with. But it took my father from the time he was a gennin until he became clan head, a span of twenty four years before he found his once in a life time."

Naruto frowned but didn't see the problem. "Ok I understand…you don't want to wait that long but you should still be able to find her before you are older than your father."

Shino shook his head and sighed in frustration. "No…I do not. My father is already past his prime. What most do not know is that the life span of Aburame males is shortened because of our colonies. An average male will live to his late thirties, early forties before the colony has put an irreversible strain on the host's body, and it dies. It took my grandfather twelve years to find his wife if my father's story is correct, it took my father twenty four, if the math stands true the way it has been calculated since this mutation was discovered, my line will end with me."

Naruto blinked as he took in what Shino said before he frowned. "How do you know that's what's gonna happen? I mean the numbers sound good but you know this for a fact?"

Shino took a deep breath and he closed his eyes before he let it out with a long sigh. "Yes. This had been verified by scholars and two separate seers who were absolutely positive that I will die before I am able to find a genetic match for me to continue my family line. For a normal Aburame…this would not be a problem, but for my family line, there is little to no hope."

Naruto frowned in thought before he looked back to where he could see the hive holder from where he was standing. "Shino I promise that if you swear loyalty to me, I will do everything I can to find you a bride."

Shino wavered for a moment than shook his head. "Your offer is illogical. While you have grown in stature and power, you do not have the means to give me what I want."

Naruto whistled loudly and within seconds the door burst open and in strode his juggernaut that barked in recognition at the bound nin before settling at Naruto's feet to Shino's surprise. " that Akamaru?"

Naruto chuckled before he pet Akamaru's bronze head. "Still think I can't do it?"

Shino's eyes widened as he considered. "How?" Naruto chuckled before he looked at Shino seriously. "There is much my people can do…and the one that can help us best is not even here in this room, but I am positive she can help you." After a few seconds Shino gave Naruto a decisive nod as he looked up into his face. "If you can give me this, I will follow you to hell itself."

Naruto grinned as he walked over and clapped Shino on the shoulder. "Then let's make some magic!"


And make some magic they did…in the beehive with mindbender's body banks.

For hours the three of them sat in front of a computer and made decisions and changes to a three dimensional model of a woman. From her hair and eye color, down to her physical attributes and esthetic decisions that appealed to Shino's sense of taste.

What they finally came up with was a tall woman around five feet eight inches with long slim legs, flaring hips, large but not ridiculous bust size, long crimson hair and ruby red eyes. She was very graceful and soft voice that had a slight buzz to it on certain syllables, but at a moment's notice she could be extremely fast, rigid and powerful. Shino was quite pleased and once he and she were educated, they became inseparable. The perfect mate for a male Aburame because she wasn't just human…she was also part insect. Her eyes were multifaceted like Shino's, but with a thought her soft skin became a rigid chitin like material, and insect wings sprouted from her back, while her fingertips became insect like talons that could slice through metal so no armored opponent would be safe.

Shino was Naruto's man immediately after that and joined Hinata and Hanabi on their T and I department and was heading on his first mission in order to cause more chaos…

Naruto however had other things on his mind as he sat back on the throne of bone and waited for their "guest" to arrive.

He didn't have long to wait as the stranger was brought before him and some of his ladies rolled their eyes at his manner of speech. "Yo fool, that wasn't cool, you killed my bro and even his ho! You wrecked my home now I'm forced to roam, but I got a trick for you slick! You took it all from me, but I'm gonna make you see!" and with the strange speech he pulled one of the many swords from his back and brandished it towards Naruto. "I can see that you ain't got no class, so bend on over so I can shove this straight up yo ass!"

Naruto blinked in surprise before he smirked as his older persona explained to him that the man in front of him just performed a version of free form rap, something he had heard before but paid little attention to.

The woman on his left however leaned in and whispered something to Naruto and he smirked even bigger and Hinata knew for a fact that something incredibly silly was about to happen.

Naruto stood up and popped his neck before he glared at the newcomer and Yugito and Hanabi broke out with a beat with their mouths for Naruto, and he grinned just as he found an acceptable rhythm. "Let me hit ya with a story that's plain to see, it's what brought about this tragedy, so you think I'm wrong and all uncouth but I'm gonna show you my spring time of youth! (And some of the women cringed at this but were not sure why) Kumo was broken, decadent and weak, majority silent, cowards and meek! We came in strong and hit them hard, showed everyone we are the wild card, we saved everyone we thought was good, but I'm sorry man we had to (and all the ladies shouted at the same time with Naruto) nuke that hood! So you say you got a grudge, well I can feel your pain, but you know a jinchurikki's life is far from sane. I'm tired of all the crap we're forced to take, so we'll show em all who's real not fake. So with power in my hand this world we'll remake, we'll make it good for goodness sake! So don't get swole up you don't want to fall, here's a quarter so you can find someone to call! (all the girls ooohed as if to say "you got burned") But remember Naruto, cause I'm always cookin, and I'm the one that gave you this ASS WHOOPIN!" At the last word somewhere a gong was struck as Naruto crossed his arms and grinned down at the man…who stood in open mouth shock before his sword fell to the floor with a clatter and he stared wide eyed at the armored boy in front of him.

No one said a thing for a while, and after what seemed like an eternity the man spoke up in a quiet voice. "I…you…you just punked me?"

Naruto chuckled before he sat back on the throne again with a less than innocent shrug and his Konoha famous grin plastered to his face. "Sorry. I know you came here in all of your righteous fury, but I never back down from a challenge and I always find a way to give as good as I get. The name's Naruto by the way, and I take it one of your relatives lived in Kumo?"

The man blinked for a moment before he picked up the sword and sheathed it on his back with the rest. "Yeah. The raikage was my brother…we were fraternal twins…though there were times I really hated his ass. That was why I lived up on the mountain and didn't join in the fight. There was someone else there too...a sister who I did come down to save, well she wasn't really my sister, but I loved her like my sister." Kirabe took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh at this point. "By the time I got there it was already over and you and your men were long gone so I followed hoping for revenge, or something." He said before flopping into a chair. "Oh…and the name is Kirabe, B for short…but call me killa B."

Naruto smirked again before he noticed that Yugito was fidgeting and inching her way closer to him. "Yes my dear?" He asked as he turned to her. "Warlord…I know him…please can I speak with him also? It might prevent unnecessary bloodshed."

Naruto nodded slowly as Yugito hesitantly took off her mask and B snapped to his feet almost instantly. "Yugi? Is that really you?"

Yugito grinned happily then ran over and jumped as the big man snatched her out of the air and twirled her around in a tight hug. "Brother B! I'm so glad to see you!"

The man known as Killa B pulled back and looked down into her features, but then frowned at how she was dressed for a moment. "Hold up, my mouths agape, did that fool commit rape?" he said pointing towards Naruto.

Most of the women sweat dropped but Yugito reached up and bopped Kirabe on the head. "No B! The warlord freed me…" and in a quieter voice she mumbled, "Your brother "A" was the one that raped me…over and over again."

B's fist clenched tight and everyone could see the wisps of chakra that began to dance around his fist. "Boy he's lucky he's dead." Looking back to Naruto he rumbled. "He is dead isn't he?"

Naruto nodded as he grinned at Yugito. "Oh very much so. I would have let Yugito do it, but I was unaware of what was going on until I found her."

B looked at his adopted little sister again and frowned. "I was told you were on a mission and it was long term. I fought with A about you not being sent on dangerous missions by yourself but it actually came down that I was escorted out by his goon squad. I didn't want to make too much of a fuss because of…you know, but I had planned to take you to the mountain with me the next time I saw you…I had no idea he did that to you Yugi…please believe me."

A tear rolled down Kirabe's face and Yugito smiled before she hugged the big man tight. "Hush niisan. I know it wasn't your fault. I woke up in a room in his office and he had me in chakra chains, and the room was sealed against detection. It was only luck that the warlord found me there I think."

And when B looked at Naruto he nodded solemnly at the man. "If your brother had resealed the room completely before he left to fight us, I would have never heard her or knew she was there."

B nodded to Naruto then looked at Yugito again. "So…why are you still here?" Yugito blushed slightly then rubbed her belly. "Well…I'm having the warlord's baby."

Kirabe's ki flared as he turned angry eyes to Naruto again, but Yugito's intervention (another harder bop to the head) made him look at her while rubbing the offended side. "Hey sis…why don't you miss?"

Yugito growled lightly at him. "Because he didn't rape me. I'm not a spoil of war, I am one of his chosen and I did that of my own free will!" With a sad look she rubbed her hand against her adopted big brother's arm. "He cares about me…gave me a place to where I belong, and a family so I don't feel like an outsider. Please understand B…he isn't a bad man, as far as I know he is just another jinchurikki like us, doing what he can to make it a better place for all of us. Besides, SHE approves of him."

B saw the sincerity in her eyes then grinned at her before he looked at Naruto. "I knew I felt something around hide your demon's aura well. So what's this big plan of yours?"

In the end, Killa B decided he would travel with the warlord and his army for a time, but he would not get involved in the fighting unless Yugito was in danger. While he didn't like what was done with Kumo, the fact that Naruto saved Yugito made it somewhat square in his book. (besides which there were a bunch of assholes in Kumo he wished he could have wiped out himself)

Being with his sister again made him ecstatic, but what really got him jumping was all the women he could be with!

Killa B despite his older age…was a virgin. While he pretended to be a ladies' man, truth of the matter was no woman from Kumo wanted to be with him mainly because of his tenant, his weak attempt at rap wasn't good, though his horrible fashion sense sure as hell didn't help anything either.


Jiraiya and Kurenai had stopped to take a break after their run the previous night at a small clearing just outside of fire country. Kurenai kept asking questions to the older man about her team, but he could only tell her the truth, that he didn't know where they were being held in the facility that Naruto's men occupied, and as much as it pained her, she would probably have to write them off as MIA.

While not happy about this, and vowing she would find them, Jiraiya frowned at some of the information she had given him.

"So you aren't sure who the warlord is?"

Kurenai shook her head and looked miserable for a moment. "No I never got to see his face, only that ugly helmet he wore."

Jiraiya nodded before he looked at her again across the fire. "What about his accomplices? Did you get a good look at any of them? Or were you able to identify anyone that you saw?"

Kurenai shook her head with a frown. "I didn't know anyone that was their…an occasional flicker of recognition once in a while, maybe from a face I have seen in the bingo book from the past, but nothing concrete."

Jiraiya frowned deeply as he thought. While he didn't much more information than what she told him, something g seemed off to him. Usually a villain couldn't help but gloat or show off for a prisoner because it provides a higher level of hopelessness and makes the chance of the prisoner trying to fight back less and eventually breaking even greater…but this "warlord" didn't seem to care about gloating or bragging…in fact he seemed to be all business, at least towards his prisoners. Jiraiya's head came up with a startled look as he thought of something. "So he didn't ask you about the leaf's strengths or weaknesses? The Shinobi in our employ…nothing?"

Kurenai shook her head as she watched the sannin carefully. "No. He only asked if I was there to assassinate him."

Jiraiya nodded his head wisely as pieces began to fall into place in his mind. "So he probably has a spy…someone who already is privy to that information…someone with rank. Maybe one of the missing people…say Tsume or someone we haven't discovered yet…or Anko since she was Ibikki's second in command since they both are missing right now."

Kurenai frowned but couldn't fault his logic. "Perhaps…or it could be like that kid who was spying for Orochimaru…Kabuto? Maybe he has a spy that is in Konoha right now…someone under the hokage's very nose!"

Jiraiya could only nod in agreement. It did seem entirely possible, but there was little they could do now. When they got closer to Konoha he would summon a toad and take them back to the village quickly, but since they were still within tracking distance of the "warlord's" people, they had to hoof it for a little longer.

A russle of the bushes to the side made them both jump with kunai drawn. "Who's there? Come out in the open!" Jiraiya shouted as he formed a rasengan in his free hand. He didn't want to fight already, but it looked like they might not have a choice.

A large figure stepped into the clearing and it made both Kurenai and Jiraiya gasp in apprehension. The man stepped out with both hands raised in submission and his voice made both cringe as the sound of metal on metal assaulted their ears. "I mean you no harm." The man, who was wearing half of a helmet licked his lips with a long tongue before he spoke again. "I am someone important in the warlord's army, and I wish to defect to Konoha!"

Jiraiya frowned at the man but slightly lowered his weapon without completely lowering his guard. "Who are you and why should we believe you?"

The man nodded his but grinned in a sick way at the two before he answered. "I am Oro, and I can help the leaf prepare for the warlord's coming. I have intimate knowledge of his battle plan, tactics, and personnel as well as their abilities."

Jiraiya grinned at this, but his voice still held a slightly gruff edge. This could be the break they needed. "Alright Oro…take a seat, we leave before dawn to continue to the leaf, where most likely you will be questioned on your knowledge of the things you just spoke of."

The man calling himself Oro nodded but then grinned with a wide smile. "Good. All I care about is him paying for what he did to me…" Jiraiya looked at Kurenai, but her eyes seemed to be ablaze with hatred towards the new comer. While Jiraiya was not sure what to make of this, he knew there was more going on here under the surface that maybe would cause problems later.

He had no idea how true those words would prove to be.


Naruto was smirking down at the immobile form of one Sakura Haruno. She knelt there with her head down and tears slowly marched down her face as her head refused to rise and look at the man in front of her. Naruto's voice broke the silence of the hall as he looked at Tosatsu. "So…how was she? Did she squirm well for you?"

Sakura heard the words being spoken and realized this was part of Naruto's plan somehow, but she also hoped for something, anything that would make her feel worthwhile about herself. She needn't had worried. The giant of a man snorted before he looked down at her disdainfully. "Horrible. She was a virgin so that was partially interesting, and she screamed nicely while I plundered her holes, but she has a stupidity block on her mind that makes her believe that she need do nothing and everything should be given to her on a silver platter. She cannot mend, she cannot cook, and even in bed her performance was sub standard at best warlord. If I had paid coin for her I would drag her by her hair back to the merchant and demand my money back and recompense for being purposely sold...damaged goods."

The warlord quirked an eyebrow and Tosatsu only nodded once to show he wasn't exaggerating to bring her further down...she really was that bad to him. Naruto nodded with a frown as he looked back down to Sakura who while crying and looking broken to an extent, he knew was not broken enough. As he sat there thinking, Gaara came in and gave a great yawn before he sat down happily nearby. "Ah Gaara," Naruto spoke as he smiled. "How was your sleep my brother?"

Gaara did something no one had ever expected to see. He stood up and immediately walked over and hugged Naruto and held him tight for a moment before he stepped back and grinned his widest smile, looking somewhat like Naruto for a moment. "If you weren't my brother before…you surely are now. Thank you Naruto. I never knew something so inane could be so pleasant, and the dreams! For the first time since I could ever remember I dreamed of things that would bring a strong man to weep. I can never thank you enough."

Naruto grinned with him before Temari and even Kankuro came over and also gave Naruto and Gara hugs. "We can never thank you enough Naruto-kun." The blond kunoichi said as she kissed his cheek. "But if you come back down to the armory later Gelda and I can show you…you fuck her and I can fuck you again…" she whispered to which Naruto's eyes opened wider than thought possible. "Um…I might be busy…I'll think about it and let you know."

Temari frowned and stamped her foot, but a low buzzing sound coming from somewhere on her person suddenly made her bite her bottom lip with a sexy grin at Naruto. "Well…if I do come down, I'm fucking your ass this time." He whispered and Temari still grinning moaned softly before she nodded her head vigorously at Naruto's whispered words. While she was more female oriented than male, she realized this might be a good trade off with Naruto so she could get what she wanted more often. She was sure he wouldn't mind her poking him once in a while.

Gaara and Kankuro looked between the two, but if either heard what they whispered to each other, neither showed any sign of it.

Gaara after a few seconds spoke to Naruto in his usual monotone after schooling his features to his "every day face". "I have to thank you also for taking Shukaku out of me. While it is odd not to hear the demon's voice in my head anymore, it is refreshing. What are you doing with him by the way and if you don't mind, why did you remove him?"

Naruto smirked as he nodded to the giant machine that looked like a cross between a crab and a scorpion. "That is a modified defiler. It is designed for fire support or assault, in this case it is more assault oriented. Shukaku is imprisoned inside of it, as well as the mad monk, and I used them in the last battle and maybe will use them again in the next one." Naruto looked thoughtful for a moment before he continued in a quieter tone. "I was at first going to leave the Tanuki inside of you and cut off it's communication with you so you could still use it's power...but since I was freed from the Kyuubi I figured you might enjoy that too. To be honest, I originally intended to leave it, but I am sure you are much happier like this and in a way we both got what we want."

Gaara looked at it in fascination for a few moments before he looked at Naruto again. "While I am enjoying my freedom, I worry that you may have made an error. What if it goes out of control? Sukaku is not stable by any stretch of the word, and the monk only makes things worse. I am sure that this device would be almost as dangerous as the sand demon's true form."

Naruto smirked at that before he reached over and smacked Mindbender on her backside causing her to blush under her eyes and giggle. "Well if not for Mindy here then yeah I would agree with you, but she designed the beast, and when it is powered down, the demon is unable to use the machine…it is when the demon is angry when it could get dicey…but Mindy has designed a failsafe in the body so if it does lose control, all it takes is the press of a button, and it's done."

Gaara nodded as he looked at the defiler again before he shook his head with a smirk. "Only you Naruto…only you."

After more conversation Naruto's head slowly turned and oriented on Sakura again and his smile grew. "Ah Sakura...I had almost forgotten about you. So tell me what should be done with you?"

Sakura looked up surprised for a moment before she looked at the floor again, minor calculations going through her head before she answered meekly. "I don't know have taken away my only possession that was truly virginity, and even if I return to the leaf you mostly destroyed my life and career there. If it wasn't for the sudden shortage of ninja I am sure lady Tsunade would have made good her threat to keep me off the ninja force."

While Sakura's words were most likely meant to be disarming, a few of the rooms' occupants glared at her after her speech and while Naruto's face hadn't changed, his eyes did visibly harden. "I see." he said quietly and Sakura thought that perhaps her words had somehow returned the old, "Easy to manipulate" Naruto.

With a grin, Naruto held out his hand and Hanabi walked over and took it as he led her to a door. "Gaara, if you please, bring the Haruno woman as well?"

Gaara grinned his previous grin that would terrify anyone that saw it before a hand of sand appeared and scooped Sakura up with a shriek, and carried her ahead of Gaara but behind Naruto and Hanabi.

Sakura wondered where they were going, and hoped that he was taking her for medical attention since the chakra bands Tosatsu had put on her stopped her from healing herself, and her nether regions desperately needed some attention from the abuse she suffered from the bronze man's massive member, but it was not to be as eventually they stopped in front of what looked like a kennel.

Naruto looked at Sakura and smirked before he gestured towards the kennel door with his head.

Gaara still grinning maneuvered the hand inside, than dropped her roughly to the ground once the door was closed and pulled his sand back to him through whatever openings were available.

When Gaara was done Naruto smirked as he looked at Sakura. "You know...even now after all you have been through, you still hold to some delusion that I caused you all of the pain and misery that recently befell you. If you hadn't hit and insulted me, none of us would be here now so I guess you could say you are part of the cause of everything that has happened and will happen in the near future."

Sakura had an immediate return to her old self and glared at Naruto before she of course lashed out in stupidity. "Whatever Naruto-baka! I'm not the one who put us are with all of your useless crap, and constantly asking me on dates and acting like a complete moron in front of everyone! If you were half the man Sasuke-kun was then I might have actually gone out with you!"

Naruto's grin became feral before he shook his head and stopped Hanabi from going into the kennel and beating Sakura into a pile of ground meat. "Oh I am sure in that demented head of yours you truly believe that Sakura. That Sasuke was some god among us lowly mortals and he could do no wrong. Well if that is the case why did he run to Orochimaru? Why didn't he defeat his brother Itachi with his almighty Sharingan? More important, why didn't he soundly beat me, the dead last of our class as all of the Konoha idiots liked to call me in any of our encounters? Since I am only half the man he is then he should have had no problem with me."

Sakura merely hmphed and turned her head away before she responded weakly. "You weren't worth the effort for him to use his true potential against you. You were just the dead last living in his shadow, and you are only half the man that he is!" The one thing Sakura even to this point would not admit to was that Sasuke was fallible and imperfect. If she had opened her eyes at some point during the run of team seven, or even in the ninja academy she would have at least had a glimmer of the truth…but as they say, love is blind.

Sadly in this case at times it was also retarded.

Naruto held tightly to Hanabi as she began to growl, but he seemed calm now as he looked over at a newcomer who was wearing assorted furs on her person. "Well since I am half a man compared to your precious Sasuke-kun, then that means you are an excellent judge of character, and I will leave you in the caring hands of other half men since you know so much about them."

Sakura blinked in confusion until she heard what sounded like someone exhaling loudly behind her and she turned her head and her eyes widened in horror.

A man with tremendous muscles from feet to neck, standing over seven feet tall was standing near her, but what freaked her out was the man had a bulls head where a human one should have been...and an erection that would have frightened pornstars. While not as big as Tosatsu's what terrified her were the others behind the first one.

Sakura tried to stand and run to the door separating her from where Naruto and his friends stood, but she didn't make it to her feet as the mountain of a man crashed into her, and with a loud bellow twelve more minotaur walked towards her as the first began to tear the shift that Sakura was permitted from her, completely ignoring her screams and struggles of protest.

The crack of a whip against the wall stopped the first minotaur in his assault and the second who was about to help him and they looked at their Tsume as she began coiling her instrument of obedience on her belt again.

"What is the law?" her voice lashed out in a demand as she pointed to Naruto.

The biggest of the minotaur came forward and fell to it's knees with a pleading look in it's eyes and made pathetic mewling sounds towards Naruto as its hands gestured to the prone form of Sakura.

The warlord looked down at it sternly before he looked at Sakura and she got a glimmer of hope in her eyes before he smiled at his minion and pat it gently on the head. "She is not mine." He murmured quietly before his grin turned viscious. "Enjoy."

The Minotaur warbled in appreciation at the warlord before it turned and bellowed to his fellows and Sakura's screams renewed in volume.

Naruto watched for a few moments until the man beast entered Sakura and another took up position behind and her screaming and now wailing of tears got louder before he nodded to Tsume who nodded back and he led Hanabi away before leaving one final thought to Sakura. "Remember, half a man is better than none." Hanabi laughed without restraint as they left the room, and Sakura's screams intensified.


Naruto with a grin that could almost be described as childlike handed Hanabi the ice cream cone which she accepted with a look of surprise. "Master…why are you giving me this?"

Naruto seemed to blush for a moment before he shrugged and licked his own ice cream. "Well…I just thought I would give you something to show you…well…I like you."

Hanabi looked at the treat thoughtfully for a minute before she also licked it then smiled at Naruto with a slight blush. "T..thank you master."

She had never seen this side of the warlord before and while a bit strange to her, and she still liked how brutally he was with her in bed, she liked this part…almost as if he was more innocent.

What Hanabi wasn't aware of was that the child like way Naruto smiled and was now acting towards Hanabi was because of his younger persona who was in charge at the moment.

Finally with a lull in their campaign as they gathered intelligence on their next opponent, Naru begged and whined until both Naruto and Narut agreed he could be in charge as long as he gave back control if anything happened.

They walked and talked here in this small town in Rice nearby the warlord's base until they happened on the Ice cream stand.

While pleasant and giving Hanabi something she had never experienced with anyone ever before…of course it had to be interrupted.

Naru immediately turned the body back over as a familiar voice made Naruto turn and push Hanabi behind himself in an act of chivalry. "Hello Naruto-kun."

Naruto had a frown on his face as he inclined his head to the newcomer wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it. And while Naruto didn't know the man well, he knew enough of him to recognize the cold voice and to be immediately wary. "Hello Itachi."

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