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Chapter 9-The End

James's Point of View

We heard loud booms that weren't thunder. It came from the west—a clearing in the woods. We were all curious. Who made this noise? The rain had driven all humans inside, so we didn't worry when we ran as quickly as we could toward the exploding noises.

As we drew closer to our desired destination, all three noses crinkled. We smelled a human. Surely it wasn't a human making such a colossal noise? I frowned, anxious to find out.

"James!" Laurent shouted at me. I looked at him unwillingly. He was about to give me some lesson, some precaution. I didn't want to hear it. "James! There is a human," Laurent told me over the howling wind. We ran through the forest and it was pouring hard.

"I know. The scent is delectable!" I licked my lips, inhaling the human blood's aroma.

"We had not planned to hunt. And we know there is only one," Laurent replied. So! I wanted to scream at him. Leave it to Laurent—I spat his name—to make me pass up the opportunity such as this.

Then Victoria came up to me and twirled my hair.

"Let's us two go, sweetie," she breathed in my ear. She knew that Laurent could hear, as did I, but she whispered anyway.

"No, we'll all go, but don't kill the human!" Laurent demanded. Both Vicky (A/N: Like the nickname?) and I gave him a glare. "Can you agree on who gets it?" He questioned. Me! I mentally screamed. But I knew Vicky and Laurent would think the same. I slumped my shoulders a bit and made a face. But we were very close now. We continued running in silence.

I could see that not too far in front of me was the clearing. I tried to focus in, but all that I could see thus far was a clump of heads and bodies. The cluster was where the human was. I pushed my legs farther, trying to reach the area quicker, when Laurent grabbed my shoulder. I rolled my eyes. He and Victoria had slowed their pace greatly. We were only fast-walking now. I copied them, unwillingly.

As we drew closer, I saw that they all were staring at us, like they were expecting us. All but one. The human. The human wasn't exceptionally beautiful. I expected blood so potent would come with a body much more attractive than she. She had brown hair that gently waved to her shoulders. But it was flat. She had brown eyes like chocolate—I hated chocolate. She did have good posture, but she seemed nervous. With good reason too—she was surrounded by vampires.

The vampires wore looks of authority. Each seemed very protective and possessive of their apparent mate, whether they be male or female. I did notice something that was different about them—their eyes. They were a soft topaz. Not the color eye of any vampire I had previously encountered. We were only one hundred yards away when the human bit her lip nervously. I watched as a small drop of blood escaped the slit of skin she had broken. Suddenly, my senses overwhelmed me. I could think of nothing but her blood.

Carlisle's Point of View

I couldn't help but shake while Alice told me what was happening. Without realizing what I was doing, I made my way over to my wife and took her hand. She didn't take her eyes off of Bella. Esme was always so compassionate, so loving, even to those she hardly knew.

Our whole family crowded together and that was when Esme's eyes shifted to the approaching nomads. These were the only people Esme was unkind to—those who posed threats to our family. She did not flinch or even breathe as she watched the vampires advance. She did not scowl; her face was even.

I held my chin high, sucked in my gut, and puffed out my chest. I wanted it to be known that I wasn't scared. I wanted them to fear my authority. But the truth was, I was terrified. I was scared for Bella's life; I knew we vampires would all be fine. Esme was fearful for our whole family. Even if we were in no danger, I knew it was a maternal instinct for her. Emmett and Jasper felt no fear. Emmett had too much of a child-like mind, and Jasper had his war experience. If anything, they worried only for their mates. Alice and Edward feared for Bella. Truly, all they wanted was for Bella to be safe. If anything happened to Bella, Alice would lose a friend and Edward…I didn't know. Edward was more buoyant since he met Bella. I knew he would sink again if Bella was out of the picture. Truthfully, I didn't know that Rosalie worried at all. I couldn't figure her out recently. She seemed cross. I knew it was because of Bella, but I didn't know why. I would figure it out later.

The nomads were close now. Maybe one hundred yards away. I couldn't breathe (not that I felt a need to.) Then I smelled it—blood. It was Bella's blood. There was no mistake about it. I did all that I could do. I spun around to face her, and knocked her away. I picked her up and started running, knowing Edward was in tow.

Bella had wiped the blood away now, so I handed her to Edward. He was much faster than me. He threw me her jacket before taking off. Why? I wondered. Everyone was much farther behind me now. I rubbed it on the tree next to me, and started running in a different direction than Edward. I ran to the house.

At the house, I felt stupid. I was stupid. I was unloyal. I was a failure. I was terrible. I had left my family with bloodthirsty vampires whom I was sure were ready to attack.

Alice's Point of View

As Carlisle, Edward, and Bella took off, the nomads, with bloodthirsty eyes, lunged. Rosalie and I wrestled the redhead into a headlock. Emmett and Jasper did the same to the blonde. Esme alone could handle the leader, the dark haired one. He was not fighting as much. He almost seemed guilty. But something else was in his eye, apart from the guilt and bloodlust. Curiosity.

"Why did you let those two men take her for themselves?" the dark one questioned. To my surprise, Jasper answered.

"They didn't 'take her.' They were bringing her to safety. She is still alive at this very minute!" he drawled. Bad choice of words, Jazzy, sweetheart. I thought, mentally. I knew what the blonde would say now.

"Not for long," he growled, breaking free of Emmett and Jasper's grip. He started to run. He was fast, like Edward. We couldn't catch up. When we got closer to our home, I screamed in my head. They're coming, Edward! They're coming! We can't catch them! I kept mentally screaming. Please hear me, Edward! Please! I was so terrified. I was unable to help. It was up to Edward. Oh, boy!

Edward's Point of View

They're coming, Edward! They're coming! We can't catch them! Please hear me, Edward! Please! Alice was thinking. Oh, man! I bit my lip in my haste, and then I got an idea. Oh, Alice! Please see this coming! If she didn't, she, and maybe others, would die.

I made sure to announce my plan in my head repeatedly. C'mon, Alice! Have a vision! Edward, will that work. Alice thought. I kept thinking about it. Okay, at the right time, we'll back off! I smiled. Then I headed to Carlisle to fill him in. He would watch Bella while I set my plan into action. I also told him to get out as many hoses as we owned and to hook them up.

I collected some wood from outside, and threw them in a pile where the nomads were headed. They wouldn't see this coming. I took a model rocked Emmett had wanted to play with and positioned myself in a window looking on at the pile of wood. I waited for the right moment. Edward, launch it…now! Alice screamed. I obeyed, striking a match and attaching it to the rocket. My aim was just right. It hit the pile of wood, and exploded. James, the blonde, ran in first. He was the only one. By the time he was there, it was too late for him to realise. There was no escaping. I had gotten him. The other two, Laurent and Victoria, fled.

Honestly, the fire scared me. Fire was a vampire's worst enemy. Our family joined us—they had taken a different, safer route—and we grabbed hoses. We put the fire out with not even small remains left of James. I felt a pang of guilt, but it quickly wore over. Bella was safe. And we were getting married.


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